Do a good job of membership layering, fine operation can be perfectly achieved!
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The life of the site comes from the basics. Some changes are taking place, even if they are not yet popular; But no matter how the change, directly affect the site reputation, is always the most basic thing: products, services, the environment.

The tide comes and doesn't come and doesn't stop, the classics last forever. We are used to brand, marketing innovation, but also aware of more and more amusement people return to the basic, play their own internal skills. This article mainly starts with the membership service, about the members layered things.

01. What is user tiering?

What is user layering

A user broadly refers to a user, that is, a party who uses your product or service.

User segmentation was put forward by American scholar Wendell Smith in the mid-1950s, and its theoretical basis is mainly based on two points, one is the heterogeneity of user demand, and the other is the limited resources of enterprises and effective market competition.

User segmentation is a collection of customers based on user attributes. The theoretical principle is that the user base of each type of product is not a group, according to the user group's cultural concepts, consumption income, consumption customs, lifestyle and other different subdivisions of new categories, enterprises according to the different consumers to develop brand promotion strategy and marketing strategy, resources for the target users concentrated use.

02. Why member segmentation?

Why subdivide members

For example, mobile phones, it used to be a great thing to have a smartphone, but to this day, people who like to take pictures and people who like to play games use the same mobile phone?

For example, rice, before can eat enough is very good, but today it was suggested that the average person eats rice and pregnant women, children, the elderly eat rice is not the same.

For example, coffee, some people like convenient instant coffee, some people like to have a sense of ritual grinding coffee, different personality, different appeals, can be treated as such?

Everyone is born different, and there are differences in nature. Using a lot of the same marketing strategy, loyal users may not buy because not everyone is suitable for becoming a brand loyal person for a brand. If the site wants sustainability and long-term profitability, it needs to be wise to focus on the right user base, the site to get every user, previously have to pay a certain amount of investment, this investment can only be compensated if you can win the loyalty of users.

Therefore, to obtain brand loyalty through value marketing is an important step is to segment users, find out which users can bring profitability to the site, which users can not, and lock in high-value, high-quality users. Only in this way can the site ensure that the resources invested in the process of cultivating user loyalty are rewarded, and the long-term profits and sustainable development of the enterprise can be guaranteed.

03. How do I layer users?

How do I layer users

There are many ways to layer users, according to the user's different consumption tendencies and consumption preferences, targeted marketing and services to polarize user value. Simple has two or eight layers, common user value pyramid, user life cycle layering, AARRR model, slightly more complex RFM model and so on. These methods are clearly structured, with their advantages and disadvantages, and do not meet the specific needs of complexity and variety. Therefore, in practice, to consider the reality, flexible.

Treating different users differently is the best recognition and reward for loyal users. In the case of user differentiation, venues can polarize membership value through those users based on specific campaigns.

So, what can a site do with user layering? Of course, these tiers are carried out among existing members, and potential customers have another set of applicable rules, but not within the system. Also, there is no relevant information to support the site to understand the user. There is one of the most basic and important elements of being a member hierarchy, and that is data. Data can be obtained from the survey, can also be obtained in the management system, the field management system in today's industry is more mature, in terms of data collection, can save a lot of manpower and material resources for the site.

The intuitiveness of the data allows us to layer the playground members, and their consumption behaviors such as recent consumption, consumption frequency, consumption amount, consumption preference, re-travel frequency, consumption gear or consumption habits, etc., we can all learn from the analysis of the data. Venues can be based on their own actual, members can be segmented, such as from the customer unit price and consumption frequency, divided into high-quality members that is, the customer unit price / consumption frequency is more ideal members, listed as loyal users of the venue;

04. How to grasp the detailed characteristics of each tiered member

How to grasp the detailed characteristics of each tiered member

Premium members

Premium members, in other words, VIP customers of the venue. The development of quality membership is an efficient means of cashing out site operations, but not the more quality members the better. Therefore, after analyzing the users, we identify which are high-quality members, set the conditions for entering high-quality members and the additional services enjoyed by high-quality members, which will give quality members a sense of superiority. In addition, proper follow-up work can bring them closer together, long-term emotional communication with them, will make users emotional resonance with the brand, enhance the user's loyalty to the brand, and truly retain them.

Customer unit price to improve members / consumption frequency to improve members: these two types of customer unit price or consumption frequency to be increased members, from moving into high-quality members, "distance" is relatively short, but the difficulty is relatively large. Cultivating them to become high-quality members is not enough, but also reflected in the service, only let them fully identify with the venue, it is possible to make him and the goal of high-quality members closer.

Bad members

As mentioned above, the consumption of bad members is accidental, may be just passing by, this venue is not in the radius of their own lives, but see their favorite products, it contributed to this consumption. In this case of occasional occurrence, how to make his chance may become more likely, need to pay no less than the effort of any member. In addition to the uniqueness of the product, but also to attract their attention, so that the venue becomes the radius of his life.

In addition, bad members are complex, in addition to the possibilities mentioned above, there are other possibilities, different may make the use of policies change. Venue may also be in the life radius of bad members, may be the first time because of curiosity to generate consumption, but after a consumption, for a long time, there is no following. Perhaps the most basic things in the venue (products, services, environment, etc.) did not meet his expectations.

The crowd is hard to tune, the existence of bad members, on another level, tell the venue: We still have a lot of room for progress. But if you focus on the development of bad members, it is a bit of a loss to the venue.

In summary, the venue should still focus on the customer unit price to improve members, consumption frequency to improve members and high-quality members above, because they have more controllability factors. User operation is the core of site management, need to constantly stimulate, pull new, retain, promote activity, conversion and other user data indicators, and finally all in order to cash out.

05. What "thunder points" members should avoid in stratation

Start small and expand. At first, members can be roughly divided into several categories, and then continue to be more detailed and more accurate division. Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you do it, but take the first step.

Each member can only fall into one category. Otherwise, members may be caught up in a variety of contradictions, and employees may not be able to serve members in a targeted way.

Each tier is broken even by a manager who is responsible for ensuring the maximum benefits of the tiering strategy and who is responsible for driving user segmentation.

Provide targeted, actionable countermeasures and do not provide employees with information that still needs to be explained. When there is a problem or the effect is not ideal, it should be found and resolved immediately. Lu Nan, chief strategic adviser for China at Japan's Speaking Group, said he was deeply touched that his peers there were talking about data and being accountable to members, such as the annual budget, the annual rate of reach, manpower, rent costs, etc. broken down into each day.

Do a good job of membership layering, to achieve fine operation. Fine-tune the goal to every day, while controlling the total amount, so that neither harm the user, but also control the cost, but also let the wisdom of employees to maximize. When the "winter theory" spreads around, some people will think: the next "fall" is not me? However, this is not something that everyone who does the real thing should think about. What we should think about is not the sky, but down-to-earth, do a good job of products, services, the environment and other basic items, so that the site thrives. As the lines of Zhiyu and the movie "Phantom Light" say: The bird that has been standing in the tree is never afraid of the branches breaking, because it believes not in the branches, but in its own wings.

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