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Children's format becomes a popular tool to gather in the commercial square
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2020-05-30 16:02:35
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Children's format becomes a popular tool to gather in the commercial square

With the comprehensive liberalization of the "second child" policy, the consumer boom has once again become the focus of attention. As the major commercial squares that are closely related to daily consumption, it is also aimed at this market, and the children's experience format has become a major The magic weapon for merchants to attract popularity is constantly introducing a variety of fresh children's projects to drive more consumption with "childlike innocence".

Experience-based format advances to drive shopping mall consumption

In May of this year, the Beijing Survey Corps of the National Bureau of Statistics and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics released a survey report. The report was based on a survey of 1,200 randomly selected residents shopping in large shopping centers. Among them, children with Interviewers spent an average of RMB 2,250 per month on shopping, dining, watching movies, and playing with children, which was more than 20% higher than those with no children.

In the past three years, Quanzhou has witnessed a rapid development of commercial squares, with new malls opening every year, and it is not difficult for attentive consumers to discover that children ’s formats and catering have become the highlights of these malls.

According to industry insiders, the development of e-commerce has brought the retail industry into a whole new situation. The number of people who shop purely for shopping has become fewer. More people come to the mall's weapon.

In the past two years, every holiday, the core of the activities in various commercial squares is indispensable for children. Some even use it as a center of gravity. Shopping malls are everywhere in the form of zoos and amusement parks.

Children's format becomes a popular tool to gather in the commercial square

Children ’s business is taller than just having fun

Whether it is a children ’s playground project that Wanda is planning to build nationwide, a children ’s professional experience hall newly unveiled at East Bay Plaza earlier this year, or the Ha You Sports Hall in Zhongjun World City, which just opened, it can be said that Children's format is no longer a simple matter of simply putting on a trampoline or a slide. Combining play, sports, and wisdom is the real direction of children's format in the future.

On November 21st, the Harbin Sports Complex on the third floor of Zhongjun World City officially opened. Before the opening time, there was already a long queue in front of the door. All parents led their children to the queue. Many parents said that if it is not for the children, who would like to wake up early to queue up during the weekend? It is worth the hard work for fun, freshness, and happiness for the children.

The reporter learned that the Harbin Sports Center is aimed at children and families from 3 to 15 years old, introducing the latest concepts of sports and leisure elements into the country; and targeting the physical development characteristics and sports interests of Chinese children and adolescents, the outdoor development is complete , Exquisitely copied into the limited indoor commercial space.

The reporter saw in the venue that there are laser shuttles simulating science fiction movies, speed clearance from the American live-action version of "Gopher", live-action indoor laser CS battle city, fun climbing that integrates the latest rock climbing, expands sports concepts More than 10 kinds of projects, such as the sea world that allows you to climb and roll, and the trampoline club, a new favorite of the fashion and cool family.

Children's format becomes a popular tool to gather in the commercial square

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