Play around with the seven ways of studying, so that children grow up without boundaries
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With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation, the beginning of primary and secondary schools, study travel once again returned to people's vision, representatives of the two sessions also put forward new development proposals for the standardization and characteristics of research travel. The educational significance of study travel to children, such as culture, health, social and popular science, has made it pay much attention to the market. In this regard, research travel began to recover, during which the research institutions in the service standards and characteristic product system construction need to do in-depth research, explore the way to break through, of which, seven kinds of research travel products are of great concern.

Research travel to undertake the country's research travel policy cut, is the "tourism plus" concept of the new model. The experability of study travel is gradually enhanced, showing the multi-consumer structure of "study plus".

The development of research travel can not be separated from the carrying of research travel destination, in the era of cultural tourism integration and development, research travel education content is more and more subdivided, "research plus" model has gradually become an important product choice for the development of research travel. The original author of this paper: Guangdong Hua state education officer Zhenqiang summarized and analyzed the integration background of the "research plus" model and research product development points.

Research and Paradise: Theme Park Research Travel Destination.

Research base park, to improve students' participation and enhance the sense of experience, fully develop two-way interactive research products, present a deeper degree of campus research content. Make research base the mid-week engine of paradise (Monday to Friday)

Case to learn from: adventure small screw growth park.

Qisan small screw growth park is located in Weihai City, Shandong Province, the eastern Binhai New Town, the mouth of the bay, is a new type of amusement and research brand. Around the theme of "Happy Play, Indoor Playground Hall, Parent-Child Interaction and Research Travel" for three-dimensional development, and strive to become the country's first children-themed outdoor growth park and research travel destination.

Children's paradise for children

Founding concept: from an ecological point of view, around the "entertainment, fun, eat, travel, teach" theme, to create a number of theme play space. The core theme sources of each space combine the different selling points of Binhai New Town's Lukou Bay style, combine with the preferences of children now, and gather the concept of general education of the research discipline, solve the problem of the scarcity of tourists from Monday to Friday through the study of travel education, and give the park a new life and atmosphere.

Reflecting the current domestic high-quality amusement facilities, we will create a theme park with high revisit rate, strong experience and four seasons' play

Follow the three principles of ecology, landscape, theme, combined with the theme of research, reflected in the current domestic boutique amusement facilities, to create a high re-visit rate, experience strong, four seasons to play theme parks.

Key points of paradise research and development.

If you want to build a theme park into a research base, the following are the key principles of research base theme park development:

The practical principle of education.

Focus on systemic, intellectual, scientific and interesting. Research travel should be based on local conditions, showing the principle of regional characteristics of security: the establishment of security mechanism, clear responsibility for security, pay attention to systematic, intellectual, scientific and interesting. Study travel. Practical principle: Research travel should be based on local conditions, showing the principle of regional characteristics of security: the establishment of security mechanisms, clear safety and security responsibilities.

Planning and design principles.

Upgrading the relevant sites in the park to a research base for young people and children requires digging deep into local cultural characteristics, folk customs, or appropriate introduction of ancient civilization, traditional culture, history, astronomy, geography, science and technology, natural science and technology, etc.

The principle of experience.

The park's amusement experience program is deeply integrated with research projects, popular science education, animation venues, children's sports venues, VR high-tech products, laboratories, robots, drones, aerospace and local culture, through professional teachers to implement courses in the experience process to train children to explore, brave challenges, unity and cooperation, love contribution, good communication, civilized travel.

The principle of construction.

The theme park is built with distinctive color contrasts, using local cultural advantages to stimulate children's curiosity and guide them to devote themselves to playing while promoting their growth and development.

Research and innovation fusion.

The traditional culture education, environmental education, natural education experience into the break the boundaries of schools, to create a completely free way of learning. Lead the children through exper experience education, while playing while learning to teach, perceive the charm of the culture of difference. Spontaneously make children curious, looking for things "why is this" answer, in the play through curriculum design, practice to learn how to deal with setbacks and failures.

