Lessons from the failure of running a children's playground and how investors can avoid risk
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2021-04-15 13:36:41
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Children's paradise prospects can be said to be a frank road, but the operation of children's park always some people laugh, there are always people sad, success on the road there are always imitators, failure lessons are also avoided, many successful people are also from the failure lessons learned, only today's success, there are always some painful experience, in order to operate children's playground losers are their own failure experience to later join the children's park investors some failure experience and lessons, let investors know how to avoid.

Lessons from the failure of running a children's playground and how investors can avoid risk

The failure of running a children's playground lesson one, did not correctly face up to the location

Site selection is the most important step in the preparation of children's playground, the so-called heaven and earth for people and, indispensable. Many investors in the choice of location, in fact, did not consider so much, may only consider the rent and traffic problems, ignoring the surrounding consumer consumption level and transportation and competitors, there are a small number of people think that the choice of where to open is okay, as long as the children's park has a market, there will be business, I do not know, this idea is very wrong, the most important thing is to choose the location, perhaps in the early stage, the location does not reflect its value, but a long time, a suitable location, Is it extremely important that your children's playground is located appropriately? Isn't it good to bring in passengers?

The failure of running a children's playground lesson two, health is not paid attention to and cleaning is not good enough

Parents who have taken their children to the children's playground know that children need to take off their shoes before entering the park, put on the disposable socks provided by the park, which is to provide a healthy space for children, children are not like adults, immunity is relatively low, and parents are also more fancy to the park's hygiene and cleaning problems, if a children's park can do a good job of these problems, naturally is recognized by parents, but also rest assured that children to play in the park, on the contrary, a children's park, believe that no one likes to spend here, It is simply to spend money to suffer, operators pay more attention to some details, will bring unexpected results to the park.

The failure of running children's playgrounds teaches lesson three and ignores safety issues

Children to the park to play, then the quality and safety of play equipment is the most important, but also the parents are most concerned about the problem, children's park there are security risks, then there will be life-threatening, children's park once there is a safety accident, then the results of the previous hard work will be wiped out, or even closed, so open children's park must pay attention to safety issues, equipment quality is better, would rather expensive point can not be cheap to recharge, otherwise the problem is not worth it!

Lessons from the failure to run a children's playground IV,

Many people feel that there is no need to open a children's park to find a brand to join, feel that they have the ability to operate well, I do not know, after a few months of operation, and finally failed, you look at those children's park franchise stores, is not operating very well, is not earned a pot full of gold, things must have a reason, Sqv children's park is to open a fire.

From these failure lessons, as an entrepreneur who intends to invest in children's playgrounds should learn lessons, experience, since others do not work, then you do not risk trying, know how to avoid risks, in order to succeed.

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