What are the pros and cons of running a children's playground?
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2021-04-16 14:00:25
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Now the children are very smart, learning ability is relatively strong, accept new things are also relatively fast, a children's paradise to long-term can attract children's eyes, but not an easy thing, in the process, children's park to constantly introduce new, constantly self-optimization, and constantly meet consumer demand, in order to long-term retention of consumers, operating children's playground benefits and disadvantages coexist, only full understanding can create better income.

What are the pros and cons of running a children's playground?

Operating children's park advantages: as long as the children's park location is good, especially large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, communities and other prime locations, these places can ensure that children's park has sufficient traffic, so-called flow of people is money flow, naturally also do not have to worry about children's park business problems.

Operating children's park disadvantage: Today, children's park stores more, competitive pressure is greater and larger, some operating children's park has a certain reputation, for some newly opened children's park, compared to the operation of many years of children's park visibility is a certain lack, need to increase publicity and promotion, and the newly opened children's park in the management and management of many imperfect places, in contrast, the newly opened children's park is a certain disadvantage, if there is no certain characteristics, It is also more difficult to integrate into the market. Of course, Sqv has a professional team to support.

Children's playground market prospects: compared to let children watch TV at home, parents are more willing to spend money to let children go to the park to play, to exercise thinking ability, coordination ability, communication ability, language ability, these are more important than money, in the parents' heart, unconditionally meet the needs of children, and children's playground is not only play, more self-improvement, these are subtle changes, a child who often to play in children's playground and a child who has not been to children's playground, these two situations of children in different changes in growth.

Children's park market threat: children's park is in a fixed position, if the liquidity is relatively small, then the target customer is relatively fixed, then for the opening of new users is relatively difficult, there will be flow of new blood inflow, especially in the community this kind of traffic is relatively stable, although not easy to open new users, but easy to cultivate loyal customers, consumer turnover rate will not be too high.

All in all, the operation of children's playground to face up to the pros and cons, in order to better create more income for children's park, children's park consumption object is not only children, more parents, as long as firmly grasp the parents, children have the opportunity to spend in your home park.

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