Grab the tail of 2020 and watch the park operate together!
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2021-02-06 19:07:13
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In a blink of an eye, 2020 has said goodbye to us, and in the new year of 2021, new expectations will face new questions: What will the market look like in 2021? In what direction will it go?

The amusement industry has experienced the "crazy barbarism" development of previous years and entered the new year. The previous development model was no longer suitable for the new development environment. Deep operation is the foundation of the future playground development.

What kind of new posture should we take to meet it? Why do some parks not run well? Maybe it's because you've done less of this!

Poor management of the park?

The importance of operational intervention in the early stage of park construction deserves the attention of every park operator, if there is no "operational pre-" thinking, there is no operating subject, all planning is just the air loft. Many theme parks in China are counter-examples, in the actual operation of many problems, in addition to the opening of operations management, marketing reasons, many aspects are the pre-planning, project configuration, planning and design stage of the operational needs of the reasons for the inconsideration.

So, as the park's investors and operators, how to return to the basic common sense of business thinking, operational thinking-oriented to judge the original intention and purpose of all operational management activities?

What exactly does the Part 01 operations sector need to do?

What does the park operation sector need to do

First of all, in the process of theme park development and construction, through the operation of the pre-position, systematic integration of capital investment, product industry, planning and planning, construction, brand promotion, sales and operation of resources, combined with the project investment appeal, operation and capital, the preparation of project investment planning, investment and financing planning, space landing planning.

Operational pre-operation, focusing on solving the theme park project investment conditions, industry configuration, operational capital, profit projects, how to build and other issues, in the pre-launch to determine the industry portfolio and profitability projects, through the management of operational support projects can eventually achieve sustained high growth profitability, capital investment to achieve efficient profitability and safe exit.

Part 02 brings in a professional design and operations team

The park introduces professional design and operation team

The operational backbone introduced in advance in the team can use valuable experience to carry out operational design and capital raising, improve product quality, product positioning is suitable for market consumption needs and meet the operation needs of the park, should also be handled by the operation team or hired professional operations services, expert consultants team. Therefore, in the park preparation period, should be early introduction of professional design and operation team to participate in the pre-planning planning and design work.

The success of the park's product planning and design lies in an experienced team, with professional people doing professional things, it is bound to be a collective team work, not a personal work, this team to be familiar with the entire theme park products can.

Therefore, investors in the search for partners, but also pay attention to filter out those who really have done the entire theme park landing project design units, early construction team, can not blindly worship and choose, otherwise the design and construction of the park products must be defective products, if the defects are fatal, will have to open soon after rectification, or even closure.

Part 03 Establish an operational management system

Establishment of park operation management system

Set up a special operation management department, establish an operation management system, promote the theme park core product brand planning, research project development model, as well as combing and formulating the park's standardized operation and management process, to provide project development and construction of capital, model, product support, to ensure that the park's regional fist projects landing, the professional sector operation work.

Operations focuses on the specific operations of each sector. Combined with the product content and operation mode of different regions, in the whole life cycle of project investment, planning, development and construction, operation management, through the control of progress, capital, quality, cost, business, operation and other business points, as well as standardized, process and refinement of the high standard operating system, finally can achieve the park's sustained growth profitability and stable cash flow.

Investment developers must make the theme park operation and positioning the core of the whole project. In the design stage to take into account the operational management needs, in order to increase operating income, reduce engineering rework, save investment costs. Therefore, as an investor, it is necessary to clear the relationship between design and operation by introducing professional design and operation team, and comb the operation management system in advance.

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