Summary of effective management methods for children's playgrounds
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2020-05-21 16:52:50
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Children's paradise is a place that brings infinite joy to children. It brings many children's childhood memories. There are also many children's playgrounds on the market today, and many people want to invest in the army of children's playgrounds to join in the business, and reap the dreams of wealth in life.

But to succeed, you must first understand how to operate. The following sqv children's park will introduce you to the most effective management methods of several children's parks.

Summary of effective management methods for children's playgrounds

1. Scientific membership management

At present, traditional children's parks are extensive management of members, and have not exerted the effects of membership. There are many areas that can be improved, such as:

1. The proportion of investment in developing new members is excessive, the proportion of old customer relationship maintenance services is tightened, and it is insensitive to the loss of members.

2. “Calm” customers with higher consumption limits are ignored, and merchants pay too much attention to “fanatical” customers who buy special prices.

3. The communication frequency of members is too high, the purpose of communication is too direct, causing harassment and disgust, the single communication channel does not understand the communication habits of customers.

4. The lack of management of the customer's life cycle can not activate the customer's secondary activity.

5. Lack of long-term membership management consciousness, simply understanding the membership system as an event promotion, which lowers the consumption level of members.

In view of the above disadvantages, we need to form intuitive reports through data analysis to provide managers with decision support and promote secondary consumption by members.

Below, for your analysis, the consumption of children's playground members is roughly divided into several types, and the corresponding countermeasures:

1. High-value members: the top 15% of the venue's annual sales. This category is the most high-quality customer base of the venue. Not only the frequency of consumption is high, but also the unit price of consumption is high. Through system selection, the "one-to-one" service marketing is implemented as much as possible. Posting parasitic day experience coupons or other gifts before the customer's birthday.

2. Highly loyal members: the annual sales of the venue contributes to the top 50%, and the interval between second visits to the store does not exceed 30 days. This category is a mainstream customer of the venue and is also a regular customer, with a high consumption frequency and a certain consumption capacity.

Therefore, we must launch new products from time to time to attract the crowd. For example, through the system to set up marketing methods such as full gifts and full reductions in the low season to increase the purchase rate.

3. Members with high unit price: The top 15% of average effective consumption within six months. The consumption per visit to the store is much higher than the per capita amount.

Such members are high-end customers. Customers who have high average consumption frequency and consumption amount in the near future. We want to provide personalized emotional services and special preferential treatment. High unit price members are our 2/8 customer population. Do activity discounts.

4. Low-price, high-frequency members: The top 15% of the revenue obtained by the venue through marketing. This type of member has a low single consumption amount but a high frequency, and belongs to a group of customers who are greedy and cheap but have a certain consumption capacity.

We can screen them to do more marketing activities for them, and increase their spending limit in a timely manner, and use them to promote the popularity of the park venue.

5. Low-cost low-frequency members: The venue's revenue from marketing is ranked in the bottom 15%.

Such members like to take advantage but do not have the spending power. They come as a gift from marketing activities, and do n’t come without a gift from marketing activities. Each time the marketing response is very low, the cash contribution to the enterprise is very low, or basically no cash is spent.

Therefore, after the customer's consumption behavior is screened by the system, we can lock it (marketing blacklist), and it will not be included in the marketing target group in the next marketing activity.

6. Sleeping members: Members who have no consumption records within six months. For such members, we must regularly pay attention to the flow and changes of customers, collect feedback on the service of sleeping customers through communication and exchange, and continuously improve and improve our management and production.

By launching a wake-up marketing campaign to attract sleep customers to come again. The biggest purpose is to hope to get service feedback in the mouth of these sleeping members, find out the reasons why the members are sleeping, so as to improve their own services and management and find out the shortcomings in marketing.

7. Obvious loss of members: the consumption frequency within three months is greater than 50% of the cumulative consumption frequency.

Such members will soon become sleepy members if they are not maintained, so we need to manage them through the member system, keep abreast of their dynamics, regularly screen out the members that are obviously lost for gifting and other marketing, activate their consumption frequency, and let customers feel us Caring.

Summary of effective management methods for children's playgrounds

2. Open up diversified profit channels

1. Advertising. When operating a children's playground, you can also try to find new profit points. For example, when the business is not busy, you can discuss cooperation with various stores in the shopping mall and early education center to pull advertisements.

On the face of it, pulling advertisements is thought to increase revenue. In fact, it also has a deep meaning: brand effect. If parents see some advertisements of well-known early education centers on children's equipment, or advertisements of well-known children's products, they will naturally think that my children's playground is also a well-known brand and has strong strength.

2. Carry out related children's business. Mainly carry out related activities according to customer needs. For example, make some children's souvenirs, picture books and the like to attract the attention of children and parents.

Parents are willing to leave some commemorative things for their children's childhood. On certain holidays or children's birthdays, small gifts such as picture books, children's books or commemorative children's souvenirs can be used as holiday gifts.

Summary of effective management methods for children's playgrounds

3. Pay attention to every detail

In fact, Children's Paradise is not doing business for children, but doing business for adults. If this is not thoroughly understood, business will not be ideal.

1. Adults are free and the income is higher. Not only do children's business, but also do business for adults. For example, children's fees are charged on an hourly basis, while adults are provided with a place to rest so that both adults and children can enjoy quality services in the park.

2. Post disinfection notices to drive people flow. The child's resistance is low. Parents are most concerned about the hygiene of the play area. A disinfected reminder must be posted at the door. The disinfection of the sanitary place must be maintained at all times. Don't let parents think that this is just a show.

In addition, I will perform a simple disinfection on every child and parent who enters the play, and wash their hands with a non-washing liquid soap. In this way, parents are assured that they are willing to put their children to play with me.

3. Set up "Mom Exchange Zone". Now they are all a family of three, and most children like to play with their dads, so it is a pain to let their mothers wait outside the entertainment area, so it is necessary to set up a "Mom Exchange Area" for the waiting moms to communicate .

In addition, you can also set up a message board to extract the good parenting experience you have seen from the media, not only for moms to watch, but also for moms to come here to exchange experiences with each other. Many loyal customers came.

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