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How much does it cost to invest in a trampoline playground? How does the cost budget work?
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2021-04-21 10:23:48
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On the question of how much money it takes to invest in trampoline playgrounds, many investors want to know, because today's amusement industry, trampoline playgrounds are very popular, modern families pay special attention to children, not only in education, in entertainment but also willing to spend on children, but also to promote the development of the amusement industry. Unlike other rides, trampolines not only improve physical fitness, but also improve children's self-information, and make more investors pay more attention to the project's investment, so let's look at the budget for the specific costs and costs.

Trampoline playground
Trampoline playground

This article contains the following:

1, what is the size of the venue?

2, decoration equipment budget

3, other cost budget

4, space utilization

First, what is the size of the venue?

How much money is required to invest in a trampoline playground, first consider the choice of venues, in order to reduce rents, it is best to choose low-cost venues, which can reduce the cost of input. However, according to the first-tier cities and two or three-tier cities compared, two or three-tier cities may be relatively cheaper rents, of course, in the case of considering the flow of people to choose.

Second, the decoration consider the budget

After the venue is selected to be renovated, decoration and their own house decoration is almost no difference, more importantly, high-end atmosphere, in line with the characteristics of sports venues, to bring children a better visual feeling and I have not yet experienced, but also pay attention to the protection of all safe places, to do better decoration, perfect style, and unique effects.

Third, other cost budgets

Trampoline playgrounds certainly require staff, and staff need to be trained and safety first aid knowledge to better serve visitors and determine the number of people based on area and traffic. Of course, in-store expenses and promotion costs are not small.

Fourth, equipment purchase

The most important thing is that the purchase of equipment according to the size of the area can choose different equipment, of course, many of these devices are based on square to estimate the price. For example, trampolines contain steel frame structures, including spring soft packs, so trampoline playground equipment investment is not a small amount, but according to the size of the playground area to determine these specific equipment.

Trampoline playground

By understanding how much it costs to invest in a trampoline playground, it's important for investors to be prepared, and that's when the money is ready, planned, and ready to go.

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