Four safety rules, must know when playing in the playground
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2020-06-06 17:13:31
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The Spring Festival is coming, major tourist attractions will usher in a wave of tourism peaks, and the rides inside will also begin to operate at high load. Many parents will bring their children to the playground to play. Whenever this time, playground safety issues also become Top priority. Pay special attention to safety while your children are having fun. Below, sqv summarizes the 4 safety rules you must know for playground games, so that you can play safely and have fun.

1. How to choose safe amusement equipment?

Four safety rules, must know when playing in the playground

When choosing amusement facilities, check whether the children’s play equipment and facilities have a safety inspection certificate issued by a special agency. Parents should pay attention not to let children play with those that are particularly old, the wires are exposed, and there are abnormal noises and abnormal shaking during operation. And other phenomena. For example, when playing a swing, pay attention to the material of the swing. The swing should be made of relatively soft materials such as rubber or plastic, rather than wood and metal. The climbing frame of the playground has various shapes and sizes, including rock climbing, bow climbing frame, vertical and horizontal poles, etc. These devices are more challenging to children than other devices, and the climbing frame is also a public playground injury accident High-risk areas. Babies under 5 years old have relatively weak upper limb strength, and should only climb relatively short climbing frames. Children from 5 to 7 years old are only suitable for climbing frames below 1.6 meters in height. Children over 7 years old can only climb climbing frames below 2.3 meters in height.  

Usually some playgrounds will arrange service personnel to better care for the safety of children. Before the child enters the play area, you can observe the work attitude of the service staff. Only when the service staff takes out the responsible work attitude can you let the child play with more confidence. In addition, before the children play, parents should pay attention to the tourists who see the amusement facilities, choose the play items suitable for the children, and help the children wear safety belts and wear safety helmets when playing those items that need to wear safety protection devices And other safety protection devices. In the process of playing, parents should lead by example, obey the instructions of the staff, and pay attention to safety.

2. How to choose a suitable amusement project according to age and height?

Four safety rules, must know when playing in the playground

The size of the seat belts and safety rods of the amusement facilities in the playground are mostly set according to height, and some strongly stimulating items have requirements for children's age and physique. Parents take the baby to the playground to play, choose a safe amusement item, do not Let the baby play those play items that are not suitable for his age, height and physique.  

Parents must be familiar with the characteristics of their own children to see if the baby will often play unsafe behaviors due to excitement when playing with a group of children, and whether his ability is enough to cope with certain facilities. It is recommended to let the baby play for 10 minutes first, and the parents observe next to him. If he finds that he is not suitable for the game inside, do not take him away from the playground immediately, let him play for a few more minutes, and then use other things to attract his attention , Let him take the initiative to end the current game.

Some playground projects are potentially dangerous for unaged children. For example, some stimulating and high-speed facilities may cause small children to fall from the sky; the trampoline is a fun for many children. Facilities, but in the game, young children with inflexible movements are at risk of being stepped on by children; slower rides such as small trains may seem safe, but they may also cause harm to children because of their active activities. There have been cases of children climbing up and down and hurting their feet with wheels. Even if the equipment in the play area is safe after preliminary inspection, it is not allowed to let the children play by themselves. When a group of children is playing, it is easy to fall and be injured by pushing. Therefore, it is important to let the child move within the line of sight, in case of an unexpected situation, he can also handle it himself to minimize the injury. Don't let your child stand up or take off his seat belt. 

3. Prepare in advance to play

Four safety rules, must know when playing in the playground

When taking children to the playground, they should wear light-fitting, easy-to-exercise clothes to avoid accidents caused by clothes falling. Don’t dress your child too complicated, this will increase the risk index, such as clothes with hats, or long skirts, swing skirts, and gauze skirts, so as not to be trampled, dragged and fall by children, when playing in upstream and downstream music facilities Clothes can also be easily knocked down. Do not wear clothes with string or belt tethers. Strings, backpack straps, and necklaces may inadvertently hang on the device and cause danger, or even accidentally around the neck, causing suffocation. In addition, the lace-up sneakers are not suitable for preschool-age babies. On the one hand, babies are not young enough to complete the lace-up work independently. Such sneakers are very inconvenient to put on and take off. On the other hand, once the laces are tied Unstable, loosen when running or climbing, it is easy to trip children or hook sports equipment, causing the baby to be in danger.

4. "Three chapters about the law" with children

Four safety rules, must know when playing in the playground

When playing games, it is also necessary to educate children about safety. Babies must understand how to ensure their own safety and follow these safety rules to avoid injury.

Parents should make “three chapters” with their babies before entering the playground to let the children know how safe it is to play. For example, they should not push or hit people when playing. On the slide, wait for the previous child to leave the slide before sliding down. . Once the child has a dangerous move, the game should be stopped immediately. When it is impossible to ensure safety, do not let children try some dangerous actions, such as jumping from a height, rolling down, or rolling back and forth. Children should tell the children when they are playing on the swing, always grasp the rope of the swing with their hands, and when they are not playing, wait for the swing to stop completely before coming down. When passing by the swing, be sure to walk around to avoid being hit by the swing. Children should also move bicycles, backpacks and other items away from the equipment to avoid tripping over these items when playing. If the playground equipment is wet, tell children not to play, because wet surfaces will make these instruments very slippery.

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