Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?
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2020-05-11 15:16:09
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1. The safety requirements for the operation of large track equipment?

(1) in order to prevent running vehicles from collision with tourists, vehicle body attachments and tourists, passengers carrying objects and tourists, large and high-speed running equipment needs to be set up perimeter.

(2) the perimeter fence requires a height of 2 meters and has anti climbing devices (hedges, rails, barbs, etc.).

(3) the maintenance channel involving maintenance channels is the same as the fence standard and is locked up.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

2, the design requirements for falling protection devices for high jump classes (jumping machines)?

(1) during the operation of high jump equipment, small items carried by tourists will fall off, such as keys, coins and so on. Although the staff have reminded, it is impossible to completely guarantee that no small items are equipped with equipment. (employees have no right to search)

(2) when designing, the interception net is designed to intercept small objects and hurting people around the equipment. The color of the network is black (visual protection), the material is steel mesh, and the bearing capacity of wind load is considered.

3, safety requirements for foundation pit of large track equipment and high platform?

(1) the platform of large equipment is generally two layers of space. The platform area where tourists are landing is generally at 3 m height. The safety requirements of the equipment are not taken into account in the construction drawings provided by some manufacturers, and there is a great hidden danger in the area where the foundation pit bursts in the area of tourists or staff.

(2) install an anti falling net below the track to prevent falling from falling down from three meters and lessen the injury level of tourists or employees.

4, equipment landing to take pneumatic gate control and design requirements?

(1) in order to increase the efficiency of operation, visitors of the star class equipment usually take pneumatic door control (opening several doors at the same time to facilitate landing at the same time). However, some manufacturers do not comply with GB-8408's safety control requirements in providing pneumatic door, which is easy to cause young children to pass through and cause injury.

(2) the standard of the railings for the pneumatic doors is that the spacing between the vertical rails should not exceed 10 cm, and the height should not be less than 1.2 m. Or make a closed panel, there is no problem of railing gap.

(3) the opening position of the pneumatic door can not be less than 10 centimeters from the safe distance of the vehicle, so that the vehicle and the railings will interact with each other when the vehicle passes along or passes backward.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

5, the design requirements of torrents and ship power equipment?

(1) the equipment involved in the landing of the terminal is equipped with a driving device. The waterfall area should be equipped with a waterproof cover plate to prevent tourists from falling into the water and not hurting the limbs.

(2) in particular, the safety measures are different for manufacturers of different types of rapids. Some terminals have anti dropping protective boards, some have no fall protection plates, and the installation of protective boards plays a very good role in protecting the safety.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

6, bumper car safety protection measures?

(1) the seat belt of the bumper car is advised to take a condom strap and it is not easy to fall off.

(2) steering wheel adopts soft packaging to prevent tourists from experiencing injuries to the nose and bones caused by their head hitting the steering wheel.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

7, do you need to store the design requirements of the platform storage area?

(1) the reasonable performance of the mobile line is improved. The storage area must be designed on the platform, and it is not recommended to design in other areas of the equipment entrance or platform. Some of the drawings currently provided by the manufacturers consider less factors, which often result in relatively small platform temporary storage, which can not be implemented. Only the storage area can be placed in other areas, resulting in unreasonable moving lines and affecting operation efficiency.

(2) the storage cabinet adopts a single door and double cupboard (single cabinet is used for a vehicle service, which is convenient for cross use and arranges the time for tourists to prepare).

(3) the number of lattices in a locker is generally 70% of the total number of vehicles transported by a single vehicle.

8, star equipment pre queuing area design requirements?

(1) pre queuing is the preparation for the next batch of tourists during the course of the trip, including the number of people who are landing on the same number of equipment, the need for temporary parcels for parcels, etc.

(2) the location of the specific line and the storage area, the setting of the railing of the pre queuing area, and the different settings according to the difference of each device.

9, the design requirement of equipment exit with high loading capacity and no need for temporary storage?

(1) the outlet of the equipment can be set up at 2-3 locations. When the golden week is large, it is convenient for tourists to leave the game area quickly and get time for the next batch of tourists.

