How many of the five minefields that make indoor children's playgrounds unprofitable?
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2021-04-22 11:00:14
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With the opening up of the second child policy, the rising economic level, the change of the concept of family child-rearing, children's entertainment demand is growing. The children's market is expanding! Children's paradise industry has entered a golden period of unprecedented development. Now invest in children's park industry can be said to be more appropriate, as long as investors master investment skills and operating methods, open children's park to make money is not a problem! However, in the face of such a prosperous children's playground market, there are still investors who do not make money at a loss. Below, Scoway Children's Park for you to sum up the market leading to indoor children's playground does not make money some of the minefields, I hope you have to change nothing.

First, blindly follow the trend

Some investors see the market those indoor children's playground operating feng shui, feel that indoor children's park is very profitable, without detailed market research easily decided to open an indoor children's park. The indoor children's playground industry is making money, but not all places are suitable for indoor children's playground. For example, a city, traffic is not large, and the city already has several indoor children's playgrounds, this time, if you still want to open a children's park here, then you have to think carefully. Not that this situation is completely impossible to open, but the competitive pressure will be very large, are you confident enough to succeed? Before deciding to open an indoor children's playground, we must do a good job of market research, only accurate grasp of the market, in order to win.

Market research must be done before opening an indoor children's Park

Second, the location of random

The location of the store is the cornerstone of the store's operations, and if your foundation is not strong, then success is gone. A good location can bring a steady stream of visitors, and a bad location will lead to the store business is deserted, no one to visit. Facing the location of indoor children's park, investors should consider the population density, frequency of commercial activities, location transportation, agglomeration effect, urban and rural planning and so on, and systematically choose the optimal geographical location suitable for their own conditions.

Third, the play equipment is not suitable

Often there are investment entrepreneurs ask, children's playground what play equipment children love to play? Which children's play equipment is the more hot in the indoor children's playground? In fact, only inappropriate amusement equipment, no play equipment that is not fun. Each play equipment has a suitable age level for play, such as epp building blocks, suitable for like children about 1-4 years old age group children, and 6-12 years old age level active children like Zhiyong Big Pass, children's development park more. Don't choose what kind of amusement equipment you think is good, but choose the amusement equipment that is most suitable for them according to the needs of the target group.

What kind of amusement facilities do children like to play in children's paradise

Fourth, decoration design at will

Consumers' first impression of children's amusement park is decoration, children's amusement park decoration design is also very important, but some operators do not attach importance to this piece, resulting in few customers, the park is in a loss-making state. Investors in the decoration of children's park to determine the theme of decoration style, and the park equipment to match. Only in this way, the next park decoration can be planned, orderly. In the choice of style, can be more into some natural, childlike, warm and other children's parents prefer the elemental style of things. And pay attention to taste, fashion, decoration, but also should pay attention to the theme, through the overall decoration style, uniform dress, open and bright service environment to improve the unique characteristics of the shop.

V. Ignore online marketing

Now is the Internet era, if you ignore the online marketing this piece, will lose a large piece of customer resources! In the operation promotion, indoor children's playground can use the Internet to increase passenger flow, which is the simplest and most cost-effective way. The most common way to market online is to share customer experiences. Customer experience sharing is easy to understand, which is to send photos of children to a circle of friends so that they can see them. Part of the customer needs to be passively shared by a small temptation, which requires a certain cost, such as by sharing small gifts, sharing activities to send free experience rolls, and so on.

Indoor children's Park can use the Internet to increase passenger flow

Although today's children's park market is very good, and the return on investment is high, but it is not like everyone imagines can wait to collect money, any project, is to do a good job in investment planning and management, to avoid these operational mistakes, in order to truly profit, to achieve long-term development.

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