Research and Safety: Emergency Safety Education Research Travel Destinations.

Safety is in my heart, safety is with me. Life education is the premise of all education, so that children gradually understand the truth of life and the meaning of life, for children is the wealth of life.

Safety education is one of the most important courses that each of us must take, and it is also the first lesson of study travel, which allows students to learn more professional and practical safety precautions through the technical and professional courses of professional instructors. Through the experious practice activities project, enhance the child's sense of safety, so that the child knows how to protect themselves, triggering awe of life. Learn how to prevent bullying, anti-trafficking, anti-tailgating, earthquake prevention, typhoons all kinds of natural disasters, epidemic prevention and control, drowning, fire, encampment and so on life safety education, life safety is valuable, how to know life, fear of life, appreciate life, cherish life, let children in the process of inquiry to gain ability and methods. By putting safety education into the campus, public welfare training activities, can let children earlier aware of the importance of safety education, so that schools, parents recognized such a safety education training, so that schools are safer, so that parents more assured that safety education into the campus is the trend of national policies, but also social education institutions should do a thing, but also let more children out of school to professional safety education base to learn more safety education knowledge.

Case reference: Hulu ancient town emergency management science and education experience base.

Hulu Island Emergency Management Science and Education Experience Base Project is also the first emergency management science and education experience education base in Liaoning Province, with a total investment of nearly 50 million yuan, construction area of more than 3000 square meters, planned and designed by Guangzhou Dazzling Science and Technology, construction, the base has a total: emergency science and education, traffic safety, earthquake safety, fire safety, anti-drug science, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, space experience and other 10 theme experience hall, with 5D cinema and more than 20 VR, interactive experience projects. Covering fire, construction, machinery, transportation, furniture, electrical appliances, occupational health, natural disasters and other aspects, is an integrated one-stop safety experience place. Base to take the "theoretical teaching and real-life experience" teaching form, education base has professional guidance teachers, executive instructors to lead students to experience learning and analysis of safety knowledge, but also according to the needs of professional safety knowledge to deepen training.

Research and study + safety: emergency safety education research travel destination

Founding concept: life is small, like a small wave in the sea, a little humble; Life is tenacious like a mountain, through the wind and rain and strong, fragile when like a grass, will be hurt. Everyone has only one precious life, which is unparalleled in the world, we should certainly cherish. Accidents continue to occur. Although we can't completely eliminate the accident, we can try to avoid it. Make safety education the norm in our way of life every day.

Research on safety education, making safety education the norm of our daily life style

Safety education research and development points.

Planning and design principles.

The limited space will be turned into a youth emergency safety education experience base, enterprise training-based activity base. Let the relevant government departments can quickly recognize our practical education base, through the relevant government policy documents to apply for special funding subsidies.

By building a team of emergency safety education experts and designing professional, systematic and standardized emergency safety courses and practical experience training activities, equipped with professional training equipment. Let young people and social groups to the base to train to master a number of security protection skills and emergency escape skills, such a design concept.

Principles of education.

Putting aside the school's academic pressure, learn a life safety education course, throw yourself into another "theoretical explanation and practice and real-life experience of the research activities, and through the guidance of professional instructors on the spot, self-care and self-help." To understand the value of life and the meaning of life, to integrate reality, to construct ideals, to have a positive pursuit of life, a clear direction of struggle. Designed for children's daily lives and learning environments, protective skills are safe, reliable, simple and effective. The experiary training, which is taught in music, makes it easy for students to accept and practice, and has good results.

Principles of curriculum design.

Curriculum design needs to be carried out in view of the blind spots, shortcomings and key points of real life and school education, the content is novel, the method is unique, the key is simple and practical, has substantial help to protect the safe growth of minors, the curriculum design and teaching should be adopted: "knowledge reserve and situation simulation, segmented training, anti-pressure training and practical exercises". Simple and practical, safe, reliable and effective, the effect of the show to carry out.

