Styling abstract cartoons, not weird, is the indoor children's playground color!
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2020-10-22 17:12:52
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What factors do you need to consider in order to design a colorful children's playground?

01. First of all, find the right attraction point.

In layman's terms, it is based on the theme of the park to design accurate play points. For example, food-themed paradise, the design will be food and amusement experience into one, animation-themed paradise, the design can be animation character models and amusement projects and equipment combined, if it is educational theme park, you can integrate knowledge points throughout the play.

02. Second, the reasonable design of the tour route.

When designing the play route, we need to consider many factors, not only to meet the children from shallow into the deep heart habits, but also to reflect the point and point, region and region between the gradual in-depth story, not only a simple line, to convey a thought, from the initial attraction, to gradually reach the whole park's amusement climax, followed by play after the rest comfort zone, and finally for the park's shopping area, the entire line design requirements in line with the human body's psychological and physiological habits, It can also create a win-win outcome for visitors and owners.

How to design the route of children's paradise

Reasonable route design determines whether the park is the key to success, avoid going back, to single-line design-oriented, amusement attraction point to be reasonable arrangement on the line, the whole play focus on the middle line, to avoid the heavy head and feet, the phenomenon of light in the middle.

03. Finally, with children's aesthetic, choose the right color and shape.    

First of all, the choice of color, the main consumer group of children's playground for young children, color is mostly bright and solid color-based, of course, not simply color good-looking on it, we need to consider the theme of the park, color requirements to reflect the nature of the park, such as the design of the chocolate park, the interior design is mostly cream and chocolate color, the whole park design into a chocolate world. Different regional colors also pay attention to, moving area to warm color-based, reflecting vitality and dynamic, with color to stimulate the motion factor. Quiet area to cold color-based, dynamic cold and warm combination, to avoid causing color fatigue to the human body.

The main consumer groups of children's paradise are young children, and the colors are mostly bright and solid

How do I design a shape?

The shape of the children's playground requires abstraction, cartoons, but not weirdness. The small bridges and pavements in the chocolate park of the Post-World Expo are made of transparent candy; all the flowers dance in the wind; the grasses can sing beautifully; and the mushrooms hold glowing umbrellas, which are particularly appealing to children, as beautiful as the Garden of Eden in the Bible. Styling should be able to have innovation to attract and shock people's eyeballs, to achieve the effect of never forgetting.

The shape of children's paradise requires abstraction

Future trends and recommendations for children's playgrounds?

Children's playground market is very broad, pre-school children and low-age children occupy a very large market consumer, the market has a lot of spending power, children's playground is still in its infancy, the next few years will develop rapidly.

To stand out in the Children's Playground market, here are a few suggestions:

1. If you want not to be buried in the development torrent, to have ahead of the concept and innovation, the project should be unique.

2. To join a large number of interactive, interactive-based paradise, is very attractive to consumer groups, for the construction side is also a profit growth point.

The future development trend and suggestions of children's paradise

3. The formation of high-end brand awareness, in order to long-term development, to brand image radiation throughout the country, low-end brand survival time and space will be very limited.

4. For the operation, ticketing as an attraction point to attract children back to consumption, to parent-child package-based, to provide the corresponding free play area, with the flow of people will promote development. To develop first open the door, attract visitors, tickets are too high, equivalent to their own closed the door.

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