Why invest in children's playgrounds?
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2021-04-23 13:50:16
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All said children's park prospects are very good, children's park is very profitable, really so good? In the older generation of older people in that era, they rarely go to the children's playground to play, or even see the opportunity is very slim, today's children have not played in the children's playground? They were born in the high tide of the development of children's playground, at a very young age, parents take their children to children's playground to play, pay attention to their growth in all aspects of development, and now the children's park is not the previous only play, now the children's park is more play and education combined, this is a new concept of children's paradise, for this rise of the project, parents can also digest in a short period of time, and accept, this is a new generation of parents to children's paradise needs.

Why invest in children's playgrounds?

Like Sqv Children's Park, not only children's playground, there are other project combinations, such as 3D park, children's nursery, children's photography, parent-child interaction, robotics courses, birthday clubs, smart toys and other projects, this is a complete children's industry industry chain, open a children's playground, can top N home, where not only the needs of children are met, parents' needs are infinite close, a children's playground, a number of project income.

There are children's playground, can play with many children of the same age, communicate together, this is not only to find a small partner to play so simple, is to improve the child's communication skills, communication skills, language organization ability, this change is subtle, parents are more like children's ability to improve, therefore, parents are more willing to spend in the park, this is the reason you want to invest in children's park.

It can be said that the advantages of children's playground has been very obvious, as long as you carefully to operate, find a good venue, and then find a good franchise brand, want to make money is not difficult.

Of course, it depends on how large the venue, how many facilities, how popular, the level of local economic development, children's park per capita daily consumption in 20-200 yuan uncertain, if according to the hourly charge, children 20 yuan per hour, the size of the venue is generally more than 100 flat, like a small children's park can meet 50 people to play, in some hot time periods, such as holidays and weekends, a day of pure profit can reach tens of thousands of yuan, so children's park a more profitable project.

At the same time, children's park want to obtain high profits, the development of a variety of profit model is also necessary, such as for membership cards, but the funds back relatively fast method, but also to increase the viscosity of consumers a real way, so children's park profits a year hundreds of thousands or some, want to create wealth, into children's park is a good time.

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