Second-year effect: More than 2000 theme parks in china, common encounter.
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China Tourism Day, the Middle Finger Research Institute published data on domestic theme parks. It is estimated that the total number of theme parks in China is about 2,100, with an investment of more than 50 million yuan and about 300, and by the end of 2017, there were 339 A-level scenic spots in more than 10,000 A-level scenic spots.

The report shows that at present, the international theme park group is still at the top of the industry, but China's local theme park enterprises in recent years after the development, has a certain degree of international competitiveness. According to the 2018 Global Theme Parks and Museums Report, jointly released by AECOM and TEA, Disney Group, Merlin Entertainment Group and Universal Studios Entertainment Group are in the top three in the 2018 Global Traffic Rankings, with China's Overseas Chinese City Group, Huaqiang Fangt and Changlong Group ranked fourth to sixth, respectively. If Songcheng's performance is included in the statistics, it will rank fifth in the world with 35 million visitors.

Business income of theme park enterprises

China's theme park history is not long. In 1983, the first popular amusement park "Changjiang Paradise" opened in Zhongshan, and then the amusement park gradually appeared in various places, in December 1985, the 92nd Executive Meeting of the State Council approved in principle the National Tourism Development Plan (1986-2000), the first time the tourism development plan included in the country's "Seven Five-Year Plan", while clarifying the industrial positioning of tourism.

In 1989, as the opening of China's theme parks, Shenzhen "beautiful China" miniature scenic spot opened, marking the birth of the real sense of the theme park in China, and achieved better economic benefits. Subsequently, miniature landscape theme parks, performing arts and animal theme parks began to emerge.

It wasn't until 1998 that the instrumental amusement theme park developed into the main character, with local and international giants opening PK. In 1998, Happy Valley opened in Shenzhen, marking the birth of China's first participatory and exper experienced new generation of theme parks.

In the last decade, domestic theme park companies have begun to focus on building their own brands, paying more attention to the development of independent IP, while international theme park giants have accelerated the layout of the Chinese market.

In 2015, Hello Kitty Park in Angie, Zhejiang Province, opened its first Hello Kitty theme park outside Japan.

Shanghai Disneyland opened in 2016, the second and Chinese mainland in China.

The construction of Universal Studios In Tongzhou, Beijing, will open in 2021, while Merlin Entertainments is also opening Legoland in Meishan, Sichuan, Shanghai and Beijing, and is expected to open after 2023.

Number of domestic theme park representative enterprises' urban coverage

It is worth noting that the current theme park project operations are generally "second-grade effect", that is, almost every park in the second year of operation or after the decline in traffic. According to the report, consumer expectations are highest during the preparatory period and early opening, but when visitors experience it once, the theme park's appeal decreases, and few visitors can be repeat visitors without more project attraction or marketing incentives.

The agency says theme parks that want to stay open for five, ten or more years can only be upgraded iteratively around customer needs. Disney, for example, has adopted the "three-three system" model, that is, one-third of the annual fittest hardware equipment, new one-third of the new projects.

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