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VR theme parks may disrupt ordinary amusement parks.
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2020-10-10 14:44:08
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VR Panorama uses digital interaction technology to simulate a realistic virtual world, allowing users to immerse themselves in it, so that people can feel the environment. Nowadays, VR Panorama has successfully penetrated into all walks of life, and has even had a profound impact on some traditional industries, but also continues to affect the way of life of modern people.

VR panorama

1. Retail.

With a large number of brick-and-mortar stores operating dismally and even facing closure, VR Panorama is becoming a new solution for traditional retailers to meet the challenges. VR panorama will be the reality of the scene and a variety of products in the form of 720 degrees, combined with small programs, smart business cards, official website, shopping malls and other channels, so that consumers can complete a full range of physical stores - interactive games - get coupons - purchase orders and other processes, effectively enhance the user experience, help brick-and-mortar stores quickly and efficiently get customers.

2. Events/exhibitions.

Every year throughout the country held a variety of exhibitions, bringing together all walks of life, in order to achieve better results, the exhibitors need to make a number to attract visitors. However, due to time and space constraints, many spectators even if they want to participate can not be on the scene, for these viewers, the organizers can use VR panoramic view, the establishment of online exhibitions.

3. Marketing promotion.

VR panoramic multi-dimensional display, giving small and medium-sized enterprises, restaurants, hotels and other industries unique marketing power, not only to promote dry print advertising into vivid immersive advertising, but also can greatly save promotion costs. More and more enterprises and brands use VR Panorama for advertising and marketing promotion, so that customers immerse themselves in the product range they promote, and in a unique way to interact with the audience.

Multi dimensional display of VR panorama

4. Real estate / decoration.

VR has the potential to be disruptive in real estate, helping real estate developers to show their properties to buyers in a realistic way, even if the property is not completed, to provide users with virtual home-watching trips, saving both sides a lot of time and effort. In the decoration industry is also the same, VR panorama broke the traditional design draft display means, each house from the overall design to local structure, are nothing in front of the customer, so that customers intuitively feel the future of the home, but also greatly improve the efficiency of sales and turnover.

5. Medical/beauty/health care.

VR has great prospects for development in the medical field, not only to promote the development of medical training, but also to improve the level of clinical treatment, its wide range of development for patients to show the treatment environment, but also for medical workers to create a highly simulated, immersive and interactive virtual training, reduce work errors.

VR has a great development prospect in the medical field

6. Education.

As VR panoramic applications become more and more common, so does the way students learn. This immersive technology increases student engagement and helps them understand concepts more quickly. VR panoramic technology can make abstract concepts concrete, so that the obscure esoteric chemical composition, distant mysterious astronomical scene, the architectural landscape of thousands of years ago are similar to the present. Adding narration, text, and other relevant learning materials can not only make students have a deeper memory of knowledge points, but also cultivate their interest in learning.

7. Tourism.

With the rise and promotion of VR technology, "VR-tourism" has opened a new window for scenic display and marketing services, which can not only bring tourists a brand-new tourism experience, save time for tourists to make decisions, but also provide tourism enterprises with a new marketing service idea. VR Panorama Showcase combines images, video, audio, 3D, social, interactive and other display methods, with VR Panorama, the scenic spot can more new display of its unique tourism resources and advantages, attract more tourists to visit.

8. Art (museums, galleries)

With the rapid development of information technology, it is an effective way to expand the extension space of the museum, maximize the function of the museum and meet the multi-level and multi-directional needs of the public by using virtual reality technology and network technology to build the virtual museum and break the limitation of the physical museum.

Perhaps your industry will also be subverted and changed by VR Panorama!

VR theme parks are the most direct and comprehensive virtual reality experience offline opportunities, so VR theme parks are of great significance to the entertainment and ride industries as a whole, and are likely to have a huge impact on the traditional playground industry!

After several years of high-speed growth, people are not too keen on ordinary amusement facilities, on the one hand, there are no bright spots, old, nothing new, on the other hand, now people are more and more will play VR theme park, KTV, billiards city, video games city, fitness room and other entertainment items, the whole industry has a lot of impact!

How can playgrounds use virtual reality technology to develop?

Through the movie and gaming experience in VR Theme Park, we can learn from a little experience!

In the VR theme park, we turn around and the picture expands, which gives us a huge sense of immersion. However, in some of the early experiences, we had to turn around and not know how to interact with the virtual world and move around it. However, surreal digital imagery in the virtual world is still at the discretion of content creators.

VR theme park

In the VR theme park, the children's theme park, there are many roller coasters, mine carts and other games, we seem to be in a digital video channel through. We passively experienced the thrill of a roller coaster's flip-thru and were able to look around on the way. Because in a roller coaster, we really can't move at any time, so we also experienced a virtual journey that we wouldn't normally experience!

If you want to really move autonomously in virtual space, HTC Vive's laser positioning technology solves this problem. There are many sensors on the head and handle of the HTC Vive, and by tracking the position of these sensors, and then through sophisticated algorithms, we can calculate our position and movements.

However, the HTC Vive also has a drawback, allowing us to move around only in a space of twenty or thirty square meters. For large-scale movement, the solution abroad is to use a large warehouse where many location trackers are installed. In it, players are directed to play around many rooms or channels.

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