Don't step on these pits in the design of the indoor children's playground
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2020-05-14 15:10:56
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Indoor childrens playgrounds are customized products. Therefore, after the indoor children ’s playground investor and the manufacturer determine the cooperation relationship, the manufacturer ’s designer will carry out the overall design and layout according to the actual situation of the venue to design a 3D rendering. After the design drawing comes out, the designer will make certain modifications and adjustments according to the customers requirements.

Dont step on these pits in the design of the indoor childrens playground

It stands to reason that the designer ’s rich industry experience plus the opinions of customers, the indoor children ’s playground should be more perfectly presented. but. The actual situation is that many customers do not particularly understand the indoor childrens playground, so they often put forward some unfavorable amendments. After the indoor childrens playground was officially put into use, I regretted it and had to make another revision.

Here, we will introduce you to the more common pits in the design of indoor childrens parks. Dont step on them, so as not to regret it.

First. Every protective net has its meaning

The protective net is the main component of the indoor childrens playground, and it is also an indispensable safety accessory. It provides some necessary places for the childrens play experience to place the protective net.

However, because the protective net does not look particularly beautiful, some customers will ask the designer to remove the protective net in certain parts. In fact, this is very detrimental to childrens safety. Therefore, you can ask the designer to make it more beautiful, but you must not remove this layer of security barrier for the sake of so-called beauty and beauty.

Dont step on these pits in the design of the indoor childrens playground


A sharp iron sheet at the corner of a "Rebel Land" and the aerial protection net encountered before broke a big hole, trampled on a trampoline, unattended by a climbing wall ... In the past, when a child was playing "Inflatable Castle" on the roadside, the "Castle" was picked up by the strong wind and the child unfortunately fell to the ground and died.

Dont step on these pits in the design of the indoor childrens playground

Second, what you feel good-looking may not be to your childs appetite

The protective net is the main component of the indoor children ’s playground,

Adults generally prefer the more elegant colors, so that it looks more high-end atmosphere. However, children are just the opposite, preferring some bright and bright colors. In addition, in the indoor childrens park, you may be very tired of the happy goat and gray wolf, but that may be the childrens favorite.

Dont step on these pits in the design of the indoor childrens playground

Third. Amusement equipment should not be too compact

The protective net is the main component of the indoor childrens playground, and is also an indispensable safety accessory equipment, which provides a safety guarantee for the childrens play experience. Therefore, designers will place protective nets in some necessary places based on years of experience in the industry.

For some small areas, customers always want to place as many amusement equipment as possible in a limited space. As a result, the already small indoor childrens playground will become more sullen, making people feel breathless. This will not only affect childrens play experience, but even cause various safety accidents. In addition, most children who play in the indoor childrens park do not yet have the sense of self-protection, and many parents will choose to take care of them nearby. If the gap between the amusement devices is too small, the parents cannot pass.

01. Can you trust the material of the trampoline?

Dont step on these pits in the design of the indoor childrens playground

There was an article, it is estimated that you and my friends circle. The media has reported that after playing the trampoline three times, the 10-year-old boy collapsed to the ground at the moment of loosening his belt, and finally diagnosed a serious injury to the thoracic cord and lost consciousness in his legs.

When many public accounts are forwarded, the shocking word "paralysis" is used in the title. Although not so terrible and serious, according to the diagnosis of childrens surgical experts, this kind of injury is a "whiplash injury", similar to a fall injury from a height, because the spine is shaken up and down, and the spine is overloaded, which is indeed dangerous.

02. Inflatable castle, the fierce behind the gentleness

Dont step on these pits in the design of the indoor childrens playground

One of the most common childrens play facilities in parks and shopping malls should be a bouncy castle. It looks soft and interesting, harmless to humans and animals. Are these inflatable amusement rides that seem to have no sense of harm at all safe?

One scene that happened was unbearable. A three-year-old girl is playing on an outdoor small air-cushion bed. Grandma is standing next to it, but suddenly, the air-cushion bed moved, and the grandmother wanted to hold her down, but the air-bed was still blown away by the strong wind. After falling in the air, the head was seriously injured, and the rescue failed.

03. Old-fashioned cannibalism

Dont step on these pits in the design of the indoor childrens playground

Weve all seen that many small supermarkets, childrens toy stores, pharmacies, etc. are equipped with electric rocking carts, and there are many children who are having fun on it. In fact, these cradles are mostly "three-none" products, and the patterns are spicy and not to mention, there are many hidden safety hazards.

An industry source revealed that most of the production of rocking trucks are small workshops, basically no product quality certificate. In other words, at present, almost all of the countrys rocking trucks are "three no products", and the QS logo cannot be found on the rocking trucks. Erbaos father once consulted with many customers on Taobao and pretended to be a potential big buyer. The answers of the customers are basically the same: pro, brand is not important. It can be used after being bought back and plugged in, and the cost of recovery is very fast.

In the past two years, children ’s paradise with various categories such as inflatable castles, water parks, etc., have aimed at the market of fertility peaks and the second child. They grow wildly like wild grass, but they are disorderly. Many businesses only see the benefits of today, but not the responsibilities of tomorrow.

So, what should our parents pay attention to?

● It is recommended to take the children to ride the amusement equipment in the small outdoor playground. First, observe whether there is an inspection certificate issued by the supervision and inspection department at a conspicuous location. If you do not have an inspection certificate or are overdue, it is best not to ride.

● Observe whether the management of the operation and use units of the amusement facilities is standardized. For example, if it is found that there are no necessary instructions and warning signs around the place, the place is cluttered and crowded, the management and operating personnel leave the duty, and the protective equipment is incomplete, etc., it is best not to play.

● If it is the three-no product, indoor paradise, please take care of children to play, after all, there are too many pains and lessons, do n’t be careless.

● Before entering the indoor playground, you should carefully read the game instructions, choose according to the children ’s age and height, and do not let children play games that are not suitable for their height and physique.

● In the process of playing, parents should always be with their children at any time, and carefully check the sanitation and safety of the equipment before the experience.

● Because there are a lot of people in the venue and the age varies greatly, it is best to let your children avoid it when playing with larger children. If your children are relatively large and naughty, you should pay attention to more guidance and do not accidentally hurt the surrounding children. Children, avoid disputes between parents.

● If there is a gap in the amusement facility that can catch the child ’s fingers, arms, legs, etc., pay special attention to it. It is best to protect it when playing.

● The play item selected for the child should be no higher than 2 meters. The risk of 2/3 occurs when the child falls off the device, so a good ground can play a good role in protection. Pay attention to the ground of the playground, choose to use plastic or rubber pads, and the thickness is at least 3 ~ 10 cm of safe ground.

● Carefully inspect the amusement facilities to ensure that there are no loose ropes, spikes, rust or broken metal parts that appear after being damaged.

● Check whether the screws, bolts and clamps of slides, horizontal bars and seesaws are tightly fastened, whether they have sharp protruding edges or any hooks, which will catch childrens clothes or skin.

● When playing inflatable facilities, try not to let children bring some metal or hard things up to avoid scratching the air cushion castle play equipment or hurting themselves and others.

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