(2) as far as storage is concerned, storage basket should be used as far as possible for tourists to pick up.

(3) equipment with large load capacity, such as 72 people turning horses, 72 people rotating cups, 50 Mexico straw hats, 52 people shaking chairs and other equipment.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

10, the need for emergency broadcasting design for rescue equipment at high altitude?

(1) large equipment with rescue tracks. When equipment fails, tourists need to get safety tips for the first time, otherwise they will cause panic.

(2) when designing, Ma Road area needs emergency broadcast laying. At the same time, the safety broadcasting is started while the employees climb from the platform to the equipment failure area.

11, indoor stadium import and export design requirements?

(1) in order to increase the number of visitors entering the indoor stadiums, there are 2-3 general passageways designed to increase the time of entering the indoor stadiums.

(2) regional isolation can be set up without improving the efficiency of operation.

12, river channel cleaning channel design needs?

(1) river courses need to be cleaned regularly. When designing, the slope of the bottom of the whole river basin should be considered to ensure the convenience of washing the river.

(2) at the bottom of the river, it is recommended to design 40-60 meters away from the water pits to facilitate the centralized collection and discharge of sewage during the scouring of the river.

(3) many projects do not set up water ponds, resulting in cleaning the river, the last pool bottom sewage is not well collected and discharged.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

13, the design requirements of the rotary equipment export bathing place?

(1) after the end of the tour, some tourists may feel dizziness and vomiting due to their physical discomfort.

(2) the outlet bathing office also facilitates the use of clean equipment at the time of cleaning.

14, do bubble clubs need to clean up the design requirements of bubble balls?

(1) bubble ball must be cleaned at a fixed time to ensure its hygiene and ensure its operation quality.

(2) bubble ball cleaning needs to set up soaking pool, cleaning pool and air drying place.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

15, after the breakdown of the star equipment, how to design the passageway for tourists?

(1) export and entry need to consider the visual blocking between tourists, so as to facilitate the convenience of landing facilities in the future. If the vision is thorough, waiting for tourists will have strong complaints.

(2) the shelter is usually blocked by the theme wall, and the gardening is obstructing or moving away.

(3) the indoor queuing area or the sheltered queuing area should be set up so as to facilitate the collection of tourists when it is convenient to queue up.

16, the design requirements for emergency passage of star equipment queuing area?

(1) emergency equipment should be designed in the queuing area of star equipment to facilitate tourists to leave the queuing area quickly and prevent mass trampling.

(2) the emergency passageway handles the lock state of the cipher lock on weekdays to prevent tourists from opening at will, resulting in queuing disputes when tourists queue up.

17, the design requirements of star equipment queue area?

(1) the length of the fixed queue area of the star equipment queue area is designed to be 1 hours in length, the length of the insertion bar is 1 hours, and the rest part is controlled by the traction rope.

(2) plug and pull rope control is convenient for wide use in non busy season.

(3) design can block the line of sight area, so as to facilitate the settlement of complaints and VVIP reception in the future.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

18, lighting design requirements for indoor venues?

(1) indoor venues usually have several preview rooms, and visitors can reach the main hall through the preview hall. In order to protect tourists' visual and dark adaptation, the light of the lamp should be gradual.

(2) after the end of the performance, the exit area lights will be gradual.

19, the design requirements of equipment tourists moving line?

(1) clarify the relationship between the equipment operator, the equipment area entrance, the equipment area export and the queue area entrance four.

(2) the relationship between the four parties needs to be in one working area to facilitate the combination of artificial demand in peak season.

(3) nowadays many scenic spots are not designed reasonably, which is very inconvenient for tourists to use, and they also waste jobs and labor when staffing posts.

20, the design requirements for the safety buckle of shoulder type equipment?

(1) in order to ensure safety, some safety pressure shoulder devices are added with safety buckles. The safety buckle of the equipment is suggested to be buckled on the top, and the way of the child buckle is not likely to hit the face when visitors are landing or leaving the equipment.

