How to create a unique children's industry?
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2020-10-28 17:50:17
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In the era of the whole people, children's industry, as an engine economy, has entered the urban business circle, tourist attractions, resorts, farms, communities and other spaces, is changing the original pattern and model.

1. Children's consumption market situation

With the full opening of the second-child policy in 2016, about 1 million new people were added each year and about 17 million people were born each year. With the "new generation of mothers" in the 80s and 90s standing on the consumer stage, the pattern of children's consumer market has also been reconstructed. Going out has become the main way for parents to spend their childhood with their children.

Children's consumer market

When shopping, children's consumption is often family-based, usually accompanied by 2 to 6 adults, driving the whole family in the consumption of places to increase food and beverage, clothing, beauty salons and other additional consumption. In traditional department stores, the average person stays for one hour, while in a family shopping place with a children's business, the average stay is 4.3 hours.

When traveling, parent-child travel becomes the first choice for many families. Among all traveling users, the proportion of people travelling with children is as high as 43%. Through Ctrip to register parent-child groups, free travel, customized tours and other trips, the average cost of each order is 10056 yuan, the number of visitors to 3 people, 4 people mainly. High passenger flow driving, strong consumption pull, children's industry has become shopping centers, resorts, scenic spots, farms, communities and other all-space standard industry and engine industry.

Parent child travel has become the first choice for many families

2. Children's business in shopping centers

Data show that in the past five years, "parent-child card" into the shopping center play experience mainstream trend. At a time when experientientive commerce is becoming mainstream, the experientive children's business of parent-child consumption will undoubtedly become an important breakthrough to enhance the core competitiveness of shopping centers.

"Parent child card" has become the mainstream trend of shopping center play experience

In addition to regular children's retailing, early education, and play, the emerging children's experiences in shopping malls are indoor zoos, children's workplace experiences, children's bookstores, children's cinemas, parent-child DIY, parent-child theatres, parent-child restaurants, etc.

3. The proportion of children's industry has increased

Scenic spots, resorts and farms increase the status of children, conform to the trend of market consumption, and enrich the tourist experience demand. In addition, on weekdays through cooperation with schools, kindergartens, training institutions, to undertake students spring and autumn tours, social practice classes, winter summer camps, etc. , to fill the mid-week time, balance costs.

The Palace Museum, which is proud of itself in the world, has set foot in children's experience

The Palace Museum, which prides itself on being proud of the world, has begun to dabble in the children's experience. With a total area of about 200 square meters, the Children's Experience Hall is suitable for children of different ages from 3 to 12 years old. Set up three zones that can accommodate about 20 children for activities. The southernth area is called "On the Study", mainly for younger children set up activities, walls, floors, tables and chairs are specially designed for children to prevent children from colliding and injured;

4. Innovative community for children

As the most frequently used category of children's outdoor activities space, the community's supporting children's business has also become an important factor for parents to consider when buying a house, there are two main innovation trends.

1. The community supports the corresponding growth system for children of different ages. For 0-12 months old children supporting climbing area, graffiti area, ocean ball area, for 1-3 years old children supporting swing area, children's theater, and so on, and the longer children supporting the game valley, happy water world and so on.

The corresponding growth system for children of different ages in the community

2. Community Garden. Let nearby residents grow fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants in the community garden, creating social, parent-child, cultural public space.

Community garden. Let nearby residents grow fruits and vegetables in the community garden

Traffic is self-evidently important for most commercial projects. In the past, both shopping malls and commercial complexes, the first consideration is the "women's economy", but now everyone has turned to the "children's economy." Children's experience can attract popularity for shopping centers in a short period of time, increase the time customers spend in shopping malls, stimulate parents' potential consumption, and increase the overall family consumption invisibly. Many shopping centers also see it as a way to combat e-commerce, and even more as a "life-saving straw" to save the homogenization of shopping centers.

In the early stages of the domestic children's industry, businesses did not pay attention to the importance of bringing children to adults. Therefore, the ability of adult consumption is not to play to the extreme, but simply let children experience and play, can not really form commercial value. Often two adults send their children to play, but they have nothing to do, no place to shop or rest. With the development of children's entertainment industry, the future will be better complemented with other adult industries to enhance adult consumption.

With the development of children's entertainment industry, it will be better complementary with other adult formats in the future

Usually the child stays here for half a day or a whole day. This invisibly prolongs the accompanying parent's stay in the business. This business model determines that adults who come with children can spend waiting time on the consumption of surrounding commercial facilities while watching and participating.

With the improvement of living standards, after 70, 80 parents' way of thinking, education level, life concept and consumption concept have undergone new changes, quality consumption consciousness determines that they in the cost of children's growth, quality education and reasonable choice of service institutions more and more attention, by the liberalization of the second child policy, the children's industry has become one of the most development potential industries.

However, the introduction of children's business in shopping centers should also be based on local conditions, to consider the project's own situation and business situation, to choose more suitable for their own businesses, to avoid blind crowding, so as not to cause new homogenization. Through the introduction and layout of reasonable children's play, the success of the project is the icing on the cake.

How do children's businesses come up with new ideas?

Why do businesses look good on the children's experience? What are the market prospects for the future of the children's economy?

According to a survey by Channel China, children have become the core of household consumption.

So, at present, these businesses and shopping centers are "swarming" towards the children's economy and related experience, how to stand out from the competition has become a new issue that businesses need to solve urgently.

In the long run, the fatal injury of the domestic children's experience museum is: "one side of a thousand pavilions", homogenization is serious. Moreover, the interior of the Experience Hall may seem like a lot, but children often like only a few of these items, but each project gives the "experience" is basically the same. This also means fewer repeat customers. Currently, the number of times each child repeats the experience is about three times a year. On the one hand, venues should provide better maintenance of existing visitors, such as giving them exclusive themed events such as birthday parties, and on the other hand, the facilities and themes of the project should be updated in due course.

How to play a new role in children's business

What shopping malls need to do is constantly tap into the limited resources of the children's industry, find new selling points, not to reduce the attractiveness. Domestic experience pavilions appear in shopping centers, which requires consideration of the interaction and competitive relationship between venues and other children's businesses in shopping malls.

Children's time is limited, went to the experience hall, there is no labor to go to talent training. At the same time, the experience museum for the service of in-depth excavation is far from enough, such as parents in the waiting process may be generated consumption, especially the development of female consumption projects. In addition, the development of creative derivatives with intellectual property rights and the collaboration with local photographic institutions to become a "field base" are viable revenue-generating approaches.

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