If playgrounds want to stand out, rely on the "Golden Night Economy"
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2020-11-19 17:11:23
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The "night economy" seems to have become the most fashionable concept of the day overnight. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Nanjing and other cities have introduced measures to promote night-time economic development, and this momentum from the first and second-tier cities gradually to the third- and fourth-tier cities radiation. According to the Ministry of Commerce data, 60% of China's consumption occurs at night, large shopping malls every day from 18:00 to 22:00 sales accounted for more than half of the day. It can be said that the night is the "golden hour" of consumption. At this stage, our country puts forward that the development of diversified industry and rich experience of the night economy is to conform to people's pursuit of spiritual culture, but also to adapt to the current social transformation of the main contradictions of the internal choice.

Compared with the night-time economy in developed countries, the dividends of China's night-time economy have not yet been fully unleashed. Taking the French "Night Paris" model as a reference sample, the development of the night economy in Paris is not only limited to bars, restaurants and other single entertainment consumption as the representative of the traditional areas, but also increasingly expanded to the arts, culture, interpretation, retail and more areas. The development of China's night economy in the fields of culture, art, tourism and fitness needs to be deepened. The development of the night economy is not the patent of the first-tier cities, the second- and third-tier cities have immeasurable potential. With the advance of urbanization, the scale of the night economy will be further expanded in the third- and fourth-tier cities.

It can be seen that the development of the night economy is not only the inherent requirement of expanding the consumption-assisted economy's high-quality development, but also the inevitable choice to meet people's needs for a better life. Unlike night economy versions 1.0 and 2.0, version 3.0 is broader, both indoor and outdoor, online and offline. As one of the shopping mall commercial bodies, the electric game city, children's playground and other playgrounds are also one of the night entertainment.

The Night World of The Playman

Who likes to spend at night at the playground? People who have just had a busy day's work, people who want to relax, people who eat at home and come to the mall for fun, people who come with children, family and children entertainment, people who have three or five confidants, friends who get together... Although there are many kinds of people with different recreational purposes, they all share common characteristics, as stated above: young, diverse hobbies, emphasis on relaxation.

How should indoor entertainment take advantage of the boom in the night economy and grasp the "golden four hours"?

01. Launch a specific package

If the evening consumption or continue the morning package model for consumers, it does not seem to have any special attraction. But if it's a package for the night economy, it's different. For potential customers who have the opportunity to shop at night, you can develop relevant time-limited packages, such as: only in the evening these four-hour exchange package, in the evening can be redeemed with lottery tickets for specific gifts, or you can develop some with the cinema, KTV and other active evening industry cooperation to launch some cross-border preferential packages, you can also open a "card" activities, accumulated a few days to the store how many concessions, etc., to attract the night economy consumers.

Special package for amusement park

02. Theme marketing

In the decoration and operation of the shop, strengthen the exploration of innovation, highlighting the creation of a new scene of night-time consumption, become a "locals often come, foreigners must go" theme punching place. Theme marketing is like an invisible brand IP, can quickly and vividly in the minds of customers to leave a memory point, when the theme marketing is done, consumers see the associated things think of your venue. In addition to their own theme marketing, but also with the shopping mall theme, showing a unified sense of beauty, can deepen the memory of consumers Oh.

03. Performance, competition, atmosphere hyped up

Why does everyone like to go to bars, KTV, eat late at night? In addition to being able to eat, drink, and play, these places give consumers the ability to socialize. In addition to giving consumers the need for entertainment, we also need to provide them with a social opportunity to find like-hearted friends in your venue.

Video game city performance, competition, atmosphere stir up

Venues can hold weekly, monthly and quarterly tournaments to attract and secure players in a planned way, in the setting of awards to pay attention to the needs of the target players, after all, the awards are not attractive, player participation will also decline. In addition to the competition, students from nearby schools are invited to perform daily, or dance troupes can be invited to perform, or staff-organized performances can be held to attract the eyes of passing consumers in the future, and to stir up the live atmosphere of the venue.

Theme parks also need a nocturnal economy

China's theme park construction is moving to a wider and deeper level, and as infrastructure investment increases, the desire and likelihood of night trips is increasing.

The role of theme park night management is similar in some ways to anti-season tourism, for example, it also plays a balanced rhythm of tourism, dispersing traffic, and improving tourist satisfaction (cheap, fewer people, and meeting personalized needs).

What's more, the theme park's night-time operation can bring in more economic income, after all, 24 hours a day, if the theme park only operates for 8 hours, the remaining 16 hours of zero income, this loss is predictable.

Theme park night operation is a big market. How big is this cake? How big is day travel, how big is night travel. The perfect night-time strategy is a must-have for every successful theme park.

