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Children's economy seizes the market
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2020-06-04 16:10:24
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A single form of breathing experience is king

In recent years, the development of children’s business has begun to take shape. In the past, a few single cradles and a children’s playground composed of an ocean pool have gradually faded out of people’s vision. Today, the children's format is highly favored by businesses, and major shopping malls have already set the children's format as their standard. With the increase of shopping malls, in order to avoid homogeneity, various parent-child products of various themes and experiences have erupted one after another.

Children's economy seizes the market

Week 8 in Shanghai has been popular with children since its opening. As the first children's professional experience center in Shanghai, the town brought huge traffic to Zhongsheng World Mall on Sunday. In the recently held 6th Children's Theme Commercial Real Estate Innovation and Development Seminar, the Week 8 Plaza, which opened in 2014, merged the town, experience hall, hotel, theater, gourmet dining, sky farm and other forms of Week 8 into a collection. Interactive, creative and trendy experience-based dream workshop.

The development of children's business format is getting faster and faster. The thematic design and cute protagonist image can attract children, and the interesting story script replaces the rich experience and story with the previous unity, thus avoiding homogeneity . Let the children play, coke, and learn while having an in-depth experience. In the later period, Tong Meng will also launch 8 homes on weekdays, targeting 2500-3500 households within a 1 km radius of the mature community. The main target group is for infants and children aged 0-6.

Theme parent-child paradise

The Great Beluga World Children's Paradise in Songjiang Wanda Plaza believes that children need playmates the most, increasing the interaction between children.

Children's economy seizes the market

Similarly, Great Beluga World Children's Park also has customized products, community stores, main stores, flagship stores and other generations of products. The area of its main store is basically about 1500-2000 square meters. The Great Beluga World Park with the theme of Ocean World, the target customer group is children 2-12 years old, providing play, parent-child, social and supporting services full of imagination and fun. It is understood that its store in Songjiang Wanda Plaza, the highest peak of passenger traffic can reach about 3,000 people.

Not only that, cultural products such as great beluga-themed books, stage dramas, comics, audio stories, animated short films, mini-games, etc. have been launched. Theme presentation, character introduction has become a display form of various parent-child paradise. The cartoon character images created by Cartoon Nine Paradise in recent years and children's dramas have also been popular with children. In addition, the presentation of the theme, various dolls, books, games and other derivative products of cartoon images can not only promote brand awareness, but also bring huge profits to them.

Children's economy seizes the market

Cartoon dolls or book products representing their brands are placed in the prominent areas of the Beluga Whale and Cartoon Nine Paradise stores. The doll products that bring the storyline are more attractive to children, and it is also easy for parents We accept.

Fiery explosion, innovation and development are king

Children have become the core of family consumption. In 2007, the expenditure of children aged 0-14 in the first-, second-, and third-tier cities nationwide accounted for about 23% of household expenditure; by 2013, this proportion had risen to 33%. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the scale of China's children's consumer market in 2013 exceeded 400 billion yuan.

In addition, the commercial real estate report for the first half of 2014 also showed that the proportions of children’s business, catering, leisure and entertainment continued to increase, children’s theme expanded significantly, and family-oriented shopping malls became the mainstream of regional business circles. It is estimated that from 2013 to 2015, the overall market size of the indoor children's playground industry will maintain an average growth rate of 40%, from 4.2 billion yuan in 2012 to 11.525 billion yuan in 2015.

So far, the number of shopping malls in the country has reached 4,000. The children’s format is the standard for shopping malls. No matter whether there will be new vicious competition or new homogenization, the configuration of shopping malls with children’s formats is an inevitable choice.

Children's economy seizes the market

Crazy single copying will only bring more and more homogenization, no matter how good the food can't stand such toss. For shopping malls, the children's format is not only a passenger generator, which brings popularity and wealth, but also a veritable Chaoyang industry.

Every city and every area has its own cultural heritage and connotation. Seize these regional cultures and highlight the creation of a theme park suitable for local children. Not only can it attract children but also parents; then the development of technology is getting faster and faster, and children are moving. Fun nature can produce good progress in technology products, creating a faster update children's playground.

At present, many people in the industry said that the child's format cannot be regarded as a life-saving straw. There is no life-saving straw in any shopping mall, and there is no set formula. It is the king to carry out related support according to customer needs.

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