How about opening a children's playground at the entrance to the supermarket?
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2021-04-14 10:51:11
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  Do you know where there is a lot of traffic? Children are like lively, where many people like to string, and supermarkets whenever there are many people, especially during the holidays, is crowded, most of them are dragging home with mouth, such a large flow of people can lay a good foundation for children's playground, some investors will think, in the supermarket entrance and exit to open a children's park good? Whether into the supermarket or out of the supermarket, will pass through the children's playground, the exposure is relatively high, the location is also more obvious, the following is the supermarket entrance to open a children's playground to explain, I hope to help you.

How about opening a children's playground at the entrance to the supermarket?

Supermarket location is better, whether it is convenient transportation, or traffic, or strong consumption capacity, all aspects are relatively superior, relative to other places, generally go to the supermarket to visit a lot of is family-style consumption, every time to rest wearing children to go to the supermarket is a common thing, and children's paradise for children will never be resistant, Children's playground has a lot of children playing, children are the most lively, and now people's lives are relatively stable, have a certain economic ability, for children's needs, many times are as satisfied as possible, and in the supermarket entrance this location, the traffic is the largest, whether in or out, will pass through the children's park, exposure is relatively high, attract children's eyes more times, for children's park is a great benefit, so in the supermarket entrance to open a children's park is very good.

Now the supermarket area is relatively large, all kinds of goods are relatively complete, attaches great importance to the development of the brand, and will vigorously promote to attract more consumers, in fact, the development of supermarkets and children's playgrounds is connected, can also be mutually beneficial relations, supermarkets are children's playgrounds, children's playgrounds by virtue of supermarket popularity, children's playground business can be better, so in the supermarket children's park development potential is still very good.

Whether in a first- or second-tier supermarket or a third- or fourth-tier city supermarket, children's playground profit margins are very large. Therefore, location is important, although the cost of supermarket rent is relatively high, but can bring more opportunities for success, can make children's park profits better, even if the rent is a little more expensive, then it is worth investing, before seeing such a paragraph, in a good location to invest 10,000 can get 100,000 benefits, in a bad location to invest 100,000 can only make you lose another 100,000, the vision to take a long-term view.

So in the supermarket entrance to open a children's playground, how big is more suitable? Operators can observe the surrounding situation, to see how many residents around the supermarket, how much consumption capacity, as well as the size of the supermarket, how much influence, as well as how many people to visit the supermarket and so on, then according to the actual situation to choose the right area, the general supermarket children's park can choose 200-300 square meters.

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