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Point explosion park economy, you still lack a successful IP!
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2020-10-29 16:35:25
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Since 2014, the popular word IP began to impact the cultural circle, the popular IP refers to the network novel or an image, a character, etc., can be used to develop film and television dramas, games, copyright goods, theme parks and a series of products based on this IP derivatives.

"Paradise economy" is currently the hottest word in the domestic tourism industry, in the consumer shift, tourism form upgrade today, the park economy undoubtedly has ample potential waiting for an outbreak. China Tourism News has written that the "paradise economy" will be China's next economic tide after the Internet economy. However, the industry in the development will be reshuffled by the times, whether it is children's playground or theme park, lack of characteristics or poor management will be eliminated, even if they find their own characteristics, but also to go through a long cycle to build word-of-mouth.

At this point, the popular word "IP" appears. IP is an acronym for Intellectual Property, which means "intellectual property" or "intellectual achievement rights". Unlike the broad concept of intellectual property rights, the popular IP refers to the network novel or an image, a character, etc., can be used to develop a series of film and television dramas, games, copyright goods, theme parks and other products derived from this IP. Paradise in the creation of IP has two directions, one is to create an original IP, the other is to introduce external traffic IP, the emergence of IP so that the park has a core direction, create more fun, innovation, attract consumer attention. So, can the introduction of a large number of popular IP drive the park economy?

Amusement park IP

01.IP application direction

The four IP scenarios are maturing

First of all, in the field of parent-child park at home and abroad, the application of IP is in full swing, based on the core content of the park products and investment focus on two dimensions, the parent-child park is divided into four categories, namely, powerless park class, power park category, camp expansion class, farm tourism category. IP applications are widely used in these four areas, with the powerful IP effect of power park class, the development is more mature, with the release of research policy, the emergence of "no power and research", "farm and research", "camp and research" development model, these three types of IP applications are also in the rapid development stage.

02.IP positioning planning

Create an original IP or introduce an external traffic IP?

A project to determine to do parent-child park, from the project project to the pre-planning planning, design and construction, and then to the operation of promotion has a long period of time, the first step after the project, all need to do IP positioning planning, for scenic developers or tourism advisory services, the first consideration is to create their own original IP, or the introduction of external traffic IP?

A successful outdoor parent-child park will have its own unique characteristics, such a park is easy to leave a different impression in the minds of customers. The introduction of high-quality IP is one of the magic tricks to create a special park.

With the popularity of IP in the domestic market, different types of enterprises in IP positioning planning operation path is different, enterprises need to consider their own operational capabilities and development strategies, combined with project needs, selective introduction of well-known IP.

03.IP branding

Build an industrial matrix with cultural symbols

At present, the parent-child park market, from the use of large-traffic IP to create their own IP road development, Mimi Xiaogu here want to focus on how to tailor for the parent-child park to create the original IP?

From the current ip use direction of the parent-child park: in animals, people, plants, food, culture and other aspects of the use of a wide range, including animal IP use, according to the animal size can be divided into large, medium, small three categories, the current insect and pet IP market response is relatively good, small animals and cute pets are still hot, popular IP image design can bring people a sense of intimacy.

IP usage direction of parent child paradise

The advantages and disadvantages of traffic IP to the park economy

Leigh: Successfully create a special park

The introduction of a popular IP has made the park an interesting feature, precisely targeting the customer base. Large and small IP, whether it is novels, anime or film and television, whether it is animals, characters, plants, food, culture, etc. , because of the heat accumulated before bringing their own, shorten the cycle of the park's word-of-mouth, increase the intimacy of children and adolescents for the park, in a short period of time for the park has brought a large amount of economic benefits, as long as the right business, generally can get a lot of praise, at least not at a loss.

Disadvantages: Easy to become a short-term "net red"

(1) With the popularity of IP in the domestic market, different types of enterprises in IP positioning planning operation path is different, enterprises need to consider their own operational capacity and development strategy, combined with project needs, selective introduction of well-known IP, on the one hand, can quickly drive the flow of scenic spots, on the other hand, but also save the time, energy, money, but the introduction of IP risk is higher, very test an enterprise's human, material and financial resources and the ability to promote late operation, Some enterprises earn a lot of money, and some enterprises lose money.

(2) Most of the park is to a single specific image to create IP, lack of innovation combined with local characteristics, can not form differentiation, can not penetrate, also can not play the vitality of IP, and prone to blind follow-up phenomenon.

How to achieve IP drive the park economy

How can IP drive the park economy?

Stable teamwork

Or don't do it, do it well. The operation of a park to long-term sustainable development as a prerequisite, then before the introduction of IP, of course, to incubate their own IP operations team, IP promotion and project closely integrated, there is a high degree of relevance, IP promotion can also drive the development of the park.

Plan well before introducing IP

The construction of theme park, we must do adequate market research, because the theme park is not built on flat land, surrounding economic development, industrial support, tourism crowd and other factors will have a direct impact on the development of the park.

Planning before introducing IP

IP is built to be innovative

IP is a living force, even if you can not build their own original IP, but also in the introduction of traffic IP innovation, such as the full use of various new technologies, new ideas, VR, AR, robotics, special equipment manufacturing and other ways into the theme park, to bring children immersive professional experience. Under the conditions of the original IP to technological innovation, add their own park characteristics, you can be more competitive in today's ERA of IP prevalence.

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