The principle of experience.

Move the training classroom to the emergency safety education experience base, the life may appear in public safety, fire safety and other events in the form of practical mapping, so that students feel the thrill and consequences of the accident, so as to truly reflect on their unsafe behavior in life, so that the theory is well learned, learned deeply, so that safety skills have been practically improved. Really do the experience in the tour, experience in the learning.

The principle of role interaction.

In experience practice, students through role-playing I am a small firefighter and other role-playing interactive participation, experience, itself is a process of self-education. At the same time, listen to the students around play, exercise, speech, so that we feel cordial, natural, can resonate, conducive to teaching, common progress.

The principle of continuity.

After returning to school from the safety education experience base, the base place should carry out the school's sudden hazard mode exercise continuously, whether the students can use the knowledge of learning to escape disaster prevention, campus bullying, safety education, can enable the students to quickly and firmly master the skills of safe operation, is worth promoting the education method. Regularly carry out various types of safety emergency drills, so that students in the actual combat to improve safety skills, master safety knowledge.

Research and Technology: Science and Technology Research Travel Destination.

Science and technology research is a collection of knowledge such as the subject experience travel, carrying more than scientific research base, museums and so on. Through the characteristic theme orientation, the use of high-tech means to bring entertainment activities interesting experience, content needs to dig deep into the scientific connotation of the base and humanistic spirit, the process needs professional tutor guidance, and finally realize the expansion of students' research thinking, multi-development of students' comprehensive ability.

Example: Amsterdam Museum of Microbiology.

Opened in October 2014, the Amsterdam Museum of Microbiology, located in Amsterdam's Plantage district at a cost of 10 million euros, is the world's first and only natural science museum with a "microbiome"-themed theme, featuring the use of technology to maximize the interactive experience.

The museum's exhibit sequence is planned according to evolution, from protons (bacteria and blue-green bacteria), protons (algae, protons and protons) and fungi, to virus exhibition areas. There are thousands of glass petri dishes on display, including about 700 microorganisms.

Through a large number of multimedia devices, visitors can see, explore and experience all aspects of microorganisms

Founding Philosophy: The initial starting point was to show microorganisms and their importance in people's daily lives. The studio has teamed up with ART-COM to create a wide range of multimedia devices that allow visitors to see, explore, and experience every aspect of microbes first-hand, even as part of the exhibition, in order to achieve a balance between interaction and knowledge learning.

Micropia Museum of Micropia Microbiology uses a variety of presentation methods to present the world of microorganisms, such as micro-presentation, video animation, model specimens, vessel displays, and more. At Micromia, through a row of optical microscopes, bubble glass containers, monitors, and 3D microscopes, visitors are as if they were in the lab, learning from a real in-visit experience.

Key points of scientific and technological research and development.

Science and technology research is a collection of knowledge such as the subject experience travel, through the characteristic theme positioning, entertainment activities interesting experience, professional tutor guidance, expand students' research thinking, multi-development of students' comprehensive ability.

1, interactive experience, real atmosphere to create.

Science and technology device equipment: the use of text, sound, 3D images, films (science animation), models, experimental devices, interactive multimedia devices, floating projection technology, body detection technology (microbial scanner), combined with light and shadow effects and other means to increase the interest of viewing learning, mobilize students' curiosity and desire to explore, so that students image, intuitive, easy to understand the relevant phenomena, knowledge and problems, causing students to explore and think.

2, the subject of research highlights, and school education.

Science and technology research base set to highlight the theme, the focus is clear. According to the characteristics of students' interests, the development of exclusive educational programs or courses, such as the development of DIY experiments, scientific performances, popular science dramas, exploratory courses and other forms, to create a highly innovative, interactive, professional education activities and actively explore the construction of science and technology research courses, and strive to connect with school education.

3, professional training, big curry platform.

