Some thoughts on the operation and management of tourist attractions
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Some thoughts on the operation and management of tourist attractions


"Seeking the same" is a big taboo

Before the tourist attractions have been paid attention to, the maintenance of major tourist attractions are dependent on the government, although the late private bosses have joined the tourism development industry, approval and planning still have to go through officials, official thinking is to seek common ground, and the thinking of shopping malls is to seek differences, in the shopping mall competition, only a high degree of differentiation, different to have a chance to survive. This contradiction makes the development direction of tourist attractions wrong from the beginning.

We often see a scenic spot that needs to develop a three-plate axe process for previous decision makers: inspection, learning, imitation. First organized people and horses to investigate the country to do a good job of similar projects, and then the so-called "take its essence to its dross" copy plagiarism, and finally the whole exact same out, this is the same thinking led to the national scenic spot a thousand scenery side, is the lyrics "where we seem to have seen" the real version, completely lost the charm of tourism and market competitiveness.

"Why do tourists have to come?" Where are the core selling points of the scenic spot? Does the location of the scenic spot match the specific plan? "These most important decision-makers do not consider, but instead care that the door is not enough, the inn is not spacious enough, the lighting works are not bright enough, the reception center is not good enough, and so on, not standing in the perspective of tourists "self-appreciation" can only be exchanged for the traffic of the Moncoro finch."

In-depth thinking of consumers and the market, in order to do a good job of tourist attractions. Many people tell you that the gate should be built this way, the parking lot should be so repaired, so that you can develop tourist attractions like a tourist attractions, but who prescribed the "tourist attractions" to look like this? Your energy and money should be placed in places that are not like tourist attractions, which must be places where tourists will run over to pay for them!

Only by deeply thinking about consumers and market can we do a good job in tourist attractions


"Creative" is the soul

In 2016, Shanghai Disney opened, people from all over the country with their castle princess dream to experience childhood, the first year Shanghai Disney net income of nearly 10 billion, that year to recover investment, the momentum is great! China's richest man said at the time: because Wanda in the tourism industry, let Disney twenty years can not make money! But for now, it's a real punch in the face.

In 2017, Wanda sold 77 hotels and all 13 cultural tourism projects to Fuli and Furong, announcing the end of Wanda's tourism industry because of a lack of creativity.

Wanda Tourist City every project is invested tens of billions of dollars, a lot of money, but some ideas... It's hard to say! Referred to simply as PPT-style "set of templates" plus the landmark "even look", Guangzhou Wanda City is a wooden cotton, Nanchang Wanda City landmark building is a ceramic can, Wuxi Wanda City is a purple sand pot, Harbin Wanda City is a curling pot, Hefei Wanda City landmark is a flower drum ...

Disney's global revenue reached $55.6 billion in 2016, surpassing that of China's Internet BAT Giants combined. What underpins this hundred-year-old enterprise's crazy seconds of China's Internet enterprises? The first is creativity, the second is creativity, the third is creativity.

Disney Pictures has created countless classic cartoon characters, with billions of fans around the world, the emergence of Disney theme parks to become people round "Princess Prince" dream factory, the emergence of a variety of original IP cartoon character idols completed the film to the reality of the psychological wall. Wanda Tourism City is the same amusement equipment, did not understand that the soul of tourism competition lies in creative planning!

Yunnan Diqingzhou more than a decade ago, the financial revenue of only 30 million, with the stone-breaking "Shangri-La" big idea, ten years after the increase in tourists 10,000 times! Dali creative "wind and snow moon", just an advertising word, so that Dali has become the world's literary and artistic youth washing the holy place of the soul, this is the power of creativity.

The power of creativity


The new definition of "travel"

As people's lives get better and better, the cost of travel is getting lower and lower, and you'll find that even if every year 511 small vacations are crowded around or a large number of travelers, that is to say, people have a strong desire to travel, this desire is to be able to experience the reality of the regular state of life, whether student party or office workers or freelancers, hope to feel different things in a journey, different culture, different scenery, different way of life and so on, That's what travel really means.

However, many scenic spots, has not yet captured the change of times to bring people the renewal of tourism concepts, do not stand in the perspective of travel consumers blindly develop, "what fire", net red walkway, net red bridge, net red light show, travelers waste time and energy across most of China, look at the same network red scenic spot, can not be bad? In this way, the phenomenon of mencoro is easy to explain.

With the new definition of travel in today's society, all travel enthusiasts are still feeling and exploring together, and the planners of tourist destinations should have more business sensitivity than travelers, and respond to this change in time to quickly capture the market.

Of course, this preference is not traceless, in fact, we can see from the development of variety shows some ends, why "the yearning life", "Chinese restaurant", "dear inn", "unforgettable restaurant" these slow variety art more and more popular? Presumably we all hope to find a little peace of mind in the fast-paced life of light strange land, feel the most real self after tearing off the label of life. Slow down and go to life, maybe it's a longing trip.