(2) part of the equipment is very humane, and some other equipment is installed under the pressure shoulder. When it comes up, there is a safety belt in front of the tourists. It is very inconvenient for tourists to go up and down, sometimes it will accidentally encounter visitors' face.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

21, monitoring the design needs of the equipment operation area?

(1) equipment platform and equipment operation area need to be monitored and covered. The key monitoring screen can be set up as temporary storage area, upper and lower passenger platform area.

(2) when monitoring the layout points, we should consider the wide angle of the monitoring equipment, the distance from the equipment, the installation of the device body, and the phenomenon of black spots in many areas.

(3) a large number of scenic spots are equipped with monitoring devices when they are placed in the monitoring area. As a result, there are lots of dead corners on the coverage. In fact, the monitoring of the platform is far away, so that the whole area can be fully monitored.

22, design requirements for equipment operation rooms?

(1) the area of the operation room is not less than 5 square meters, and the activity area of the staff is not less than 2 square meters.

(2) the visual effect of the operator can not affect the visual effect of the operator.

(3) if there is a large demand for other equipment in the operation room, it is suggested that a separate equipment room should be established to prevent equipment radiation and ensure the occupational health needs of employees.

23, design requirements for operation area and platform of wading projects?

(1) there should be no water accumulation in the operation area and queuing area for wading projects.

(2) treatment can take drains, ditch covers, perforation and leakage.

(3) at present, there are a lot of stagnant water on the platform of many wading projects, which have caused many safety problems such as tourists falling and so on.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

24, matters needing attention in the development of non-standard equipment?

(1) a large number of non-standard non-standard items such as forest climbing, swing, seesaw, suspension bridge and so on have been developed in the scenic spot, without theoretical authentication and relevant instructions. The site is difficult to manage the number of tourists participating in the project, and there is a big hidden danger.

(2) at present, the suspension bridge falls and the climbing facilities collapse, resulting in equipment casualties and so on. That affects the overall operation quality of scenic spots, and can not get rid of the market predicament for a long time.

25, indoor stadium project and outdoor project quantity matching needs?

(1) indoor projects play an important role in solving the severe weather in summer, such as hot weather, sudden rainstorms, sudden gale and other bad weather.

(2) according to the design needs of the theme area, 1-2 indoor stadium projects should be set up in each region.

Equipment handling specification

26. Handling norms for tourists taking food into queuing area

(1) the entry attendants found that when tourists brought food into the queuing area, they explained to the tourists that food should not be brought into the equipment, they could be stored in public areas or handed over to their counterparts. To prevent tourists from eating when they ride the equipment, the movement of the equipment causes the tongue to bite, especially when the child is riding the equipment.

(2) when tourists are discouraged, they need to be polite and maintain a good attitude to explain the impact of food intake on equipment.

(3) if a tourist is determined to bring food in, the waiter will inform the duty captain and supervisor.

(4) when tourists are discouraged, they are guided to stay away from other tourist areas to avoid the attention of other tourists and produce bad reputation.

(5) if a point attendant can not discourage tourists, the duty supervisor should deal with it at the first time.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

27. When visitors queue up, the bathroom is processed.

(1) the entry staff reminded the waiting time of the queuing tourists. If visitors need to go to the toilet, they should prepare for the toilet ahead of time. For example, if you are waiting in the middle of the toilet, please raise your hand to show the staff.

(2) when the staff arrive at the scene, they will send out identification signs or communicate with the tourists before queuing, leaving the tourists dissatisfied with the tourists.

(3) guide visitors to the nearest bathroom.

(4) if the other tourists in the queuing area have objections, the on-site staff should make relevant explanations and appease to avoid misunderstanding of other tourists.

28, the handling area of equipment lost and found handling norms

(1) the duty attendant delivers the foreman at the first time after picking up the left over items on the spot.

(2) the foreman delivers the articles to the customer service center in time, filling in the list of goods handover, indicating the location of the pickup, the characteristics of the articles, the pickup person and other related information.

(3) the head waiter registers and commends the pickup staff.

