Indoor park into a "popular magnet"
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2020-10-12 14:25:10
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"Indoor Paradise Becomes "Popular Magnet" "

As the epidemic subsided, the major shopping centers "standard" indoor park industry, gradually revitalized, become a "popular magnet" and stand on the wind. Ofei Happy World Zhengzhou Hanhai Haishan store in August revenue exceeded 1 million yuan, a single month sales record. O'Fei Entertainment (002292. Chen Dachi, deputy general manager of SZ's theme business department, said, "From the next two to three years of cycle, Offei Happy World Indoor Park as the company's long-term growth point, will be one of the key core business." Hani Deer, another well-known children's indoor amusement park chain, is also expanding at an accelerated pace. Industry insiders said that with the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday, the second half of the industry is expected to accelerate the recovery.

Aofei happy base indoor paradise

The highest monthly performance of a single store exceeds 1 million.

Recently, Caixin reporter learned from a number of shopping centers, children's indoor park gradually resumed business, Ofi Happy World, Hani deer and other national chain indoor amusement brand stores quickly rebounded in popularity, to attract family groups and enhance the family group stay time has a clear role. An indoor park related person in charge to reporters, "the first half of the outbreak on the indoor children's park industry has a great impact, basically is a state of stagnation." But after the '61', the industry rebounded, the department stores resumed business soon after the new sales record. Now the indoor park industry has become an integral part of shopping centers, it is expected that with the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday, shopping centers as a unit of household consumption will increase significantly, the second half of the industry recovery will accelerate. "

It is understood that covers an area of about 2300m2 of the Ofei Happy World Zhengzhou Hanhai Shopping Center shop, opened at the end of 2019 quickly became the traffic king of the mall, in August this year set the highest performance, more than 1 million yuan. Ofei Happy World Beijing Fangshan Longhu Store, opened in September 2019, an area of about 940m2, the highest monthly performance of more than 800,000 yuan.

Reporters learned that Aofei Happy World as Aofei Entertainment's indoor park brand, to take the "parent-child interaction and IP scene experience , drama performance , theme dining and shopping" one-stop entertainment mode, equipment amusement, space amusement, composite industry, such as the past park a single model of organic synthesis.

"As of the first half of this year, Offei Happy World has opened 18 stores nationwide and expects to add more than 10 stores in the second half of the year." Chen Dachi said, "Ofei Happy World Project is also one of the company's non-public offering of fund-raising projects, plans to build 50 direct stores in three years, if you include the franchise stores, is expected to reach about 100 stores, will have a certain scale effect." "

The most popular shopping center in the park

An important link window on the offline To C side.

Indoor paradise, as the most popular business in shopping centers, has become a popular destination. Hani Deer, another well-known national children's indoor amusement park chain, has also expanded in the outbreak. "On September 19th, we opened a new store about 3000 square meters in Fuyang, Hunan Province," Li Wei, deputy general manager of Hanilu, told Caixin. Hani Deer currently has about 20 stores across the country, covering 14 cities. This year, affected by the outbreak, the pace of store opening has stabilized, the number of new stores is expected to be within 10. "

Reporters learned that at this stage the indoor park is mainly distributed in shopping centers, the area of 1000 square meters to 3000 square meters. Take Aofei Entertainment Indoor Park as an example, there are flagship stores, standard stores and single IP stores three types of stores, of which the flagship store has 2 to 5 head IP, an area of 1500 square meters to 3000 square meters, mainly opened in the first and second-tier cities have a strong influence Shopping centers; standard stores usually have one or three head IP, covering an area of 1000 square meters to 1500 square meters, mainly in first- to fourth-tier cities; , mainly located in the community,family-oriented shopping center. Business model in addition to direct business, Offei Entertainment Indoor Park also adopted the "city partner" program, by attracting franchisees to open stores.

Indoor paradise is an important form of shopping center

"In recent years, the proportion of children's structure in shopping centers has risen from 5% to 10% to 25%, and the proportion of new community shopping centers is relatively high, with indoor parks being an important form of this," said an industry analyst. A child is generally accompanied by 2 parents, indoor paradise produced a 'siphon effect', resulting in '1 plus 2' or '1 plus 2 plus 4' and other forms of household consumption, mobilizing the activity of the entire shopping center, bringing considerable passenger flow and sales. "

"Indoor park is a complex business, in addition to ticket revenue, but also combined with catering, toy sales and other business. As an important link window on the offline To C side, the core value lies in having direct access to a large number of children aged 3 to 8 and household consumption units, which are the company's core audience. Chen Dachi introduced.

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