The largest number of claw crane game rooms opened in the Guinness Book of Records
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2020-11-02 16:28:58
shikewei    2020-11-02 16:33:03

A gaming hall with the largest number of claw crane machines opened on August 29th in Tokyo, Japan, with a staggering number of 454 doll-grabbing machines (794 game bits) making it the new Guinness Book of Records keeper.

Game hall of the largest claw crane machine

Located in the underground square in front of the Kyogi Line Station in Tokyo's Central City, Japan's largest doll-grabbing machine is home to 454 doll-grabbing machines of all types in an 1,800-square-meter store, which also earns the Guinness record for "the most doll-grabbing machine in a single venue".

Game hall of the largest claw crane machine

In-store set up a variety of prizes covering the "GhostBusters" "Elf Baoke Dream" and many other popular animation game movies and other fields IP.

Real map of the claw crane game hall

claw crane machine gift

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