In the daily operation and management of tourist attractions, its management system, product system and service system constitute the core of the three systems, is an important factor for the sustainable development of tourist attractions.

Daily operation management system of tourist attractions


The management system is the guarantee

The management system is the guarantee of the whole scenic area operation and management, usually composed of the management mechanism and structure, management system and implementation.

First, the management mechanism and structure. Straightening out the management mechanism of the whole scenic area, implementing the separation of ownership, management right and management right, establishing the operation management team according to the modern enterprise system, adapting to the market demand, minimizing excessive administrative intervention, is the primary condition for realizing the scientific management of tourist attractions. At the same time, tourist attractions should be based on their own resources, work and other needs, set up a reasonable, streamlined management structure and internal departments, and try to achieve the flattening of the management structure, which is conducive to the timely communication and implementation of tasks.

Second, the management system of tourist attractions. "No rules, no square circle", perfect scenic management system, clear rules and measures of reward and punishment, is conducive to standardizing the behavior of employees, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, to achieve the standardization of scenic areas, fine management. When formulating the system, we should solicit the opinions of the staff, enhance the scientific and rational nature of the system, ensure that the system is not divorced from the actual situation of scenic spots, and take charge of the system; At the same time, the system can not be changed overnight, to maintain a certain long-term stability.

Third, the implementation of the system. If only with a sound system, there is no strong implementation, the same can not achieve good management results. In the daily management work, the implementation of the system should be regarded as an important regular content, the staff familiar with the system, the degree of implementation as one of the contents of the assessment of employees, to encourage employees to consciously abide by, regular notification of the implementation of the system, to the violation of the case of warning education, so that the system has majesty and binding.

Tourist attractions in the management is mainly divided into three main aspects of internal management, tourist service management and operation management, comprehensively look at the current development of enterprise management direction is relatively perfect, tourist services with the recent years of increased supervision and gradually received attention, and in the operation of scenic areas have been lack of corresponding attention and tools, for the operation and management of scenic spots should gradually switch perspectives, increase the operational dimensions to strengthen the operational efficiency of scenic spots.


From the overall operation of scenic spots to fine project operations

In addition to the overall operating status data of scenic spots, the status data of each operating project within the scenic area is collected to realize the visual management of each project, and the relevant operation management personnel can view the status of each project in real time, so as to realize the fine supervision and operation of each project.

Detailed supervision and operation of each project in the scenic area


Change from after-the-fact management to in-business management

To improve the project process in the scenic area, realize the information management of each project process, avoid excessive human involvement in the supervision process, and ensure the compliance of each project in the operation process with information work, at the same time, the operators can view the operation status of each project in real time, through real-time status display, timely operational adjustment, to avoid in-process management is not timely, affecting the daily management of the tourist experience and scenic area.


From the department package assessment to the individual assessment transformation

The assessment of various departments and projects in scenic spots is decomposed, and the individual assessment is carried out for the relevant services and management personnel in scenic areas with project operation as the core, and the appraisal process is set up to realize the quantification and visualization of the assessment of scenic personnel.


Transition from experience-directed operations to data-directed operations

The operational data of each project in the scenic area will be presented in detail, the operational guidance of the scenic area will be combed, and the existing operational experience will be transformed into operational guidance through the data, so as to realize the visual operation of the scenic area supported by the data.

From experience to data


Data is the most real and effective basis for supporting scenic operations and management

According to the information flow -business flow-data flow-application flow information system construction structure, data integration (including tourist data, resource data, service personnel data, sales data, etc.) for the scattered projects and industries (eat, live, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment) within the scenic area, through the data to carry out reasonable resource scheduling, human arrangements, in order to better operate the scenic area.

Gui Qianhong, a national rural and cultural tourism professional and a trader of Jianghe Wen Travel, believes that the future of China is a big tourism country, the future of China's tourism is mass tourism, the future tourism market is a high standard of demand, the future era of tourists need the legs of mountaineers, artists' hearts, speakers' mouths. Tourists must do product development refinement, team service details, market operation festival. Tourists need to have the height of aesthetics, the breadth of culture and the depth of science to examine every tourism element. To do this, it is impossible without the artisans of the great powers and the spirit of the great artisans. To do tourism requires the artisan spirit of big country and big country artisan, needs international thinking, local action, brand strategy. To examine and view every tourism project, we must have high standing, high starting point, high standards, high specifications, big vision, big hand, big planning, big ideas, new thinking, new ideas, new ideas, new ideas. To be high down, "high-altitude view of the earth."

At present, the tourism industry is facing transformation and upgrading, tourist attractions are also facing the trend of gradually shifting from traditional tourism to sightseeing and leisure and vacation complex, focusing on changing from resource endowment to more in line with market demand, scenic products from homogenization to characteristic upgrading, single ticket economy to income model diversification and so on. How to adapt to the new situation, the new normal, have put forward new requirements and challenges to the current operation and management of tourist attractions, the operation and management of tourist attractions began from extensive into specialization, standardization, refinement.

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