(4) when tourists come to look for objects, the staff should guide the tourists to the customer service center's left goods collection office.

(5) if a lost property is to be handed over to the customer service center in the future, the general merchandise needs to be informed of the regional supervisor's involvement in the verification and delivery to the tourists. If the valuables are required, the customer service center should be informed to intervene.

(6) during the processing, we need to carry out the latest monitoring facilities and leave the image data.

29, equipment area found the code of dealing with children.

(1) if a post member finds missing children, he should come up in advance and squatting to ask the children to know the loss of children.

(2) to understand children's family characteristics, ways of contact and comfort children, relieve children's anxiety and tension.

(3) according to the information provided by children, this situation will be reported to the foreman. The head waiter can contact the children's parents according to the contact information provided by the children.

(4) if the child is unable to provide parents with relevant information, the bell captain will bring the children to the customer service center for handover at the first time.

(5) the foreman told other regional employees with the walkie talkie, always pay attention to the tourists in the area. If any parents find missing children, they should be informed of the location of the children in advance, so that parents can find children as soon as possible.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

30. Rules for treatment of vomiting or discomfort after traveling by equipment

(1) for high irritation, the equipment often occurs after the passengers have vomited after the equipment is completed. The machine is prepared to block the sawdust. Once the vomit is over, the machine attendant is under cover, and when the situation is serious, the cleaner will be notified to come to assist in the processing.

(2) if there is a serious problem, inform the infirmary and the supervisor on duty, or send someone to the infirmary.

(3) if the tourist is in serious condition, notify the clinic to send the person to the scene personally.

(4) if a tourist fainted in the unknown condition, the staff at the scene should not be moved, and the sun umbrella can be removed in summer to cool down.

(5) according to the judgement of the medical personnel, the customer service personnel call 120 emergency facilities.

(6) after the end of the tour, the machine attendants do a good job of observing the tourists, and find that those who are pale and walk unstable are ready to help them at any time.

31. Handling rules for disputes between tourists in project area

(1) when finding quarrels or fights between tourists, employees will be discouraged for the first time, "do not fight again".

(2) evacuate onlookers to avoid injury to other personnel.

(3) reporting the department leaders according to the situation, and according to the instructions of the higher authorities, they may choose to close the equipment in their respective areas.

(4) find other colleagues to persuade them within the limits of their own control, but the premise is to protect their own safety.

(5) the shift leader should arrive at the location at the fastest speed and report to the supervisor or manager according to the situation.

(6) the supervisor can report the customer service center and the security department according to the actual situation of the site. Before the arrival of the support department staff, the manager, supervisor and so on should control the development as far as possible.

(7) the security guards will take the two sides of the fight away from the scene to prevent a single party from escaping and lay a good foundation for later treatment.

(8) the security monitoring center adjusts the surrounding surveillance lens and leaves the image data.

32. Handling norms for non cooperative tourists

(1) post attendants need to be polite enough to know the safety problems that may arise if visitors are not up to the standard.

(2) introduce other facilities that do not require relevant requirements to visitors.

(3) if a tourist does not listen to dissuade, the equipment and service personnel should notify the foreman and the supervisor at the first time, and will be handled by the head waiter and the supervisor.

(4) if visitors always insist on entering the tour, the supervisor will notify the security or customer service department to deal with the situation.

(5) ensure the normal order of the queuing area and the normal operation of the equipment, so as to avoid such tourists from affecting the operation order of the scene and the queuing time of other tourists.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

33. Norms for male workers serving female tourists

(1) when male workers are serving female tourists, they need to maintain enough distance and do not engage in physical contact unless they are properly displaced when they are unwell and walk uncomfortable.

(2) after traveling through the irritating equipment, the on-site service personnel should observe the expression of each visitor, pay attention to the passengers who are pale, bow, and painful expression, and give them support if necessary.

(3) the machines with conditions on the scene should be provided with female employees as far as possible.

(4) for the high and low position service, arrange the female staff to carry out the security check and service as far as possible.

