Industry Analysis: Indoor amusement parks are popular every holiday will be full.
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2020-09-15 15:43:21
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In recent years, indoor amusement parks have gradually become the preferred target for parents, every holiday, a variety of indoor amusement parks are in a full state. If there is a supermarket next to the playground or the corresponding food city, it will also be full of pots. However, the existence of playground security risks can not be ignored.

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From the data provided by the Institute of Forward-Looking Industry, the general second-tier urban playground fees will not be very low, generally around 40 yuan, and that kind of climbing amusement facilities, are children like the object, as long as wear safety helmets and so on can go in, and prohibit the entry of large people.

For urban residents, there are fewer places to take their children in winter, so playgrounds are the preferred target, which has become a major driver of the playground market. But since most of the people who play are children between the ages of two or three and four or five, there is a certain danger of fighting and tearing between children, in addition to the dangers that exist.

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Moreover, the health situation inside the playground is also a constraint on the development of the playground, some parents said that the health situation of children's playground is more worried, and said that the playground inside the daily contact with too many children, worried about disinfection facilities can not keep up. And children have some bad habits, such as taking life things like to put into the mouth, which can easily cause childhood diseases.

However, from a capital point of view, the Forward-Looking Industry Research Institute believes that children's amusement park as a emerging indoor project, in general, the business model is relatively simple, and easy to manage, and has the dual role of amusement and education is easy to be sought after by capital.

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In terms of purpose, every child is more mobile, and the children's play and interaction, can greatly improve the child's growth rate and The level of Chile. And the role of playgrounds is to better promote children's ability to spot and solve problems through scientific arrangements and play-learning. And from a more relaxed environment, exercise children's way of thinking.

In the future, with the increasing level of urbanization and the increasing urban population, children's playgrounds will grow at a certain rate every year. And from a management point of view, there is no doubt that the capital will be hot.

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