What's the key to decide prosperous market!
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2020-04-14 16:55:56
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What's the key to decide prosperous market!

In amusement parks, engaging in a theme activity will guide many tourists to come and play, this phenomenon is called " busy-season ". When the theme event ends, it will go through a period of intense sales and enter a period of relatively low passenger traffic, which is a "off-season ."

What's the key to decide prosperous market!

Is it a favorite for off-season or busy-season? The busy season, which is crowded and lively. Compared with the amusement park, the season has many customers and the sales staff can do the sales work. But it's not always a busy show every moment, there will always be a transition period for the off-season. What are we going to do during the off-season? Of course, you can't play mobile phones there, nor can you chat there! Because we need to do a lot of work in the off-season, to do more preparations for our next boom. Therefore, our off-site work is also called pre-sale preparation.

There is a saying in the industry: off-season decides to flourish. The more work you do off-site, the better your business will be!

What's the key to decide prosperous market!

Let's share with you how to do a good job in the off-season to start the show:

Simulation scenario exercise 1:

    The store manager found an employee or two employees to do simulation exercises with each other. Questions and answers, one person acts as a customer, one person acts as a clerk, and the customer acts as a tricky customer, asking a lot of questions, why is it expensive, go back and discuss it, can it be cheaper. And the harder the question is, the better the training effect for the clerk. In other words, the store manager acts as a customer who asks many questions and lets employees answer. This step is very important. You can also allocate good time to teach service etiquette and so on.

Recording sharing 2:

    Take an employee who ranks first in sales, put the recording pen in his clothes, let him receive the customers in the store, record the whole sales process, take out the recording when the off-site, and play back, let everyone listen to him To sell. Let the most productive salespeople do the demonstration for everyone. Then the manager went to sort out, how did the sales master deal?

Customer return visit 3:

    Bring out the customer's information to return visits to customers with high to low card quotas. The higher the card quota, the higher the loyalty, can be said to be our VIP customers! Before the holidays, send text messages of condolences to VIP customers. If you can add all VIPs to your WeChat account, use the off-site to see the VIP circle of friends, and see that the VIP is traveling, you can leave a message and like it, and you will know about it yourself. When the customer comes to the store next time and talks according to the information collected before, the topic will naturally increase!

Organize POP posters and store environment layout 4:

Focus on event posters : For example, on June 1st, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day and other festivals, the venue should be well arranged before customers come, the poster theme is obvious, and the event atmosphere is good. The theme activity programs we send to customers every month are equipped with posters related to the theme (poster photos, store layout photos, etc.).

A book on sales said: After research, a product, if combined with POP and posters, sales can increase by 18%. If combined with an independent promotional poster, desk card and POP tips, sales can increase by 23%. Although it is aimed at retail products, it also has a lot of inspiration for us! The posters, POPs, and soft decorations of our paradise are all very good. The theme activities in our "Multiple Intelligence Activities Program" toolkit all reflect these contents.

So whether your pre-sales preparation work is ready, it plays a vital role in the sales of Wangchang!

What's the key to decide prosperous market!

Determine the theme activity 5 of the store :

What is your theme activity this month? Sales talk followed up at the same time. It is to let sales consultants know what themed activities we are, such as "Mysterious Gifts of Goddess Festival", to add words to the card sales! Some paradise will also have short-term promotional activities, and the skills of the promotional activities should also be proficient. Can blurt out when there are many customers! The preparation of materials for related activities, the implementation of the theme activities should be strictly carried out, and the rehearsal and rehearsal of the theme activity programs should be in place. Make the corresponding preparations on weekdays, and the feedback performance will at least double by 30%.

Be skilled at selling and selling points will back!

These are preparations before sales. If you do these jobs well, you will find that when the customer comes, you will be very confident. You will know what you want to sell and answer any questions from the customer.

People, goods, and field are ready!

The sale of children's playgrounds starts with pre-sale preparation! The customer can't know what they are asking.

The most obvious example is the salesman of a mobile phone. When you go to a hypermarket, some salespersons ask you which mobile phone has the advantages. He all blurted out. The price of each model is very clear. Make full preparations at the venue, and be able to answer questions one by one during the busy venue.   

Learn the above tricks, and your children's playground sales will change from off-field to off-center in minutes!

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