Children's park prospects are very good, need to do a good job of market research
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2021-04-24 13:30:54
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In fact, before we open a shop, we will conduct a variety of market research, but many people think that now children's playground in the market prospects are so good, do we need to do market research? Although the future of children's park is very good, you open children's playground will be able to succeed? You must know the children's paradise, in the absence of market research, you understand the current market dynamics of children's park is how, you understand the needs of the target consumer groups, you understand the most popular play equipment, you understand the competitor's profit model, presumably not at all.

Children's park prospects are very good, need to do a good job of market research

Although, the future of children's park is good, as long as you open a shop, as long as you want to succeed, then you have to do a good job of market research, market research is not for others to see, but for children's park late-stage operation can be more fully prepared for consumer needs and preferences, the market dynamics have a further positioning, is the late often like fish water.

A large part of investors in the opening of children's playground, or do some market research, but the results of the survey is often not very accurate, the method of investigation is not reasonable, then for children's park market research, how to do a better job of children's park market research?

First, site selection survey

Open children's playground, the most mind is nearby many competitors, competitors more cases, children's park operation is more difficult, but also not easy to succeed. Therefore, open children's playground, first of all, to understand the surrounding children's playground competition, as well as children's play equipment and business model, whether there are good business experience to learn from and avoid the main points. Second, the location of the bustling degree, such as consumer spending power, business climate, traffic and so on. Finally, whether the site has a variety of means of transport can be reached, whether there is a parking lot, whether the security is safe and so on

Second, the flow of people survey

The flow of people is equal to the flow of money, for a place where there is no flow of people, how to talk about business, traffic survey in order to open a children's park turnover to do an estimated reference, although can not say that 10 people can produce all consumption, but one in 10 people to produce consumption, can also do a good income budget, but investors should be clear, children's playground target children, in the traffic survey is more based on mothers-to-be and young parents, can be observed according to different time periods, At different times there is a number of people passing through the location of the traffic, especially pay attention to the fake holidays and peacetime traffic situation.

Third, the consumer will to investigate

Although, some people flow is equal to the flow of money, but valuable flow of people can produce transformation, in order to children's playground operation more accurate, more targeted, investors can do such a survey, such as, willing to take children to children's playground to play? How much is acceptable for children's park tickets? What play equipment do children like to play with? What do you expect from a children's playground? What kind of services do you want children's playgrounds to offer? In short, the more detailed the problem, the more it helps investors understand the needs of consumers.

Fourth, join the brand survey

With the previous professional analysis, but also need a strong backing, that is, the brand, join the brand has professional operational guidance and successful experience to learn from and perfect support, is the key to the success of children's playground in the later stage of operation, and investors in the early selection of joining the brand is also crucial, brand so many, which is the most suitable, which is the most reliable, these are the need for investors to go through field visits, a number of comparisons, in order to make the right choice.

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