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2021-03-07 11:46:43
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Some time ago, the film "Hello, Li Huanying" with warm and sincere artistic techniques to present a delicate, selfless motherly love, countless audience was moved to tears. The film "Lee Huanying" is also the microcosm of the countless ordinary and great mothers in real life, in reality, the mother's love for children is full of all corners of life. From school to school, from school to amusement park, from the school gate to pick you up from school waiting eyes to the playground to take you on a merry-go-go-by laugh ... Wherever you go, your mother's love is always there.

Children's amusement equipment, parent-child amusement equipment in the amusement park is also an important medium for conveying joy and expressing affection, mini shuttle, skywalking, merry-go-around .... Each ride is the result of the efforts of designers and manufacturers.

Family warmth in childhood memories: children's play equipment merry-go-go-go-go- As a classic children's play equipment, the merry-go-about horse has become a wonderful childhood memory for many people. Memory parents with us on a merry-go-bye happy scene, whenever I think of, will feel nothing inside - than warmth. In the corners of the mouth can not help but rise, quietly tears. A variety of carnish products rich colors and Trojan horse form, for the lovely children to create innocent golden childhood years, add to the good memories of childlike happiness.

Merry go round

Case of a merry-go-around

SQV amusement pays tribute to every ordinary and great mother with children's play equipment that conveys joy and affection, and every mother is a great hero. At the same time, I also hope that every child can understand how deep and profound the mother's love, cherish every time to get along with and accompany, like she loves us like to love her. In the warm sunshine of love, health and happiness to thrive, so that every mother can be willing, happy, peace of mind.

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