What is the market size of the children's industry?
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The children's industry is mainly for children from 0 to 12 years old. The products cover a very wide range and the product variety is also very rich. It covers all aspects of children's "eating, wearing, using and living". Children are the future of the motherland and the pearl of the palm of their parents. Furthermore, China has a large population and a very large group of children. Therefore, the children industry has huge room for development, and household consumption accounts for an increasing proportion of children ’s expenditure. At the same time, because of the particularity of children's physiological characteristics, the products of the children's consumer products industry are very different in design and function from those of other industries.

The child industry is not a sunrise industry, but an evergreen industry

The domestic media refers to the children's industry as a sunrise industry. The children's industry is a huge “gold mine” with amazing “reserves” and contains unlimited business opportunities. This value is gradually being released.


An important basis is that according to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, as the post-80s gradually entered the peak period of fertility, China has ushered in a wave of babies, with about 16 million newborns born every year, especially after 2014, China ’s new population It is expected to reach about 20 million people, and China will usher in the fourth peak of newborn birth in the next three to five years. Will usher in a new round of "baby boom".

With the increase in consumption awareness, income level, and investment in raising children, the pregnancy, infant, and child industries will be a profitable industry, and children's consumption expenditures will account for an increasing proportion of the entire family's consumption expenditures.

The size and growth of the population alone cannot determine that the children ’s industry is a sunrise industry. If this is the case, the pension industry is a sunrise industry, but in fact, the pension industry is well-received or not.


From the perspective of the industry life cycle, the child industry is more inclined to the evergreen industry, which is equivalent to the life cycle of other industries (growth-maturity-decline period). The industry life cycle of the evergreen industry fluctuates less, supporting its long-term The growth and maturity period is that after the increase in family income, induced consumption is more willing to invest in child-raising consumption. Children's consumption in clothing, food, education and other aspects is a rigid demand, which provides a lasting power for the market. This characteristic determines that the children's industry is not a fast-growing "flash" industry, but an industry with continuous investment and long-term returns.

What is the market size of the children's industry?

How big is the children's industry market?

China's infant and toddler industry has created more than 900 billion yuan of output value. In 2011, the total size of the Chinese child market of 0-12 years old was about 1.15 trillion yuan. The children's market will maintain a rapid growth of about 15%. In 2015, the children's market may reach 2 trillion yuan, and the vision scale may reach 3 trillion yuan.


The market is so huge that countless companies are competing to enter the children's industry.


The child industry, like the pension industry, is an integrated industry divided by the age of the consumer group, which involves food, clothing, culture, sports goods, entertainment, furniture, home accessories, medicine, film and television, games, education, training, finance, etc.12 60 categories in each category.

If averaged, the market size of each industry is about 33 billion nationwide, and the autonomous region, the market size of each industry is 580 million.

From the perspective of consumer demand, in the past, China's consumption had obvious characteristics of imitative wave-discharging. Now, the imitation-type wave-discharging consumption phase is basically over. Personalized and diversified consumption has gradually become the mainstream. , From mass consumption to segment consumption.

Therefore, the total size of the children's industry is very large, but the children's market faces multiple opportunities and challenges in industry segmentation, foreign brand competition, and market segmentation. The share of each enterprise depends on the degree of product development and business model innovation.

What is the market size of the children's industry?

Characteristics of consumer groups in the children's industry

The child industry mainly serves consumer groups from 0 to 12 years old. The most important feature of its consumption characteristics is "subrogation consumption", that is, the purchasing group and the consumer group are basically separated from each other. When purchasing and using consumer goods, children mostly There is no independent consumption consciousness, and at the same time the ability of independent consumption is not enough, so most of the purchasers of children's consumer goods are children's family members.


According to relevant survey data, in the next 5 years, the only children born after the 1980s will enter the peak of childbearing and become a generation of young parents, because these young people are generally highly educated and their income levels have also increased significantly. There has also been a lot of improvement, and the purchasing power has also been greatly improved compared with the previous generation. At the same time, they also pay more attention to the education of children and pay more attention to intellectual investment in children. Because of the improvement of his own consumption concept, he is generally willing to invest in the consumption of children.


Due to the influence of the family planning policy, many family structures in China will be in the "4 + 2" model, that is, the family will be in the form of a pyramid, with one child, two parents, and four grandparents. Parents, grandparents, grandma, grandpa, grandma and grandma of children at home are the key consumption expenditure objects of children. In order to ensure the healthy growth of children and provide children with a safe growth environment, if these consumer groups have a certain consumption strength, the safety of children's products must be considered first, and quality will be selected when purchasing products. Guaranteed products with better brand and a certain reputation.

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