Team building to the core of people, in order to win a hundred battles!
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In modern society, chain management has already dominated the service industry and retail industry. Supermarkets, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, special stores and so on in the streets are not uncommon, chain management is now the most dynamic, the development of the most rapid way of operation. How to enter the chain of "siege" to establish the status of rivers and lakes? From the original state of the chain, the e-game city chain is only a branch of the service chain, the creation of the e-game city chain, should also be from the team, management, competition, innovation and other perspectives.

How to enter the chain "Besieged City" of video game city

01 Team building

Stephen M. According to Robbins, a team is a formal group of individuals who work together to achieve a goal. This definition highlights that teams are different from groups, that all teams are groups, but that only formal groups can be teams. Scholars have also defined 5P elements for the team: Purpose, Location, Power, Plan, and People.

02 Team spirit

Team spirit creates a few common points to note:

(1) Establish a clear vision and objectives.

(2) Create an organizational atmosphere of mutual trust.

(3) Use punishment with caution within the organization (punishment is negative, motivation is positive).

(4) Establish an effective communication mechanism.

(5) Establish and improve effective management system and incentive mechanism.

(6) Gradually form the team's own behavior habits and norms, but also show the team's behavior style and norms.

(7) Humanized management.

(8) Attitudes don't determine everything.

(9) Pay attention to training, to build an excellent platform for employee growth.

(10) To improve the leadership requirements of team leaders: care, love, patience, good use, trust, respect, leadership art, fair incentive mechanism, values, cultural cultivation, reward and recognition, policy continuity.

03 Team management

Team management is a difficult part of team building, and good cooks have a time when it's hard to tune in. But we grasp the key points can solve the vast majority of management problems.

Effective communication:

"Group effort, brainstorming" is the usual method of efficient team. A good team must have good communication channels, there is an organized level relationship between the teams, but no communication class relations, everyone in the team is equal, good ideas, good ideas often come from the front line of people. Team leaders in team management equivalent to the role of blenders, organize meetings, discussions, learning, research and leisure activities, and form good communication with members, and ultimately can form informed decision-making.

A good video game city team must have good communication channels

Empowering talent:

Granting is not only an appointment of an official, but also a genuine right. Make the authorized person feel that he or she is "picking the girder" and have a complete responsibility. One way is to let all relevant persons know the rights and responsibilities of the authorized person;

The team needs to develop good rules and regulations:

Rules and regulations contain many levels: discipline system, organizational system, financial system, confidentiality system and reward and punishment system. Good rules and regulations may be reflected in the fact that the enforcer can feel the existence of rules and regulations, but does not feel that rules and regulations will be a constraint.

The implementation of the rules and regulations need to be orderly, similar to the broken window theory: a house if the window is broken, no one to repair, and soon, other windows will be inexplicably broken; A wall, if some graffiti has not been cleaned off, soon, the wall is full of messy, unseen things; a very clean place, people are embarrassed to throw garbage, but once there is garbage on the ground, people will not hesitate to throw, no shame.

Video game city team needs to develop good rules and regulations

This theory shows that violations of rules and regulations should be stopped in time, otherwise in the long run, in this atmosphere of public insensitiveness, some bad atmosphere, violations will breed, spread and prosperity. Although a manager is a rule-maker or supervisor, he should be an example of compliance with the rules and regulations. If managers themselves are difficult to comply with, how do you ask team members to do it?

Establish clear common goals:

Classic fable: A hound chased the rabbit out of his nest and chased him for a long time without catching it. A shepherd saw the scene stop and laughed at the hound and said, "The little one between you runs much faster." The hound replied, "You don't know that the two of us run completely different!" I just ran for a meal, and he ran for his life. "The fables reveal the common apathy of many big pot-eating businesses: inconsistent goals and different motivations. In the day-to-day management of The Game City, although the employee goals of different positions are not the same, as a member of the team, team spirit leads to their big goals are the same. We coordinate the various parts of the work, and finally form a whole big goal.

Video game city team to establish a clear common goal

Create a positive work atmosphere:

The operation of an enterprise, including a large number of individuals, each individual has the right to express different constructive views, some people will be emotional, some people are wise and wise. We should give warm applause, sincerely encourage appreciation of others, respect for others. Because this is a team, not an individual, centrium, cohesion comes from the team member's self-conscious inner motivation, from the values of consensus, without the display of self-opportunity, common goals and visions, consensus values of the team can not form a real centrist force;

How does the e-game city chain create such a "formal group"?