34. Handling rules for sudden bad weather.

(1) sudden bad weather during operation, such as windy, heavy rain and thunder and lightning, can not open the equipment, and explain and comfort the tourists.

(2) equipment that is not subject to the above conditions will play a good role in the circular playback of indoor facilities.

(3) the customer service center gives information about the broadcasting and LED displays in the park, and still opens the equipment to guide visitors to the experience.

35. Interpretation criteria for carrying easily shedding items into queuing areas

(1) for the equipment that has the requirement to take off the items with easy shedding, before entering the queuing area, the entry staff should discriminate the objects carried by the tourists and give warm hints for different situations.

(2) there is no temporary storage on the platform. It is told that it can be sent to the locker or customer service center in the public area. If you have temporary storage on the platform, please inform yourself that you should first arrange your belongings and put them in the bag. To prevent economic loss during the ride. Failure of equipment will result in failure of equipment. The electronic equipment will cause the sensor to transition sensitivities, causing the equipment to be safely locked.

(3) inform the food, such as drinking water or bread, to eat or put into the bag when waiting in line.

36. The use of electronic auxiliary equipment for equipment operation.

(1) open the amplifying facilities used on the machine, adjust the volume, not oversize, oversize, noise, whistling, etc. if there is any trouble, repair it in time and repair it in a short time, please use the mobile amplifying facilities in the backup plan.

(2) open the video facilities configured in the queuing area to see if the images can be played normally, whether there are abnormal scenes such as black screen, flower screen and flash screen. If there are problems, report maintenance in time, start the backup plan in a short time, and the operator of the machine platform should strengthen the frequency of the safety notification of the equipment ride.

(3) running at night, turn on the ambient lights around the machine to see if it is in normal use. If it is found that the lights are not bright or other conditions that affect the operation of the night and report in a timely manner, the customer service center should be informed of the problem that can not be solved in a short time.

(4) wall mounted intercom facilities to test whether the walkie talkie is normal or not, and the quality of the call is normal.

(5) open the monitoring facilities in the machine area to see if there is any abnormal situation such as loss of monitoring screen, black screen and jumping screen. If there is an abnormal situation, report it to the relevant departments for maintenance in time to prevent it from working without monitoring.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

37, when the equipment fails, the visitor handles the regulation.

(1) trapped tourists: the platform staff first launched emergency radio to inform them that it was safe. Other staff arrived at the trapped place as soon as possible, rescued the trapped tourists, and guided them to the safe area, waiting for the assistance of the duty manager or customer service personnel.

(2) platform landing equipment: quickly release the tourists from platform equipment to the next passenger area, explain the equipment failure, and can not be opened to the public. If it can be repaired in a short time, it will be able to re visit and play. If it can not be repaired in a short time, it can persuade others to play other equipment.

(3) waiting in the queuing area for more than 1 hours to deal with the tourists: inform the equipment failure, repair time can not be determined, if there is a departure, quickly guide them to leave the queuing area, unwilling to leave, waiting for the duty manager and customer service personnel to assist in processing.

(4) tourists just queuing up: conduct guided evacuation and persuade others to play other equipment.

(5) entry management in queuing area: suspending or putting up the prompt sign for equipment maintenance, which is closed and open, is not accepting tourists queuing, guiding tourists to play other equipment.

38, employees enter the operation forbidden area management specification

(1) equipment with restricted operation area shall not be entered at any time without approval. If entering, strictly according to company standard punishment. Because employees do not know the safety conditions of the restricted area, employees can easily cause casualties.

(2) employees are not allowed to think that tourists will pick up the belongings that they have dropped into the restricted area. If they fall, tourists are required to report to the customer service center on their own. After the equipment is stopped, the security, customer service and field operators will enter the operation restricted area jointly, and make joint search. Ensure that the equipment is out of service and where it is is a safe area. If necessary, the structural engineer of the engineering department will arrive at the scene to confirm whether it is a safe area.

(3) at present, there are many casualties resulting from the entry of employees into the restricted area.

(4) the perimeter of the safe operation restricted area is checked daily, and the safety hazards such as damage to the fence must be reported to the relevant departments for timely maintenance.

