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Children's industry has become the focus of support, the mainstream consumer awareness of the market slowly turned to family-led consumption boom, where there are children, where there is "money" way. The children's market was in full swing, and the children's playground expanded rapidly. In particular, indoor children's theme park is popular with many investors, the following analysis of the main embodiment of indoor children's theme park development trends of several models.

01. Single Naughty Fort

A single naughty castle was very popular in previous years, but recently a single naughty castle will be equipped with some children's electric entertainment equipment, such as coconut trees, ponies, children's swing machines, etc., to increase the single naughty castle to attract children.

Naughty castle will be equipped with some children's electric entertainment equipment

Naughty Castle, also known as Children's Fort, for children like to drill, climb, slide, roll, shake, swing, jump, shake and other nature, through the scientific three-dimensional combination of the formation of a set of amusement, sports, puzzles, fitness and other functions as one of the children's activity center. Because it is not limited to the site (indoor only), simple management, easy maintenance, small investment and fast recovery of funds, so that investors favor.

02. Naughty Fort and Children's Playstables

With a single naughty castle more, investors in order to differentiate the competition, children's game consoles moved into the indoor children's playground, such as more popular children's ground mouse games, children's swing machines, children's racing consoles, children's shooting games consoles, children's music games ... This model can be understood as: Naughty Fort and Children's Play City, which is becoming more and more common.

Naughty castle + children's video game city, this mode has become more and more common

03. Naughty Fort, Children's Playstables, Creative Crafts

We often say that indoor children's playgrounds allow children to learn in the process of playing, also known as "teaching for fun", which parents are very happy to see. Naughty Castle and children's play consoles are more functional to let children have fun, of course, children can learn from many children's games consoles, but this effect is not intuitive, so there is the birth of children's creative handiwork projects. Children's Creative Crafts Project, also known as our children's DIY, or do it by yourself, has a wide variety of projects, such as children's paper cutting, children's pottery, children's painting, children's personality gifts handcrafted.

04. Children's Playground

Children's sports park, through some children's development, climbing, rope network exploration as one of the amusement equipment, to achieve the exercise of children's physical fitness, training children's concentration, enhance children's self-confidence and other purposes. Children's sports park projects for children's climbing equipment, children's rock climbing, children's development, children's trampoline and other projects.

Children's Sports Park, through some children's development, climbing, rope net exploration as one of the amusement equipment

05. Children's Professional Experience Museum

The Children's Career Experience Museum is a place where children can learn and touch the real world by simulating and experiencing adult careers and roles. The venue has the same shape and landscape as a real city, with simulated social rules and culture, a management system, a financial system, a security system, a social service system, and so on. Here, children come into contact with "society", understand "society" and become the masters of "society".

Children's vocational experience hall is a place where children can understand and contact the real world through simulating and experiencing the occupation and role of adults

06. Theme children's amusement park

Theme children's amusement park, there are two main modes, one is to focus on a certain field of children's entertainment, the formation of park characteristics of entertainment projects, such as children's water park, magic theme park, indoor thermostat theme water park, and one is familiar with the children's animation (painting) characters combined, that is, "animation IP and children's playground" model. Theme children's amusement park main brand or features, in the children's playground industry has a trend of gradual spread.

From the above several development models can be foreseen, the future development trend of indoor children's playground:

1, branding

The survival of the fittest is the natural law of social development. As the number of indoor children's playgrounds continues to grow, so does the competition. How's your ride? How's your service? How are your security measures? These are the focus of attention, customers can not spend too much time to understand you, so word-of-mouth and brand is particularly important.

2, characteristic

In order to solve the problem of homogenization of indoor children's playground, children's entertainment projects will gradually form "a brand of multiple themes, in the children's entertainment of a single project will be dug deep, the formation of characteristic entertainment projects."