Science and technology research should be guaranteed by professional mentors, and the implementation of research courses, such as the Amsterdam Museum of Microbiology, brings together microbiologists and scholars through the establishment of educational platforms and educational programs, and provides the most advanced industry information and employment guidance. Through lectures, conferences, master science activities and other forms of students to participate in zero-distance contact with the latest knowledge of the industry, enjoy everyone's style, inspire students to understand, clear their interests and hobbies, improve students' own scientific literacy, for future career choices to provide reference.

Let the students get in touch with the latest knowledge of the industry

Science and technology research carriers are mostly scientific research bases, museums, etc. , nuggets this professional field needs to dig deep into the scientific connotation and humanistic spirit of the base, the value of science and technology and the mobilization of participants of the fun fusion. Link the execution of the course in the form of rich and physical activities, and ensure it with a team of experienced mentors.

Research and Red: Red Studies Travel Destinations.

Red research is a red tourism with outstanding educational attributes, as an important carrier of patriotism education, is based on the red resources/culture under the three levels, according to the combination of education and teaching and tourism development law model, product research and development, under the leadership of research tutors to improve the quality of young people, and achieve the goal of inheriting the red spirit. With 2021 the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, Red Studies will receive more policy support.

Case study: National Museum of World War II.

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, the National World War II Museum is located in New Orleans, the "City of the New Moon" at the mouth of the Mississippi River and is known for its jazz and French colonial culture. Designed to honor all those who contributed to the triumphs of the Battlefields of Europe, Africa, and the Pacific War, the museum tells the story of the changing world of the American war experience through exhibitions and multimedia experiences, allowing visitors to take an immersive tour of World War II in each battlefield.

Case study: National World War II Museum

The museum has five main venues. The Louisiana Memorial, which tells the story of the wars experienced during the Home Front war, includes the museum's original D-Day exhibition, macro artifacts, special temporary exhibits and the LW "Peter" Kent train experience; the Solomon Victory Theatre, which transcends boundaries and watches, listens to and experiences the epic story of the Second World War through Tom Hanks' unique 4D experience; and the European and Pacific Theatres, following in the footsteps of citizen soldiers, 360-degree displays that draw visitors through the key environments of the Second World War; The American Freedom Hall, standing next to tanks and trucks on the ground watching World War II aircraft, or brave high-altitude walkways, get up close and personal with the war machines of the various branches of the military. JOHN E. KUSHNER Restoration Museum, take a closer look at the museum's extensive collection of macro artifacts and learn how STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) helped solve the most difficult problems of The Second World War.

Key points of red research and development.

Experience enhanced immersion, interactive, situational, travel customized on demand, grasp the proportion of learning tours, tutors choose to pay attention to systematic, professional, curriculum research and development focus on the whole age, the whole year.

Position packaging: "Immersive"

Interactive Experience: (1) All borders transcend the Solomon Victory Theatre, World War II Scene 4D Cinema Experience (2) USS Don Submarine Experience places visitors on the most successful submarines of The Second World War for the fifth and final war patrol on October 25, 1944.

Immersive experience: mobilize video and voice, physical and analog, pictures and text, participation and experience, war environment transformation and space construction, atmosphere to create emotional scene experience and other means to infect visitors, so that more than 70 years ago, the real re-emergence of the world war, not only restore the "World War II" history, but also let visitors experience the inner contradictions of the participants, into the museum as if into the smoke-filled battlefield, the heart is sad, and excited.

Education Tour: "Field Revisited"

Exclusive Custom: (1) Philosophy and War: World War II in the Balkans (2) Normandy and the Seine: From D-Day Beach to the Victory of the Liberation of paris (3) the Pacific Ocean: This unique island tour from the National World War II Museum will take guests to the ruins of the Pacific War. Experience history and enjoy your trip with the help of renowned historians and witnesses to the Second World War. (4) The Seine to the beaches of Normandy (5) the rise and fall of Hitler's Germany, etc.

