Making children's products is no longer difficult: three highlights around the world
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2020-06-03 17:34:33
shikewei    2020-06-03 17:41:56

Do you often look up to the forefront of the international children's entertainment industry and feel excited and emotional about the new global trends? From historic Lego toys and Teletubbies to Qiaohu ordered on a monthly basis, innovations in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have made Chinese consumers rush.


Today I will focus on three highlights: 1. Children’s smart toys; 2. Children’s leisure experience; 3. Minecraft education.

In toy stores in Europe such as Itsimagical, Hamleys, Bopintang in Japan, and ToysRUs in the United States, we can all see the rapid growth of children's smart toys. The most attractive one is the "children's programming robot".

Kibo can be said to be the youngest child robot so far. It can be programmed by scanning bar code blocks, and the upper part can also be hand-made creatively, fully embodying "low structure and high openness".


There is a children's programming family product package, called Bitsbox, which uses a Qiaohu-like model to do a monthly programming challenge project. The two entrepreneurs of this company are geek dads from Google.

There is also a smart toy called Dash & Dot, which is relatively old to use. You can use the iPad for graphical programming to direct the movement of two (one pair) smart toys. Unfortunately, the hardware structure is not enough. Structure and high opening".

In terms of children's leisure experience, foreign projects use a lot of innovative equipment and facilities, such as a large water paradise, a laser battlefield, and carnival climbing and expansion.

There was an American children's entertainment chain restaurant Chuck E Cheese many years ago. Their models are Western-style simple meals (mainly pizza fried chicken and cola), plus entertainment (mainly lottery machine) and birthday party (this part accounts for 20% of income). This is a listed company, and its performance is not bad, but because it is built in the United States to build a house, and transferred to a shopping mall in China, it may be a bit unacceptable, and has not yet entered China.

There is a company called PlaydateCafe in Seattle.

Finally, in the field of children's apps (pure software), let's talk about the Minecraft of phenomenal products. This sandbox game is equivalent to "Lego" in the game world, achieving "low structure and high openness". It has been popular among children all over the world for three years, and it has been used by many avant-garde teachers to teach courses.

The use of Minecraft is circulated online in cheats. A large number of third parties (video, live broadcast, MOD transformation, servers, etc.) have built an active ecosystem. Children can freely create and destroy the world in Minecraft, play against zombies, even learn to program, etc.

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