39. Usage specification of equipment fast track

(1) equipment operators, supervisors, managers, etc., can not bring their friends and other tourists from the fast track access to the equipment platform, jump the queue to experience equipment.

(2) equipment operators are not allowed to pick up tourists who come in from the exit or other tourists from other companies.

(3) find out that employees bring friends from the outlet and report in good time.

(4) customer service personnel to solve complaints from tourists, executives of company reception can enter the platform from the fast track, convenient access to equipment. And fill in the "tourist fast ride record".

(5) no one can take the convenient passageway for tourists to collect guests' fees. Once discovered, they are strictly handled according to the company's system.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

40. Selection criteria for equipment riding conditions

(1) the conditions of travel are divided into: a height restriction, selection and treatment of tourists, B age restriction, selection and treatment of tourists, C screening and treatment of hidden diseases, D non-standard tourists' dissuade and treatment.

(2) those who are not tall enough: the attendant observates the height condition of visitors at any time, and finds that height can not be clearly satisfied. And visitors want to participate in the equipment, and the waiter greets them. The child needs squatting service to actively communicate with their parents. After winning the consent of the parents, the child will be measured for height. Those who meet the requirements are released to the queuing area, do not meet the requirements, patiently explain the height requirements of the equipment, and introduce the projects or performances that may be involved. It is necessary to place a tour guide in the queuing area, and mark the items that are not restricted by height, so as to facilitate the use of tourists.

(3) tall people: the entrance attendants visually measure the height of the visitors and feel that they can not take the equipment. Explain patiently that the height of the equipment is limited and the safety facilities can not be used normally, for example, the safety pressure bar and the seat belt can not be used. If a tourist is not required to take the equipment, the attendant will notify the district supervisor, and the supervisor will assist him in processing. He will take the tourists to the platform for on-site testing from the shortcut. If he can take the tourists out of the platform and line up the order. If the test can not be taken by tourists, it is recommended to go to indoor venues to watch performances and participate in recreational facilities that are not restricted by height. A guide map is placed in the queuing area, and a height restriction device is marked to facilitate the use of tourists.

(4) age limited condition: the entry staff should pay attention to tourists at any time, and discriminate the tourists who are older, younger and unable to distinguish the age. For older people, we should be patient to inform them that we should know the contents of passengers' notice cards again and tell them that they will have dizziness and vomiting after taking the equipment. We suggest that we should take part in equipment and facilities with less stimulation. For those who are younger but who are in line with the riding conditions, they should communicate with their parents patiently and remind parents to take care of their children's guardianship and escort them. For tourists who are unable to identify their age, they warmly remind them to understand the passengers' instructions again, and notify the equipment supervisor to assist them when necessary. If a tourist tells the age of a worker not to be in the range, he will notify the equipment supervisor to deal with the situation and explain the reaction condition after the ride. He will inform the customer service center to assist in handling the request.

(5) recessive disease and other situation handling process: the entry staff should pay attention to passengers at any time. For insensitive diseases such as weakness, inactivity in legs and feet, puffiness, young women in child-bearing age, etc., it is impossible to judge. The staff should guide them enthusiastically to understand "passengers need to know" again, and then release them to the queuing area after confirmation with tourists. Passengers who are particularly inconsistent with the conditions of the ride can not ride. To tell the consequences of taking the equipment, it will cause dizziness and vomiting. Special attention should be given to the hidden diseases of the body. After the ride, no one will notify you of any complaints or accidents. Visitors still need to know the customer service center staff to assist in processing. If necessary, they will notify the monitoring center to leave the image data.

(6) do not regulate the handling process of the equipment. For those who do not listen to the staff's discouragement, they should give friendly reminder to the equipment before, during and after the equipment. For those who are not listening, they should inform the supervisor and customer service personnel to assist in the process. For special events such as festivals and market activities (student spring and autumn tour, sunset red activities, factory enterprise activities, etc.), the marketing department should inform the departments of the company in time, and the customer service center should broadcast the riding matters for the special group ahead of time.