Children's theme park will gradually solve the problem of "children's theme park" to form a homogeneous brand

3, scale

With the gradual saturation of the future children's play market, in the domestic first-tier cities want to occupy a place, indoor children's playground amusement projects will increase, the scale will become larger, small and medium-sized indoor children's playground living space will continue to compress, thus turning to the domestic second and third-tier cities.

4, family entertainment

Indoor children's playground, not only children's paradise, but also the future of family entertainment. On weekends, taking children to children's playgrounds has become the norm for many families, and children's play programs can keep children, but what programs can be used to keep parents? This is what the operators of children's playgrounds need to think about.

What is a children's playground?

Children's Playground How big is it?

The bigger the children's playground, the better?

Children's playground business model is the same?

Never go public and avoid a single project

Some people think that "children's playground" is to make a naughty castle, put a few swing machines, a name is "children's paradise", in fact, this does not have the connotation of children's playground, can only be regarded as a derivative of traditional electronic games, the model has not changed, just changed the form, did not really stand in the parents and children, and the market perspective to consider.

Some people think that children's paradise is a naughty castle

Now on the market, like this kind of children's playground accounted for the majority, do not know why to open children's playground, and precisely because there is no direction, this kind of children's paradise to operate, can only be a thousand soldiers in the river pawns, can go through the few. Children's playgrounds like this are generally popular in the first two months of opening, and the next two months tend to be flat, and by the half-yearly cycle, they may be snubbed or even transferred. We can see that there are more and more sublettings and small children's playgrounds, but it's strange that this information is often overlooked, only to see the few success stories.

Compared with the first children's playground above, the next two is slightly bigger, can reach 1,800 square meters, often more than the first one more theme decoration. So what's the theme of the children's theme park? Is it just a display of appearance? Obviously not, the theme also has explicit and implicit points, in the image to create a theme, which is explicit, relatively easy to achieve, but this is only a superficial theme, with the subject's coat, does not yet have the connotation of the theme. This kind of children's playground can be in the first three or four months of good business, but with the increase in the number of visits, will also slowly flat, because the investment is more than the first, investors will not give up easily, will find ways to operate, in the end may not be very ideal, barely maintained.

Compared to the first two, the third is larger, well-funded, and is a landmark, creating a theme. More market is the type of experience, this kind of experience children's playground starting point is good, in advance to feel the different division of labor in society, is beneficial to children. Experienced children's playground continuity than the previous two president, because of the large scale, can see more things, but over time, parents will find that although the scene is different, the model is basically the same, just change different clothes, many of these experienced children's playgrounds are faced with a single project problem.

Experiential children's parks are faced with the problem of single project

Rational investment, suitable is the best investment

It is understood that Wanda Group will build China's largest and most influential parent-child theme park cluster as the development goal, for 0-12-year-old parent-child families, the formation of parent-child paradise, original animation, parent-child online three core product lines, Children's Paradise part of the main positioning as "innovative animation parent-child paradise", divided into 3000-5000 square meters of paradise and more than 15,000 square meters of park two products, in the amusement into early education, professional experience, theme photography, birthday party, parent-child restaurant, animation square, etc., plans to form an investment of more than 5 billion yuan by 2020, nearly 200 scale, but Wanda model for the entire children's amusement market to learn from the role of how much? Benevolent people see the wisdom of the people, for some large real estate developers, property owners have a reference role, but for some private enterprises or peers, as well as individuals who want to operate children's playground, may be a trap.

Because the starting point is different, the effect of demand is not the same, similar to Wanda this, in the capital, brand, publicity and so on, occupy an absolute advantage, they need is the whole mall effect, may just take the children's playground as a matching, in order to drive the overall popularity of the mall and revenue.

With the change of the whole market, many people see the opportunity of "children's paradise", which of course is not short of large capital investment. And really understand the password of business opportunities, can seize business opportunities, if only with the flow, with a crowd psychology, may become the victim of market development.

With the change of the whole market, many people have seen the business opportunity of "children's paradise"

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