Children's sports market is hot, and there are many business opportunities for amusement equipment and sports toys
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2020-06-10 14:22:29
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The explosion of popularity in the children’s sports market is related to changes in the concept of childcare in the mainland society and the increase in demand for experiential consumption. The prospects of related industries are also very imaginative. As primary and middle school students enter the winter vacation life, skiing, climbing and other courses for young people are enrolling fiercely. Some experience classes with an average daily price of about 1,000 yuan (RMB, the same below) have been sold out.

Children's sports market is hot, and there are many business opportunities for amusement equipment and sports toys

High-altitude rope ladder project in large shopping mall

Children's indoor development sports have strong "suction power"

In the first-tier cities in the Mainland, the indoor sports hall for exclusive children has already taken on a chain format and shows signs of a strong layout. Take a well-known children's indoor development sports brand as an example. In 2019, it opened 150 stores in nearly 50 cities, an increase of 50% over the previous year, with more than 400,000 members.

These impressive sports events are very rich, covering bungee jumping, trampoline, high-altitude rope ladder, spider tower and other products. The price is more flexible and can be charged for a single item, but also has a time pass and a discount option for the membership system. Depending on the size of the venue, the pass price is generally about 100 yuan, and members enjoy different discounts of 40% to 20% according to the level.

Children's sports market is hot, and there are many business opportunities for amusement equipment and sports toys

Rock climbing has many child advocates

Such sports halls are more likely to be stationed in large shopping centers, and the space height needs to be at least 6 meters (about 19.6 feet). The area of the site and the layout of facilities are based on the property conditions and adopt the "exclusive order" model.

The small and exquisite children's sports hall covers an area of about 30 to 40 square meters (about 320 to 430 square feet) and can accommodate about 30 children's sports and entertainment at the same time; while the larger flagship store can reach 100 It is about 150 square meters (about 1,070 to 1,600 square feet), which can provide a richer product for family leisure.

It is understood that the current rents of shopping malls for children's stores are relatively low. This is mainly to hope that through the attraction of children's formats, household consumption will be stimulated and consumption in other formats will be stimulated.

Children's sports market is hot, and there are many business opportunities for amusement equipment and sports toys

Children's sports products such as baseball and golf are on the shelves

Children's outdoor sports focus on "community" and "tourism" economy

In the eyes of some new players, children's theme parks are becoming the "blue ocean market" in the mainland. Take a brand children's theme park as an example, choose to start from a third-tier small city, and integrate with local mature communities and real estate to provide modular, integrally embedded ecological activity space products for children of different ages.

This kind of children's ecological paradise emphasizes the organic combination of products, venues and nature, uses ecological organic materials for creative and customized design, and reduces the dependence on electric and mechanical equipment. In terms of sports methods, children are encouraged to exercise the coordination ability of the body and limbs by providing opportunities for running, touching and climbing among grass, sand piles, and woods. At the same time, children are encouraged to observe animals and plants, natural sky phenomena, and improve their insight and Attention to ease the weakening of electronic products on the sensory development of children's audio-visual perception.

In addition to cloud ladders, downhill, sway bridges, shooting, iron climbing, tightrope walking, etc., there are also projects set up to enhance young people’s emergency and self-rescue capabilities, including flue escape, wall escape, bridge construction, river crossing, and thorn water , Making rope ladders, etc. The current pass price for minors is 240 yuan, which is generally off-season in winter and more activities in summer. There are also long-term training programs such as summer camps. The price on the 8th and 7 nights is 1,100 yuan. Children's Day and Dragon Boat Festival will also have special customized activities.

The advantage of this kind of large venue is that it can provide more parent-child interaction projects. In addition to competitive content, there are many interesting and entertaining projects suitable for all age groups to participate. Not only can children get physical and mental exercise, but also help build a good The parent-child relationship allows children to feel more about parental companionship and psychological support. In the era of leisure economy, such activities that two generations can participate in experience together are becoming more and more popular.

The more you play, the more professional you have more business opportunities in winter vacation

As the urban sports ethnic group grows and ages, children's sports categories are becoming more specialized. Taking rock climbing as an example, many professional rock climbing halls in Beijing currently provide sports products for young people. Adjacent to mid- to high-end communities

In international climbing halls, there are generally Chinese and English bilingual instructors who guide children to learn rock climbing, which is more popular among middle-class families. In the relatively popular climbing hall, the price of the chartered venue is not low, about three to four hundred yuan per person.

According to an instructor from the First Sports Climbing Hall, their venues are in short supply during the winter vacation every year, and some reservations may even be arranged until a week later. On ordinary working days, the majority of customers are adults, while weekends and winter and summer vacations are mostly children-especially primary school students.

"The overall standard of children's rock climbing has improved rapidly. We are also preparing to take the team to the south to find natural rock walls for winter vacation." The coach said.

In addition to rock climbing, the most popular winter sports for children is skiing. Recently, Beijing's "Bird's Nest" ski resort, Yuyang International Ski Resort, etc. have successively played signboards for "Children's Ski Festival" and "Ski Winter Camp". These activities will last from mid-late January to March.

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