The "new way" of running claw crane machines, are you here?
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Small editor has a good friend, can be said to be a doll serious patient, each time and she went out, as long as see the doll machine, do not throw a few dozen dollars, that is absolutely not open legs, the key is so long down, she also did not practice into the legendary doll master, the so-called "doll machine abused me a thousand times, I still wait for it like first love" but so on!

Small editor believes that such a small partner is not in the minority, many people lose more and more want to play, a play down to spend dozens of pieces is a common thing. That's the question of setup.

Severe cases of catching dolls

It's not that easy to be the boss of a doll catcher!

Although, you can control the rate of awards by setting up, but in fact to become a doll-grabbing machine boss is not so easy. First of all, a lot of urban doll machine market has been saturated, can grab the chassis has been robbed, you have to compete with those big manufacturers, obviously not an easy thing.

The following questions are for you to consider? What kind of gift machine is a good gift machine? How do gift machines lay out to make money? How to set and regulate the parameters of gift machine in operation? How does the gift machine do promotions?

What kind of gift machine is a good gift machine

1. Be aware of the importance of gifts

Gift machine is not a popular machine, but people's pursuit of "gift" is eternal. And for commercial real estate, shopping centers, leisure venues, people come out to play is ready to spend money, see the favorite things, spend ten pieces of twenty pieces to "try your luck", is a part of "play leisure", so in the commercial real estate transformation period, we will find: sometimes the whole floor is play leisure equipment, the most lively people are also this layer, gift machine is one of the main characters!

Realize the importance of gifts

2. Choose gifts to be diversified

Considering the size of the venue and different gift types of matching, such as the general business super venue, all ages of customers have, that gift machine gifts should be considered carefully, the choice of gifts if high-tech products, take care of all ages, no one is not eager to have. If it is a doll machine, it is necessary to often organize dolls, otherwise others either feel not fresh, or feel that they do not like.

The choice of gifts should be diversified

3. Gift machine with low failure rate

Guarantee the normal operation of gift machine is the necessary conditions for equipment management and speculation, so in the procurement and selection should be careful, must not blind, not just consider the price of the machine, to know that "cheap no good goods" has always been the hard truth, manufacturers of machine quality and after-sales service, sometimes is to decide whether you buy back to operate for 3 months or has been able to operate the key!

Gift machine with low failure rate

4. Relatively simple game content can extend the life of the gift machine

Don't use the gift machine as a game console, because players are only interested in gifts, not the content of the game. Game components of the gift machine after a period of operation will make players tired, resulting in a decline in the turnover of gift models.

How the gift machine is laid out makes money

1, flexible use of good shop head or near the counter of the golden location, most people have the habit of moving in from the right to the left. And commercial real estate in the first floor door conspicuous place or dedicated entertainment floor, cinema is a good choice.

2, placement should not be too scattered, it is best to do the area alone, easy to play and packaging.

How to set and regulate the parameters of gift machine in operation

The adjustment of this data varies from person to person, but it should be noted that the operation should try to adjust more, observe more. Do a good job of gift entry and exit registration and collection of money records, make analysis, and then make adjustments.

How to set and control the parameters of gift machine in operation

How the gift machine does the promotion

1 Follow the principle of relative equity

In the past, the use of gift machine misunderstanding principle is "as far as possible to let guests can not catch gifts", but now generally requires to be in accordance with the game's "relative fairness principle", in order to ensure profitability on the basis of "as far as possible to let guests catch gifts." Guests successfully caught the gift will drive the lively atmosphere of the venue, while attracting other guests interest in the gift machine, can also get a good publicity effect. Thus form a virtuous circle of "people and money."

2 Master the purpose and mentality of the player

In general, the purpose of the player is to play gift machine for the gift inside, of course, some players are to experience that exciting process. In this case, you need a certain chance of winning, gift value is high in the case of a single game price high can also be accepted, if the cost of the prize is higher than the gift value too much, it will make the player lose interest, or even no one wants to continue to play.

Master the purpose and mentality of doll player

Players are attracted to the gift machine only after they see it, so make sure the gift is attractive enough. Exquisite dolls, germination style, quirky cheap, retro nostalgia, popular, quality must be good, do not let the quality of dolls pull down the grade of the venue. Exquisite jewelry, exquisite delicate look, girls like exquisite things, girls bag pendants, exquisite watches, all kinds of new and strange jewelry.

3 The odds of winning should not be too difficult to set

Each start-up is measured by the cost of the gift, if there are more than one gift machine in the same venue, it is best to have a gross margin to be set lower, on the basis of ensuring profitability so that customers can be relatively easy to catch. More expensive gifts can be appropriate to improve the difficulty, later to see the player feedback appropriate adjustment.

4 To focus on the overall revenue increase

Don't just think about the revenue of a particular machine, pay attention to the overall revenue increase.

Doll machine as a service provided by guests, its profit model is no less than the following categories:

1, through customer consumption and directly earn profits.

2, by attracting popularity, attracting traffic and achieve the purpose of advertising, to earn advertising costs.

3, not for profit purposes, or even loss-making operations, mainly in order to accumulate popularity, in order to better sales of other products.

A new model for doll machine operation

Select from the site to analyze

This is an external condition. A large number of people in the field, naturally do not need to do too much promotion can achieve a good turnover or only a small number of promotion can achieve the effect of doing more with less.

Analysis from the choice of dolls

Placing some beautiful and popular dolls can attract more consumers and stimulate their desire for possession. Guests can properly select some of the current popular, exquisite dolls. Beautiful and popular dolls are another weapon of attraction.

In addition, the guests choose the doll can be combined with size, some machines place some smaller dolls, some machines place some larger dolls, after all, different consumers have different preferences, there are like big, there are like small. Meeting a variety of preferences is a necessary factor for success.

The dolls selected by guests can be combined in size

Appropriate publicity and promotion

Active publicity and irregular promotions, on the one hand, can enable consumers to establish consumption habits, on the other hand, can accumulate popularity. The so-called wine incense is also afraid of the alley deep, reasonable publicity can explore some usually do not pay attention to the doll machine consumer groups, can also use the consumer's greedy and cheap psychology, from time to time to hold some promotional means, such as buying 10 coins to send 1 coin, buy 20 yuan to send 3 coins, or consumption set printing gifts;

A good customer experience

A good reputation and customer experience is very important, if you do a good job before and after sales, so that the customer experience is fully satisfied, more communication with customers, do a good job after-sales service, then customers are willing to spend money here, and willing to spend many times.

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