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Innovative design makes experiential business more influential
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2020-06-05 18:20:03
shikewei    2020-06-05 18:23:47

What are you doing in the mall now? Thinking carefully about the answer to this question is really surprising. Under the impact of e-commerce, the traditional physical retail industry has encountered unprecedented challenges. Then you will definitely say that there are fewer people going to the mall? That's right, where do people go to the mall? The answer is the experiential business district.

Innovative design makes experiential business more influential

Judging from the current commercial retail industry, the most frequently experienced experience formats are: cinema, KTV, video game city, children's play, etc. These are indeed the most popular areas in the shopping mall, enough to illustrate the unique appeal of the experiential format, so how to make an experience project the best among similar products? Of course, it depends on the unique design. Below, take the indoor children's theme park where sqv is best at as an example to explain the importance of design.

First of all, a good indoor children's theme park must not be a patchwork of equipment, it needs a soul of its own. Chuangqi Amusement will create original theme stories according to the characteristics of the park, which is also to inject a world view into the theme park. Then, divide the partitions according to the theme story, design the moving lines, and arrange the corresponding equipment of the theme in each theme partition. In this way, the fusion of equipment, landscape and theme stories makes the equipment no longer a cold machine, but a part of the fantasy journey.

Innovative design makes experiential business more influential

Secondly, scene design that fits the theme is also indispensable. Living in a brightly colored space, the surrounding landscape is peculiarly gorgeous, here are the sky, the ocean, the forest, the castle, those scenes that only exist in fairy tales appear like this, and various cute animals are distributed in In every corner, they are as familiar as friends who have known each other for a long time. Is it better to play games in such a place than simply playing a game device? This is the charm of design.

Finally, it is about the planning of the theme park. The theme park brings happiness to the children and brings benefits to the investors. Reasonable space planning is very important. When planning a theme park, Chuangqi Amusement rationally arranges the six major spaces of entertainment, performance, catering, education, sales, and service. Through the perfect combination of the active line and the auxiliary line, the consumer group is reasonably introduced into the experience Every part of the traditional space makes the whole project a gold-absorbing tool with no dead ends in all directions.

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