41. Handling specifications when equipment is shut down

(1) the equipment maintenance department shall formulate the weekly, monthly and annual equipment maintenance plan and report it to the general manager for approval. The opening of the equipment after approval is responsible for the daily information release of the customer service center.

(2) the customer service center focuses on on-site service posts, such as financial ticketing, gate checking, market sales, equipment operation, catering, merchandise, parking, catering, merchandise, cleaning and other front-line staff, so as to facilitate interpretation of customer service.

(3) the opening of the financial ticket window to the ticket buying visitors and the public information such as LED announces the information about the opening of the resources release device.

(4) the customer service center is responsible for checking and checking the information of the various service posts and issuing public information and checking the accuracy of the information.

(5) when the equipment breaks down, the operator must report to the supervisor of maintenance and equipment operation for the first time. After the equipment maintenance is confirmed, the fault can be solved within 30 minutes. The customer service center does not need to issue information to assist the on-site operators to do the interpretation work for the tourists in the queuing area. In 30 minutes, unable to solve or unable to judge the specific time of failure, the customer service center asks the duty manager to make information release or to prepare for the emergency evacuation plan.

(6) the customer service center will inform the financial ticketing, change the information on the opening of the equipment, do a good job in interpreting the gate entry ticket, and mark the ticket after the ticket is reissued, so as to facilitate the tourists to master the opening of the equipment.

(7) the equipment can not be opened due to sudden bad weather. The operator at the scene should inform the equipment maintenance and equipment supervisor in time. The equipment supervisor will inform the equipment manager, and the equipment manager will inform the customer service center of the equipment opening.

(8) maintenance personnel do well the on-site maintenance of the equipment, and the operators do a good job of explaining the scene visitors. The customer service personnel do the public area information alteration, the open project reminder and the safety precautions.

(9) after the bad weather is lifted, the on-site operators will carry out the no load trial operation of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can be opened to the outside world. (a large class a equipment requires the equipment maintenance personnel to carry out the no-load test at the scene, the equipment personnel can be put into operation after the operation is confirmed, the operator will notify the establishment supervisor, notify the equipment manager after the general meeting, notify the customer service center by the equipment manager, and the equipment can be right. Open to the outside world.

(10) sudden gale weather, resulting in equipment can not be opened. The equipment operator promptly notify the customer service center and the department heads, and the duty manager completes the emergency plan to improve the tourist satisfaction.

(11) the customer service center personnel pay attention to the daily weather forecast, and inform the front-line management cadres, the day duty manager, the company duty leader on the day, and the public area information release of the park.

(12) according to the weather forecast information, the ticket window is ready for "weather reasons (gale), some of the upper air equipment will be temporarily closed, and the information to be reopened will be paid attention to the broadcasting and LED announcement of the park at any time."

(13) gate check tickets remind tourists again, give them another reminder and make sure they are marked.

(14) customer service center is responsible for information transmission and information checking of front-line posts.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

42. Setting up specification for rush hour queuing area

(1) expand the direction of the queuing area, not obstruct the main road, and do not cross the line with other projects.

(2) temporary expansion of the queuing area should be set up according to the length of the queuing area in order to facilitate the tourists to throw away the rubbish.

(3) the expansion of the entrance to the queuing area requires the addition of mobile "equipment instructions" to facilitate staff interpretation of tourists.

(4) in view of the temporary development area of the equipment, audio and fan equipment facilities should be opened in time.

(5) in order to expand the queuing area, the corresponding waiting time is arranged.

(6) expand the design of the emergency passage in the queuing area to facilitate the evacuation of tourists when the equipment fails.

(7) the entry manager should do a good job of expanding the screening of tourists in queuing areas.

(8) opening up new queuing areas to do a good job in health protection.

43, the peak of the formation management specification

(1) the formation of star equipment is carried out in accordance with the law of the operation of scenic spots for a period of time. The general situation is the announcement of the formation time of the equipment within 2 hours before the deadline, and the formation of the queue 1 hours ago.