"Year-round activity plan"

Featured events: (1) D's 57th anniversary (Boeing Center), the museum's commemorative activities will include Dr. Colonel lectures, performances, exhibition tours, film screenings, etc. (2) The 2019 International Conference on World War II, "June 1944: The Month that Changed the World", will be a global exploration of this most critical month. (3) "The Sunken Road: Three Generations After D" (Solomon Victory Theatre) Documentary, Normandy Returns to Veterans.

Features: (1) BB's Stage Gate Canteen (Weekly Unique Entertainment Series) - a. Get ready for laughter: There's an 11-minute documentary in a recent special exhibition. b. Triumph's Beauty: A vocal trio, playing 1940s music and watching little night music at World War II museums across the country and around the world. C.SINATRA's Best: Cabaret. (2) World War II Air Sea Land Festival: 3,800 free students on Fridays. (3) Children and Families Program: Scouts, Summer Camps, Victory Corps, Children's Canteens, Family Gatherings (4) Public Programs.

By 2015, the museum had received more than 4 million visitors, 16.25 percent of whom were students, and was ranked as the fourth most popular museum in the United States and the 11th most popular in the world by the world's number one travel review site.

Research and Agriculture: Agricultural Travel Destinations.

Agricultural research is the use of idyllic scenery, natural resources and the environment, combined with agriculture, forestry, fisheries and animal husbandry production, agricultural business activities, rural culture and rural life experience for the purpose of agricultural business activities. Agricultural research in addition to knowledge, focus on the experience and feelings of children's hearts, not only let children feel nature, but also let children feel nature at the same time learn to live, grateful society, improve children's emotional security to cultivate their ability to live and social responsibility.

Case to learn from: Kalmsley Hill Farm.

Kalmsley Hill Farm is a farm-based attraction in Abbotsbury on more than 400 acres, a 40-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. The farm development began in 1806 and Fairfield City Farm was founded in 1984 to carry out educational programs. With the 2000 Sydney Olympic mountain bike race held in the countryside, now relying on the livestock industry and rural tourism projects, began to build a research travel base, has become a compulsory study in Sydney and surrounding schools.

Case reference: karmsley Mountain City farm

Because children of different school ages have different knowledge and physical requirements, tailor-made diversity courses for children are the highlight of Hawthorne Valley Farms. First-grade children, just left kindergarten into the campus, the world around is still full of unknown and curious, in the farm feeding chickens, sheep, do some trivial farm work, you can quickly appreciate the value of labor.

And in the third grade, children began to learn to build their own game house, flower shed, learn to cook, fourth and fifth grade students will adopt a cow, take care of the cow "living", visit the milk processing plant, understand the milk made cheese and other processes, shoulder the responsibility of "small";

Key points of agricultural research and development.

Kalmsley Hill Farm uses suburban farm research tours to create paths. Interactive experience is the core, segmenting the customer group market "local conditions" is the key, security is a strong needle.

Farm Life and Interactive Experience.

Interactive Experience: Every half hour from 10:30 a.m., a program is launched every half hour: Embrace Small Animals, Milking, Tractor Fun Park, Outdoor Barbecue, Whiplash Show, Sheepdog Show, Shearing Show, Koala Interaction, etc. Next, if there is still time, you can take the tractor tour again, once again embrace the small animals, milking milk. At the end of the day, 8 themed activities give children and parents plenty of opportunities to interact and celebrate.

Sub-group teaching: The course design of the estate is divided according to the age group of kindergarten and primary and secondary schools, each of which also has different stages and different route experiences, with different tutors (one adult (including teachers) per 10 students free of charge, and one guide for each group of 25 children).

Farm life + interactive experience

The farm doesn't have the facilities for kids' favorite slides, swing racks, video games, etc., so the special educational programs are enough to make children attractive.

Research and Industry: Industrial Studies Travel Destination.

