What are the conditions for opening an indoor children's playground?
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2021-04-20 17:44:15
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What are the conditions for opening an indoor children's playground?

Before operating, investors need to go through a series of preparations such as finding space, purchasing amusement equipment, and handling business qualifications. Here, for you to explain in detail, open an indoor children's playground needs to have some conditions, I hope to first contact with the indoor children's playground friends to help.

First, the operating site

The first step in opening an indoor children's playground is to find a suitable venue. According to industry experience, indoor children's playgrounds generally choose in shopping malls, supermarkets, communities, these areas of relatively large traffic, and these areas of the store is not particularly easy to find. Therefore, warm tip, if you plan to open an indoor children's playground, be sure to find the venue first, and then carry out a series of other preparations, so as not to end up because there is no space and busy.
Moreover, indoor children's playground in the choice of venues must be careful, must not be too hasty. Before the venue is determined, the situation around the site must be investigated clearly, such as the number of children around, the degree of density, the consumption level of surrounding families, the degree of transportation convenience, whether to allow the operation of indoor children's playgrounds and so on, these are closely related to the operation after the opening.

Second, interior decoration

Renovation is the face of the indoor children's playground, characteristic decoration for the indoor children's playground can play a role in painting the dragon, can increase the appeal of indoor children's playground. It is recommended that everyone in the interior children's playground decoration is best with the play equipment to choose the same theme style, so as to highlight the overall aesthetics and coordination. At the same time, Sqv also warmly remind everyone, in the indoor children's playground decoration this matter, investors should also take into account their own financial situation, avoid too luxurious, so as not to exceed the budget.

Third, amusement equipment

Play equipment is a top priority in the indoor children's playground. Whether the play equipment is safe and environmentally friendly, whether it is novel and interesting, whether it has strong playability and so on, all directly determine the attractiveness of indoor children's playground for children, for indoor children's playground economic benefits also have a vital impact.

Warm tip, investors in the purchase of amusement equipment, must choose the older qualifications of the formal manufacturers. Such manufacturers produce products in quality is relatively guaranteed, and rich industry experience can also enable them to keep abreast of the latest industry developments, know what kind of products customers like, naturally can also produce more popular amusement equipment.

Fourth, the staff

The children's playground is staff-friendly. In the recruitment, it is best to recruit some like children, careful and meticulous, have a strong adaptability of staff, giving priority to candidates with experience in early childhood education. In addition, it is best to train staff uniformly before the indoor children's playground is fully operational.

Fifth, business qualifications

The indoor children's playground is also required to handle the relevant documents and business qualifications before opening. First, you need to go to the Trade and Industry Bureau for business license, and secondly, indoor children's playground also need to handle fire permits, health permits and employee health certificates.

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