(2) the equipment with high efficiency can not be formed in advance. According to the actual situation, the formation will be carried out 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

(3) at the time of formation, the entry management positions need to be asked by the operator or the operation supervisor to carry out the formation, and do not get a point of self formation.

(4) after the formation of the brigade, the tourists will be released to the queuing area, and the notification cards for suspension operation of the suspension equipment shall be checked.

44, the peak period of equipment delivery efficiency improvement management standards

(1) arrange video playback facilities in the queuing area, record the video flow of the equipment and the basic movements, inform the queuing tourists in advance, do their best to complete the self-help of the tourists, save the use and ride of the safety facilities, reduce the working pressure of the personnel of the station, and ensure the safety of the staff.

(2) according to the number of single passenger trips, the number of passengers in advance is not allowed.

(3) improve the ability of employees to release and release tourists, and train the proficiency of equipment safety inspection.

(4) set up pre screening criteria for project entries, and shall not be released to the queuing area.

(5) to solve the problem of tourists' removal of equipment in advance, and prevent tourists from sitting on the equipment, something is not stored. Once again, the storage will affect the start-up of the equipment, resulting in low transport efficiency.

(6) in advance, the tourists should be combined well to prevent tourists from traveling in separate batches, resulting in communication between tourists and employees, resulting in the achievement of equipment carrying efficiency.

(7) assemble tourists ahead of time and give up the guide to leave the platform for the visitors who arrive at the platform. Avoid affecting the operation efficiency.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

45. Efficiency improvement of non popular projects.

(1) use the peak hours to open the equipment and let tourists first participate in the project.

(2) continuously develop the interactive experience of equipment, organize the interaction between the operation of the equipment, and increase the interest and participation of the project.

(3) attract tourists to participate in the form of costumes and staff solicitation. Many classic projects can attract a large number of tourists to stop and watch the project running.

(4) create a theme atmosphere to increase the attractiveness of the project.

(5) let tourists take part in non popular projects through customs clearance activities.

46. Service specification for disabled persons

(1) the attendant needs to make an accurate judgement of the disabled part and recommend the performance and the participation items according to the handicapped situation. A guide map is placed in the work area to mark the equipment and facilities that the disabled can experience.

(2) give assistance to the equipment that is allowed to ride, such as a wheelchair.

(3) if people in the queuing area are few, they can go through the fast lane, and the seats must be absolutely safe, for example, the horse can be arranged in the cockpit.

(4) if you can not take a ride in a special situation, explain it patiently. If necessary, call the supervisor or customer service center to deal with it.

47, visitors to the end of the baggage pick up service specifications

(1) at the end of the tour, the waiter reminds the tourists to pick up the luggage and prevent the loss of property.

(2) the export personnel must confirm that all the tourists take their luggage properly and pause for 5-10 seconds before they can leave the place.

(3) attendants in the lower area should not only pay attention to tourists, but also prevent tourists from getting stolen luggage.

(4) adjust the monitoring facilities in the temporary storage area and preserve the image data.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

48, women with longer hair ride on equipment service specifications

(1) after the entry attendants find out, explain the instructions of the equipment patiently.

(2) prepare a certain amount of disposable rubber bands for tourists.

(3) the security inspector of the equipment area should pay attention to the tourists with long hair, and once again, remind or issue disposable rubber bands for safety protection.

49, the handling norms of clothing easily scratched on the moving line

(1) signs, padlocks and access doors on the moving line can easily damage tourists or cause clothing damage to tourists. The equipment and facilities on the moving lines are included in the daily inspection items, and problems are reported promptly.

(2) for some scratching fingers or clothing, it can be handled by cutting, placing in concealed position and temporary adhesive tape.

50. Summary of supporting facilities during equipment development.

(1) queuing area, passenger information card, height ruler, sunshade, locker, operation room, fan, film and television equipment, black yellow line, glass patch, composite door, fast track, pre queuing area, platform store and so on.

(2) monitoring, night lighting, air conditioning and other supplies.

Do you know what to pay attention to when special equipment is being built and operated?

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