How to open a good indoor children's playground in the community
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2021-04-26 11:07:51
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Now the community service function is relatively perfect, not only the community residents more, children are also more, especially now the new community, many are young parents, in this case, for the opening of children's playground is more beneficial, although shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets are also the best location for children's park, but the community traffic is more stable, lower input costs, can let children's park have a stable income, investors do not have to worry about no customers, then open indoor children's park in the community how to have market competition?

How to open a good indoor children's playground in the community

Often, the emphasis on opening children's playground must do a good job of market research, even if in the community to open a shop, but also to do a good job of investigation, investors need to know the situation of the community, such as the community to live in what heads of household and the surrounding crowd situation, the number of children in the community and the distribution of age groups, the community and surrounding target consumers rest time and fully judge the peak traffic, small area or surrounding competitors and observe their business model, play equipment, charging standards, Small area and surrounding consumption capacity level, etc. , fully prepare for these, success is to prepare people, want to succeed, early market research is essential.

In the process of opening children's park, late management is the key to win, business mode and skills are more important, business mode and skills can affect the income of children's park,

Community traffic is basically stable, mobility is small, traffic has, then the operator needs to do is to find a way to attract consumers into the store experience, as long as you can enter the store, the probability of consumption is 50%, then the children's park needs a head-up attraction, need a characteristic, beautiful, upscale decoration style.

And in the choice of decoration style, operators can choose the ocean theme style, candy theme style, pastoral theme style, etc. , in short, to warm mainly, so that consumers feel the warmth of home, so that children have a strong interest in the park.

Community children's playground is more suitable for recommending members, not only to enable consumers to get concessions, but also to attract consumers long-term consumption, but also to make children's playground quickly back to this.

In fact, the opening of children's playground in the community to add a lot of personality services, not only children's park projects, but also children's hosting, children's toys, children's snacks, and so on, now many parents are their own independent work, for children's transfer is not timely, can be hosted to the park, the park can increase income, but also to meet the needs of parents, but also let parents recognize the children's park.

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