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Under the impact of all kinds of information abroad, shopping centers began to appear a variety of new business, some of these industries are flashy, some are long-lasting.

When you wander in the corner of the bookstore, attracted by the sudden smell of coffee, so you sit down, called a favorite latte or moka, slowly taste, whether it is books or coffee, but also quite a lazy feeling. The combination of "book and coffee" has become a common mash-up.

The combination of "Book + coffee" has become a common "mash up"

Secret rooms and haunted houses targeting white-collar workers aged 20-35 are beginning to enter shopping malls, attracting more potential consumers with a variety of themed rooms of different sizes and flexible fare combinations. In addition, because of the need for various types of group division of labor and collaboration in the setting of such business games, by the major business groups of all ages.

The shopping center's larger secret room escape annual average profit can reach 2-5 million, ghost house annual profit can also reach about 3 million, secret room and haunted house has become one of the most profitable business in the shopping center.

Because of the fixed and limited market capacity of consumer groups, secret rooms and haunted houses are often branded "short-lived". But nowadays all kinds of secret rooms and haunted houses actively introduce all kinds of "sound and photoelectronic" high-tech equipment to increase the user experience, in order to maintain the freshness of the participants and enhance the player experience, secret room escape and ghost house in all kinds of "organs" will be replaced regularly.

Secret room escape average escape rate of 18%, clever use of consumers do not accept the heart, to attract consumers again or even many times to spend. In addition, the escape of the inner chamber in the shopping began to extend the consumption period, such as the secret room open until 4 a.m., and its midnight sales were almost the same as the morning window. The ghost house project takes the form of a mobile, after a period of time to go to different cities. Through various improvements to get it out of the cycle of short lives.

Secret room escape, clever use of the hearts of consumers not to admit defeat, to attract consumers to spend again or even many times

Relying on "mash-ups" to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace has been frequently used in all walks of life.

Is this also an inspiration for the development of the gaming industry? Let's find out.

What is a composite operation?

Composite management is an enterprise in order to meet consumer demand, combined with other industries in the unified store co-operation, in order to create a richer source of customers and profits, engaged in multi-angled business mode. With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption process gradually has the tendency of living, that is, people in the process of consumption no longer set targets for goods or services, but the consumption process as a part of life, which for the complex business model of the development of the foundation. So when you walk into a large shopping mall, you'll find that the goods are not just specific items or services, but your "whole life" (if you will) - stores, restaurants, cafes, bookstores, amusement halls, children's playgrounds, cinemas.

Stores, restaurants, cafes, bookstores, amusement halls, children's parks, cinemas······

What makes complex operations popular with the market?

1, save costs

Cost is the key element of commercial competition, cost management is good or bad, the impact on the business performance of enterprises is quite large, especially for the advent of the era of micro-profit, the importance of cost management has been paid special attention to. Costs include materials, direct labor, depreciation of equipment, marketing, and a wide variety of expenses. "In addition, the costs of services include service costs, process costs, customer service costs, logistics service output costs, etc., so the competitive environment and cost management systems for cost improvement within the organisation are important."

2, increase the number of visitors

The number of visitors is an important main reason affecting the performance of the shop, so the composite store should be to attract crowd consumption for the purpose of increasing the number of visitors, and how to increase the number of visitors, and extend the time of customers staying in the store, has become the biggest issue for operators. Through the combination of different types of business or business types, so that some free customers into the shop, although not preset whether to shop plans, but because there is more than one item to choose from, and stimulate the free customers impulse to buy behavior.

3, expand each other's profit growth space

Expanding profit growth space will subvert the industry's original cognitive strategy model, encourage operators to look beyond the industry structure and demand, create new areas, find new customers, compared to today's highly competitive market pressure, many industries themselves profit space has reached saturation, and through the combination of different types of business or business forms, convinced that expanding each other's profit growth space for the current business operations can not be ignored one of the topics.

Expanding the profit growth space will subvert the industry's original cognitive strategy model

So, for the gaming industry, how to use the "mash-up" to win the market?

"Mash-up" still needs to be justified

1, "mash-up" mode first encountered difficulties

Since this model has its advantages, then there must also be short boards. For this mode of operation, even experienced manufacturers or operators, can not avoid the 'big must lose' situation. In this mode of large-scale operation, due to the dispersion of operating points, the cost of machine management and the personnel costs used for machine management will inevitably be greatly increased. Machine management of various operating stations is a fine job, which also makes the management of personnel of enterprises become complex. And the dispersion of the machine station determines that the management machine personnel away from the company headquarters, lack of supervision, in the management of the station is prone to problems. Once an employee has a problem, the operating margin can easily be diluted. Therefore, in this mode, only a few small-scale site operations tend to be more profitable, and can quickly return the money.

2, patent advantages to break the dilemma

Each site is small and wide-ranging, but must also arrange a dedicated ticketing personnel, resulting in higher personnel costs. Can the machine itself be allowed to have a coin-selling function, thereby reducing the personnel costs associated with manual currency sales? Doll machines with automatic currency exchange systems were born, and this independent exchange system enables automatic exchange and deposit of coins without man-made operation, acting as "accountant" and "money salesman" in every operating shop.

How to reduce the labor cost of selling currency by hand? The doll machine with automatic currency exchange system came into being

In addition to cutting personnel costs, compared to manual ticketing, the automatic currency exchange system has some irreplaceable advantages. From a mental point of view, the automatic currency exchange system can also eliminate some of the mental barriers when customers play games, increasing the time customers stop in front of the game console. A boy played twenty coins, but a doll did not clip, even if he wanted to play again, will be ashamed to the salesman to exchange coins, but in the face of the machine, he will not have this mentality. On the other hand, he believes that the automatic currency exchange system can also avoid the impact of certain emotional behavior of employees in manual services on the operation.

With the automatic currency exchange system, in the operating stronghold to achieve "not restricted by the local business, can be exchanged for different places to operate", breaking the complex business model under the "big must lose" spell.

3, foreign alliances will become a trend

The so-called heterogeneity alliance under the compound operation refers to the cooperative behavior of individual enterprises in different industries or different industries in order to achieve certain strategic objectives in a certain stage, and then through the exchange of complementary resources between the two sides. There is often a certain correlation between industries and industries, as long as they grasp the 'intersection' between them, can make them have a mutual driving role. Doll machine is very popular products, doll machine can well gather popularity, placed in the shopping mall aisles and supermarket entrances and exits, itself has a certain publicity effect.

Mashup is not mash-up. For the game entertainment industry, how to make a reasonable and efficient "mix and match> with other industries, but also based on their own product characteristics and operating conditions of a reasonable positioning, as an industry to meet consumer entertainment needs, how to explore and identify the integration with other industries, is the key to the complex operation to achieve a win-win situation> "Mash-up" also needs to be reasonable, in the road to win-win with other industries, there may be a game-play industry belongs to the willow dark flowers.

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