Industrial research refers to the industrial production process, factory style, workers' working life scene as the main attraction of tourism activities, gradually extended to industrial science tour, industrial research tour and other forms. At the moment, industrial research to Europe and the United States, Taiwan's "sightseeing factory" and Japan's "factory research" as the tourism trend. "Sightseeing Factory" has gradually become Taiwan's parent-child tour, the first choice for study tours, is a manufacturing, sightseeing, historical and cultural heritage, educational significance of the tourism factory model.

Case study: Taiwan Chocolate Republic.

Located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, the Chocolate Republic is southeast Asia's first chocolate museum, from the venue to the park design, more or less into the elements of chocolate.

Inside, a detailed description of the chocolate's 3,500-year history and cocoa-related farming is presented, and the process of how cocoa fruit turns into delicious chocolate is revealed. In addition to visiting on your own, the Chocolate Sightseeing Factory can also absorb a wealth of knowledge through fun guided tours by its staff, and can also sign up for chocolate DIY courses to produce unique chocolates through professional leadership.

Take chocolate DIY course

There are factory production lines to visit the trail, the factory's star products 77 milk, big bolu, crispy line and other production lines open, so that we can witness the production process of these goods accompanied by everyone growing up.

In addition, the Chocolate Republic naturally launched a considerable number of peripheral products, featuring chocolate snacks, beverages, etc., to meet people's diverse needs.

Chocolate Republic relies on its own mature chocolate production technology, into tourism resources, and to develop chocolate courses, chocolate making experience and other projects, to achieve the purpose of teaching music, attracting a large number of parent-child tours and visitors to taste fresh.

Research and Camp: Camp Research Travel Destination.

The essence of camp research is to cultivate children's social and emotional development, for children to seek high-quality, personalized and life-changing experiences, so as to achieve "knowledge and practice in one."

Case study: Japan Natural School.

The Whole Earth School of Nature is a social organization founded by Japanese social activist Kwaka Min tong. In Japan, nature schools are the link between people, nature and society, carrying out a variety of activities to experience nature and promote harmony. At first it was just an animal farm, with an experience of raising animals, and then natural adventures and adventures, which gradually led to the formation of the WholeEarth School of Nature. There are now thousands of "natural schools" around the world that connect people with nature, and every year about 80,000 people pay to participate in the activities of the school.

From the outside, this Whole Earth Nature School, located at the foot of Mount Fuji, is not outstanding, and typical wooden huts make up the school's office and training facilities. But in fact, this natural school built on the mountain is very large, plus the farm is tens of thousands of square meters. At the same time, among the school's own "territories" are creeks, cliffs, small farms and farmland rented from locals.

Case study: Japan nature school

The Whole Earth Nature School has a wide variety of natural learning activities throughout the year, especially from April to June, which are arranged almost daily. But the most important thing is to provide individuals and groups with a natural experience. For example, for individuals, hiking, eco-tourism, parent-child camping and so on. Group-specific courses include food production, outdoor experience learning, and more. Students can learn how to make cheese, how to spinning and dyeing cloth in an indoor course. In outdoor courses, take part in stargazers, mountaineering, cave exploration and other activities, but also learn first aid knowledge in the field.

In addition, the school will arrange annual lectures or training, some commissioned by the government or other institutions, but more training of staff within the natural school. Training takes the form of lectures, outdoor internships, etc., from the history and background of the natural school to how to carry out the activities of the natural explainer.


In terms of teachers, the school brings together experts who are familiar with nature, proficient in various fields of natural society, such as field skills, and these experts can only enter the natural school after obtaining the qualifications of instructors, to create a place for children to learn professional experience.

In addition to assembling these instructors, nature schools also pay great attention to the regular training of instructors. For example, regular lectures, regular hands-on experience of the school's natural experience activities, to modify and innovate the natural experience activities. Participants also have the opportunity to qualify as a Natural Experience Activity Instructor.

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