The importance of commercial experience to modern commercial real estate
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2020-05-29 15:53:19
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Nowadays, we often hear the word "experiential" in reports and news related to commercial real estate. "Experience" has become a fashionable buzzword for commercial real estate. The emergence of "experience" stems from the continuous development and upgrading of the commercial retail industry and the increasing diversification of consumers' requirements for shopping places.

The importance of commercial experience to modern commercial real estate

More and more consumers are no longer satisfied with just shopping in malls, but presenting consumer demands for leisure, sports, entertainment, dining, training, education, etc. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding a shopping environment The higher.

The so-called "commercial experience" is a combination of retail-based formats that is different from traditional commerce. It pays more attention to consumer participation, experience and feeling, and has higher requirements for space and environment.

The difference between "experiential" business and traditional business

There is a set of numbers that can best explain the essential difference between traditional business and experiential business: the traditional business represented by department stores can account for 70% -80% of retail formats, which is the absolute dominant in the commercial body; In the "experiential shopping malls", the experience-based formats represented by leisure and entertainment, children's education and other formats can account for 20% -30% or more in shopping malls, while the proportion of retail-type formats drops to 30 % -40%.

The importance of commercial experience to modern commercial real estate

The main forms and advantages of "experiential" commerce

Judging from the development of the commercial retail industry at this stage, the experience formats that often appear in shopping malls mainly include: movie theaters, ice rinks, fitness clubs, video game cities, KTV, beauty and body, professional experience for children, children's entertainment and other formats.

The most common carrier of "experiential business" is the shopping mall, because the shopping mall is easier to achieve the "experiential" requirements in terms of architectural design, space quality and business model; at the same time, the shopping mall is rich and diverse in the combination of formats It also provides an opportunity for the existence of experiential formats.

The importance of commercial experience to modern commercial real estate

Advantages of experiential format:

1. Strong customer gathering ability

Under the current large business landscape, the impact of traditional commerce on e-commerce has been unavoidable. The more affected businesses include retail formats, mainly supermarkets and clothing stores. And we can also see that some experiential formats are hardly impacted. Even with the improvement of people's living standards, the market share of the experiential formats of leisure and entertainment has been rising.

We can see that among the various formats of shopping malls, the experiential formats are often the most popular and the most prosperous businesses, such as the catering industry and children-themed experience halls, etc. These formats have increased the popularity of shopping malls. Important role. In the past, shopping in the mall was more for shopping, and the purpose was stronger, but now people are shopping not only for consumption, but also as a way of leisure. This is why the experiential format of shopping malls is becoming more popular.

2. Effectively shorten the market cultivation period of new projects

The format combination of a commercial real estate project is not static, but should be planned differently according to different stages and periods of commercial development, especially the cultivation period. The length of the incubation period will directly affect the income of investors, and even affect the survival of the entire project. Zhishang culture combined with many years of experience in operating children's professional experience projects in integrated commercial bodies, the successful operation of children's professional experience, will shorten the commercial body market cultivation period by at least 1-2 years.

3. Increase consumer spending time

The length of time a consumer stays in a shopping mall is proportional to consumption. Experiential commerce provides consumers with various needs for leisure, sports, entertainment, education, etc., and these experiential items require more time than shopping This will bring sufficient popularity to the shopping mall, and consumption can only form consumption, and the experience project itself is also a consumption.

4. The overall business flow has significantly driven people

This is also the reason why many shopping mall developers and operators prefer the experiential format.

The importance of commercial experience to modern commercial real estate

What type of "experiential business" format is needed in a commercial real estate or a shopping mall must be based on the accurate market positioning and combination of formats for the project. In addition, whether the "experiential" business format can be successfully operated The key to real estate considerations is not to simply choose some experiential businesses to join the business. "Experiential" business is full of opportunities and imagination. Operators and managers of commercial projects should have a forward-looking and long-term perspective.

Today, with the homogeneity of commercial real estate, the importance of experiential commerce to modern commercial real estate is self-evident. It is not an exaggeration to say that “experience” has become a trend. Regional shopping malls, not to mention the experience seems to be out of touch with the times. Hunan Zhishang Culture, as a management consulting company specializing in consulting and planning of children's theme experience projects, is willing to work together with all companies to create "experiential" classics of commercial real estate.

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