Understand the importance of safe use of indoor children's fitness equipment
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2020-04-15 15:52:10
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Nowadays, there are a wide range of indoor children's fitness equipment products. Take children to play in children's naughty castle park or park on holidays or weekends. Relax through play. Which indoor children's play equipment is most popular with adults and children?

Understand the importance of safe use of indoor children's fitness equipment

  1. Safety of indoor fitness equipment

  Whether adults or parents take children to ride amusement equipment, everyone's first consideration is safety, disrepair, rusty children's amusement equipment, no matter who will not ride, let alone let their children Take this risk.

  2. Playability of children's amusement park equipment

  If the children's playground equipment cannot attract customers with its gorgeous appearance and attractive play, then it cannot be regarded as a popular product. If an amusement device is not interesting, or if there is no desire to play a few times, this amusement device is not popular.

  3. Reasonable charges for indoor fitness equipment

  Operators of indoor children's fitness equipment need to investigate the market in depth. Understand the consumption level in the region and the charging standards for children's fitness equipment, so as to customize reasonable charging conditions to achieve profitability. Too high a fee will discourage players, and too low a fee will cause peer competition.

  Children's well-being equipment is safe to use, children's play must be safe, and children's play is safe and secure. Pay attention to when using well-being equipment:

  1. Pay attention to the safety inspection pass mark: in accordance with national regulations, the periodic inspection period for the use of amusement machines and children's amusement equipment is one year. For amusement equipment that has undergone several safety inspections, the safety inspection pass mark is issued by the quality and technical supervision department and must be pasted In a conspicuous place, tourists should not ride amusement equipment that does not pass the test.

  2. Pay attention to the riding instructions: "Guidelines for passengers" are installed in the conspicuous places of the Naughty Castle Children's Park. Please read them carefully before riding; passengers must wait outside the safety fence before the flight. Over the fence.

  3. Toddlers must be accompanied by their parents and cannot ride alone in children's play facilities.

  4. Obey the instructions of the service staff: passengers will get up and down according to the order of the staff. When getting on and off the car, please pay attention to the head and feet to avoid bumping or falling.

  5. Pay attention to fasten the safety belt: Do not grab the safety belt before the children's amusement facility is stopped. Fasten the safety belt when riding. Check whether it is safe and reliable. Please hold the safety handle or other safety devices with both hands during operation. The seat belt must never be unfastened.

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