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What are the items in Naughty Castle, Naughty Castle equipment price?
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2021-03-02 16:50:05
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With the opening of the two-child policy and the growth of the children's industry, children's playground Naughty Fort is constantly being updated. As the most popular with investors, children like the indoor children's playground Naughty Castle, its main naughty castle equipment is also changing, the small editor recently contacted a lot of children's playground customer friends, they all have this question: "Children's park Naughty Castle have any projects, naughty castle equipment prices?" Next Scoway anime for you to introduce.

Playground for children's playground

First, for our customers and friends to introduce the latest children's park Naughty Fort what equipment projects? With the benign development of the children's playground market, the latest children's playground in 2021 Naughty Castle can be placed more and more items: children trampoline, ocean ball pool (million ball pool), air slide, brave wooden bridge, air rope, experience driving compartment, spiral slide, devil slide, rainbow Slides, children's rock climbing, flying saucers, carbine park, and so on, and added a children's professional experience, powerless amusement, adventure park, and some old Naughty Castle electric toys, such as electric coconut trees, merry-go, octopus, animal turntables and many other items.


What are the equipment projects of children's paradise naughty Fort

Second, then Naughty Fort equipment prices in the end how to calculate? This should be one of the most important concerns of all investors, Naughty Fort equipment quotation in accordance with the site square meters or according to a single project equipment to calculate?

Compared with the market is not open and transparent Naughty Fort square meters quotation, according to a single project equipment to quote, than the bad manufacturers with the so-called square meter unit price to fool customers, this price is more open and transparent, there are detailed Naughty Fort project equipment parameters and list.

What is the price of naughty castle equipment?

However, in general, the price of each Naughty Fort manufacturers are different, according to the investment of a 500 square meters of children's playground Naughty Fort: 1. site fees (rental, water, electricity, air conditioning, etc.) 2. Equipment costs (one-time investment, replacement) 3.Labor costs (daily labor, holiday activities) investment amount . . . site fees and

equipment costs . . . labor costs

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