Theme parks also need night economy

01. Perfect lighting design

One of the most basic "selling points" of a theme park or feature town at night is to have an exciting, stunning lighting design. Through vision, people perceive most of the information they need. In the night, where there is light must be the focus of sight.

And theme park night project to bring visitors or shock, or pleasure, or romantic feelings, are inseparable from the light to the environment rendering, in the environment of people, emotions are driven, it is important.

Theme park lighting design in the premise of meeting the use of functions, we must clear the relationship between the main and the second movement, must have strong and weak highlights, so as to avoid to bring visitors a dazzling visual feeling. At the same time, we should pay attention to the diversity and artistry of lighting techniques, pay attention to the rhythm and hierarchy of design.

Perfect lighting design of theme park

Architectural lights are often used outside the buildings and attractions of the theme park. Washing wall lamps is common here, making buildings look more distinctive and spatial. LED light bars can be freely combined with shapes to create a unique visual experience and dynamic lighting effects.

A wide range of video content, including ads, creative clips, or simple dynamic color blocks, can be represented by these different forms of LED light bars. Even if you want to be interactive, it's not hard.

02. Unique night performance

Whether or not to have a unique night performance project is the core point of the success or failure of the theme park's night operation, as the most important "soft" part of the theme show is to let visitors feel the theme park cultural connotation and enhance the experience of the most direct means.

With the continuous development of theme parks, theme performances will increasingly become the theme park's core cultural experience carrier. And the vast majority of themed performances are at night, which is out of place with daytime rides, attracting the theme park's nocturnal economy.

Unique night performance in theme park

Dream Light Show

Light show and bare-eyed 3D plus holographic projection form a very powerful light show performance, but also many famous theme parks at night axle performance projects. Universal Studios Japan is bracing it for Christmas with an unprecedented big light show at Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter area.

Creative water show

Creative water show is the "new favorite" of large-scale theme park in recent years, the day can be the core landscape of the park, to the evening has become a beautiful gorgeous water show stage, the use of sound, light, electricity, water, fire, shadow, audio and other high-tech means, the integration of cultural creative elements, stage performance art, to create land, water and air stereoscopic visual sensory feast.

Theme park creative water show

Through the stage performance art, combined with fountains, water curtains, lasers, lights, fireworks, water mist, projection, stage machinery and other scientific and technological means of comprehensive use, so that the live audience feel from the performance content and performance form of all-round shock audio-visual experience, really do "one scene during the day, one show at night."

Gorgeous fireworks show

Under the stars, several fireworks rose from the sky, instantly burst out of brilliant colors. It seems like a crazy day in a theme park, and it's only perfect to watch a gorgeous fireworks display at the end.

Fireworks show is a more traditional performing arts project, but with the continuous development of theme parks, is now more and water show, light show and other mutual integration, comprehensive use to meet today's increasingly demanding tourists.

Fireworks show in amusement park

Theme show

Combined with theme park IP, the actors, music, dance, stunts, performance art and other forms of performance organic combination, beautiful music, exquisite stage costumes, the landscape design of the venue environment, supplemented by multimedia visual impact, presents a beautiful, breathtaking theme show.

Theme flower show

Float cruises are one of the best ways to promote a theme or IP and even turn it into actual income. The night float show, combined with the brilliant lights, gives visitors a richer sensory thrill than a daytime cruise.

Theme flower show

03. Make full use of major festivals

Every year's major festivals are a great time for theme parks to attract visitors, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas....

Combined with these festivals, themed festivals are introduced in the evening to effectively extend the tour time. For example, during the Wansan period, Universal Studios Osaka's "Ghost Parade" remains one of the most popular items for tourists.

After sunset, the whole park transformed into a world of zombies. Actors dressed as "zombies" ran through the streets, and the park screamed. The more you hide, the more you chase you, but you will never touch you. There will also be special zombie attack shows in each district, as well as SWAT vs. Zombies.

04. Perfect supporting theme hotel

For those who have been exhausted from morning to night, if you have a well-equipped themed hotel, it's not hard to leave them in your park for a night and form a 24-hour economic chain.

The point is that you have to keep visitors in your park late, rely on your core night show, and as long as they can attract a lot of visitors, don't worry about the high vacancy rate of your hotel. Or to the hotel's quality, theme win, combined with the theme park's main IP, the formation of its own selling point to attract tourists to stay, but also can greatly improve the theme park's night income.

Perfect matching Theme Hotel

The theme park's high investment in the early stage makes the project return cycle long, so we must continue to extend the economic chain, break the traditional ticket as the main revenue business model, through the white and black business strategy, greatly promote the tourists' secondary consumption impulse, so the theme park's night operation is a big cake that can not be ignored, and its economic benefits are far greater than the cost of extending the park's operating time.

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