Proper leadership:

1, first of all to do self-discipline, self-motivation.

Take the lead role, use effective leadership methods, stimulate the morale of their employees, improve work efficiency, lead their employees to complete the field and the company issued tasks, encounter the relevant departments to check, the action to be fast, swing machine dismantle quickly, change to entertainment board to buy time fast, after the inspection to resume business fast (including installation, change of board, issue money, reserve funds, reconciliation). According to the specific situation of the time, local, partners and so on, to the company in a timely manner to reflect the actual situation, such as the urgency of the situation, in special circumstances to withdraw quickly: quickly dismantle, fast loading, quickly leave the scene.

How to create such a "formal group" for the chain of video game city

2, pay attention to team spirit building

(1) pay attention to the needs of front-line employees, committed to improve staff morale, reduce the turnover rate;

(2) to create a good communication channels in this game city, timely feedback, tracking, and actively deal with;

(3) In good faith as the business management of this, is committed to building mutual trust in the working environment;

(4) Support all behaviors and ideas conducive to improving the service, and use everyone's ability to solve problems;

(5) have the motivation to improve themselves, according to their own opportunities to actively improve and willing to share;

(6) pay attention to the overall staff development of the city, and according to personal opportunities to give guidance and tracking, to help others grow, more affirmation, more encouragement, less criticism and complaints;

(7) Make good use of people and take timely measures against those who underperform.

3, communication and coordination with the partners, do not engage in small circles, will instring the operation of the site in the first place. According to the actual situation on the ground, develop a publicity and promotion plan to raise the visibility of the playground.

Develop a publicity plan to improve the popularity of the playground

Clear goals:

People should have goals at all times. The team is a formal group of people, so the goal is essential, no goal, no direction, no goal, the team has no motivation. Clear and workable goals are the key to a team's success or failure. When you implement this goal, you should develop some clear codes of conduct for the execution process. The team not only has a clear understanding of the goal, but also believes that it contains one or more important results that are worth pursuing. Team leaders need to identify and grasp core tasks and goals, and encourage members to sublimation their personal goals to team goals. In an effective team, members are responsible for the team's goals, know what the team expects them to do, and understand what they can do to achieve the organization's goals together.

The right people:

1, the selection of people to match the strategic objectives of the city

Human resources are the guarantee of the implementation of strategic planning and the realization of strategic objectives, each e-game city at different stages will formulate different overall strategic planning that is suitable for the actual situation, we must take into account the allocation of resources to be appropriate to the realization of strategic objectives. If there is no strategic objective, it is not human resources planning, let alone the implementation of human resources planning, in the selection of people will be blind. For example, to open a new shop to pay attention to the planning of the site, the later to pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the machine.

2, the selection of people to be appropriate to the industry environment

Different industry environment, will also affect our selection of talent specific operations. First of all, to analyze the environment of the industry, in the entire industrial structure of the position, and secondly, to analyze the position of the game city in the industry, the industry and status of different corresponding levels of talent is also different, for the game city tailor-made talent selection strategy, will not lead to the abuse or loss of talent. The consumer group of e-game city is mostly young people, then you can choose some 18 to 25 years old people interested in the industry as a guide or duty manager, because they have their own hobbies, so they will be full of enthusiasm for their work.

Video game city team selection should be suitable for the industry environment

3, the selection of people to consider the current situation of the talent market supply

The supply and demand of the talent market in general is not controlled by enterprises, however, the game city in the selection of people can not escape the impact of the current situation of supply and demand, the so-called plan has not changed quickly, the game city needs specific analysis of specific circumstances, timely adjustment of talent recruitment plan. When the market talents are booming, we should increase the number of recruits and strengthen the talent pool, and when the market talents are in short supply, the number and standards of recruitment can be reduced appropriately to adapt to market changes.

4, the selection of people to consider the cost of human resources

Human resources costs are expenses incurred to obtain and develop human resources, including human resources cost, usage costs, development costs, and separation costs. Selected according to the quality conditions required for the post, choose suitable personnel, avoid the use of high people everywhere. Using high people will not only raise the cost of direct wages, but also easily cause brain drain, resulting in higher opportunity costs.

Wrong employment is the real reason for the brain drain, the selection link is not in place, easy to cause the brain drain. Therefore, the selection of good people will not only promote the realization of the goal of the city, but also greatly reduce the cost of human resources.

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