2020 children's playground market prospects and development trends
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2020-05-28 18:17:20
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Now the children's playground has become a more mature amusement project, which has been recognized by more and more parents and children. It has also become a trustworthy business project for operators, and has blossomed in various shopping malls, supermarkets, squares, etc. Since children's playgrounds are widely sought after, there must be a lot of people who want to enter the industry. Many people will definitely have questions: is it too late to open a children's playground? Can you make money? The following points are analyzed with you.

01 Children's preschool education training is more and more valued by parents

According to a questionnaire from an authoritative institution, 95.2% of parents believe that childcare is as important as education, 95.4% of parents believe that children should be placed on an equal footing with their parents, and 83.6% of parents believe that children ’s important form of learning is play, which explains Combined, the concept of taking young children as the main body has been generally recognized and accepted by parents, which is undoubtedly a major progress in pre-school education. Because of this, the future audience of children's amusement parks will also be wider and wider, and the market will be wider.

02 The value orientation of society towards children is more rigid

2020 children's playground market prospects and development trends

When it comes to treating children ’s educational level, most parents choose to let nature go, which reflects the continuous updating of parents ’education concepts. Parents realize that children can grow up freely only in a natural environment, indicating that the environment of family education Gradually it tends to be loose, and parents' educational expectations also tend to be rationalized. In the face of the social value orientation of this large environment, parents are more willing and more willing to give their children a more natural and closer paradise to cultivate their children, so as to further cultivate their character. This is a new business opportunity for children's amusement parks to join in. The future market prospects are widely optimistic.

03 The new children's amusement park has more business opportunities

Children's theme amusement park is a favorable guarantee for your source of wealth: children's theme park, children's video game city, puzzle workshop, water theme park, growth exploration park, dream world, toys and children's clothing, time machine photography gallery, children's 3D shooting gallery . Each project is designed in accordance with the current advanced educational concepts, and it is also more scientific in terms of teachers and management. It is more novel, more close, and more natural than traditional children's playgrounds, making it easier to cultivate children's nature.

Now the country is developing rapidly, the city is getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more high-rise buildings, but there are fewer and fewer playmates. Parents worry about the safety of their children and dare not let them go out. Although there are many toys, the children are still lonely; Children have faced competition from the starting line since they were young. Intellectual development, physical growth, mental development, and character building are all indispensable. They have to play and learn, so the development trend of children's paradise will only get better.

Most parents want to have a safe children's playground, can take their children to participate in various games and entertainment activities, children play together, and a variety of educational activities. More importantly, the indoor children ’s playground is not only a pure entertainment occasion, but also has significant puzzle effects. Various devices fully mobilize the children ’s thinking ability and imagination, which invisibly helps the children improve their intelligence.

Children's indoor play projects have developed very mature in European and American countries, but in China, in addition to a few large cities and provincial capital cities, ordinary cities can't find a decent children's playground or children's playground. From the perspective of market laws, seizing the market opportunities means grasping the golden development period with the highest profits and the least competition.

2020 children's playground market prospects and development trends

Today's first-tier or second-tier cities may already have mature children's playgrounds, but in third-tier cities is definitely a business opportunity to invest in children's playgrounds. And in the third-tier cities, whether it is site fees, labor costs or other costs are much less, can reduce certain financial pressure in the initial stage of opening. On the contrary, although the consumption level in the first-tier cities is high, other expenses have to be spent a large amount. It is likely that they will not be able to make ends meet in the early stage of entrepreneurship, so at present, there is still much room for development in the third-tier cities.

In summary, indoor children's playgrounds have great development prospects. Many people realize that this industry is more profitable, so people want to invest in this industry. The first competition in this industry is relatively small, the second profit is relatively high, and the third paradise can be said to be a one-time investment for a lifetime return!

As a time-honored project, Children's Paradise is a mainstream direction for future development, regardless of its future market aspect and its own efficient action mode.

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