The state of "running" children's industry
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2020-06-11 16:29:43
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Introduction: According to information from the National Bureau of Statistics, the country’s population under the age of 14 is close to 240 million. In recent years, as the national second-child policy has been fully liberalized and promoted the growth of the child population, children’s business has gradually become a “magnet” for shopping malls. The children’s format has become the core driver of household consumption. Shopping centers have used the siphon effect to deploy child-centric “1+2” and even “1+4” models of family consumption. The proportion of children’s formats in shopping centers has increased significantly .

The state of "running" children's industry

Children's formative adult "dark horse" drives a large number of family consumers

Public survey data shows that China's children's consumption expenditure now accounts for 25% of the entire family's income, and is increasing at an annual rate of more than 9%. After 2015, China will become a huge potential baby market. It has become inevitable that the children's business form that has been neglected by businessmen becomes a new "dark horse".

The magic of the children’s format lies in “one person drives the whole family”. It has the characteristics of high combined consumption, strong continuity, low floor and location requirements, and easy to gather popularity. It can attract a large number of family consumers and form a continuous Regular customer base.

The state of "running" children's industry

Big business children are popular

The big players of the children's format, the big beluga whale, the child king, etc. have always maintained a high popularity, driving a large number of people to the market. The more attracted the children, the longer the family stays, accompanied by a series of chain demands for dining, shopping and leisure. Due to the high popularity of the children's format, the complementary development of the catering and apparel formats has led to the formation of linkage, which has led to a continuous flow of people in the mall.

Children's business form is also one of the main business forms of various places, not only gradually forming a complete industrial chain, but also making an important contribution to the stable operation of the market.

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