What are the requirements and budget for investing in childrens expansion projects?
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2020-05-27 16:06:30
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What are the requirements and budget for investing in children ’s expansion projects?

The majority of children's development project investors are willing to run children's development projects to enrich the childhood life of Chinese youths, with the emphasis on the healthy development of Chinese youth and the care for the flowers of the motherland. But everyone still has some concerns and doubts about running children's development projects. For example: What are the conditions required to run a children ’s expansion project? How much capital is required? Etc. Based on our many years of experience in children's amusement equipment production and analysis of a large number of customer cases, Zhejiang Warriors Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. will share some experience for everyone's reference and hope to relieve everyone's concerns and doubts.

The first is to choose a location with location advantages to operate children's expansion equipment, the right location, your investment is half successful!

1. The choice of business location: It is best to choose a city commercial center with convenient transportation. It has a large flow of people, high attraction to the crowd, complete supporting facilities, saves advertising costs, and can increase the unit price of admission and increase revenue.

2. The choice of business venue: it is best to choose the atrium of a large commercial body. In addition, the center of the commercial street, large commercial square, large cultural and sports park, and tourist attractions are all very good frequent places.

3. The area requirements for the operation of children's expansion projects: the general conventional management area is the size of the site of 40 ~ 200 square meters, and some large outdoor expansion bases have an operation area of 1,000 square meters.

4. High requirements for operating children's development projects: According to the specific requirements of customers, children's development equipment of 3.6-10 meters is a production level that can be achieved by powerful manufacturers.

What are the requirements and budget for investing in children ’s expansion projects? How much does it cost to run a child development project?

What are the requirements and budget for investing in children ’s expansion projects?

1. Funds for the purchase of expansion equipment: on the one hand, it is based on the size of your business site as one of the evaluation criteria, and on the other hand, the price is determined according to the number of specific projects and the number of specific projects you choose. Here is an approximate reference for everyone is between 100,000 and 300,000 yuan.

2. Site rent: The rent of the shopping mall is generally between 200,000 and 300,000 yuan, and the rent price of other outdoor addresses will be relatively cheaper.

3. Staffing: 1 cashier, 3-6 instructors (need to be set according to the salary standard in the place of operation)

What documents do I need to apply to run a child development project?

1. The playground belongs to a special industry. First, you must go to the local county, county, and district cultural department to apply for the "Entertainment License";

2. Go to the Fire Brigade of the Public Security Bureau to apply for the "Fire Inspection Qualification Certificate"! Formally speaking, the fire can operate the children's playground from the first floor to the third floor, the first floor underground, and the fire above the third floor. Hidden danger!

3. Hold the original and copy of the "Entertainment Business License", the original and copy of the "Fire Inspection Qualification Certificate"; the original and copy of the photo ID of the person's ID card, and the real estate certification documents of the business premises. With contract and copy.

4. Within 30 days of obtaining the business license, go to the local national and local tax authorities to apply for a tax registration certificate. You will need information such as a business license, real estate certificate, lease contract, ID card and photocopy.

5. Go to the Health Bureau to apply for a sanitation permit (indoor children's playground is a place to gather popularity, it is recommended to go to the local sanitation and anti-epidemic department for the record to avoid some unnecessary disputes).

6. As long as the operators of individual industrial and commercial households have full civil liability (adults, normal intelligence), they can obtain business licenses for individual industrial and commercial households. There are no special requirements.

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