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How much budget does it cost to open a children's playground in the supermarket?
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2021-04-27 17:34:09
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Supermarket is a prime location, surrounded by a large number of shopping malls, banks and shops along the street, but also because of the dense flow of people, and show great vitality and demand, whether it is the demand for children's playgrounds, or the demand for other industries, are higher than the general site selection, and still a high Consumption of the place, this place brings together a large number of young people, most of them are young parents, there are parents appear in the place, there will inevitably be children, especially the supermarket this kind of more pleasant thing, the supermarket can also be said to be the most frequent place for family leisure time, then in the supermarket to open a children's playground business will be very good? How much money do you need to prepare to open a store? Do you really have the money to make after you open a shop?

How much budget does it cost to open a children's playground in the supermarket?

There is no denying that the supermarket is the best location to open a children's playground, not only has sufficient crowds, and potential customers are also more, the point is that parents are willing to spend money on children, in order to make a profit in children's playground, some people also have to have the ability of consumers at the same time have demand, so, the supermarket this position is just satisfied.

The biggest disadvantage of opening a children's playground in a supermarket is that the input cost is higher and the competitive pressure is greater. Since it is a prime location, then for this location, many investors are rushing to, it is clear that the rental costs are high, not only high rental costs, decoration costs, play equipment will also be very high, choose to open a children's playground supermarket, the area must not be too small, like the north to guangshen this first-tier city, a better area of more than 300 square meters, large area, naturally will increase input costs.

There are high consumption of places, the surrounding consumer's vision requirements are relatively high, children's paradise not only requires decoration style upscale, amusement equipment function perfect, rich variety, quality clearance, staff quality, cleaning and hygiene, these are to increase input costs, such as amusement equipment needs excellent quality, then the amusement equipment quotation is certainly higher than the ordinary quotation, such as high staff quality, then the salary of personnel need to be recruited is higher than ordinary and so on.

Therefore, in the first-tier city supermarket this location to open 300 square meters of children's playground needs about 300,000, of course, this is only a budget, not real data, the actual investment costs or need to combine the actual situation, if you have questions about the cost of opening a children's park in the supermarket, then you can consult Sqv customer service, they will be based on your actual situation to make detailed answers.

Opening a children's playground in a supermarket we know it's expensive to invest, but is there any money to make? In the investigation, it is not difficult to find that many parents in the supermarket are with small children, so the number of children is not small, potential customers are there, can let parents spend, it depends on whether children's playground can attract parents and children, like some children's playground decoration is very good, very eye-catching, this can stimulate parents consumption, if standing for a long time to consider, or children's park services and play equipment to impress consumers, do is word-of-mouth development, But with a children's playground in a prime location like a supermarket, business is better than a normal location, and the probability of making money is very high.

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