Let Mall vivid! Surfing, shooting, go-karting, and floating experiences are coming to the shopping mall!
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2020-04-13 16:35:38
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More and more shopping malls have introduced sports brands. In addition to the common fitness center and yoga hall, equestrian, real gun shooting, diving, skiing, go-karting, floating, flying experience, street dance and other sports have been opened into various places. Shopping centers, bowling alleys and archery are also making a comeback ...

The pace of life is fast, work pressure is high, people's health awareness is gradually increasing, every day in the WeChat circle of friends are all kinds of sunbathing, sunbathing, sunbathing ... sports are becoming more and more entertaining, and entertainment is becoming more and more sport Even more, they even chanted the slogan "Please eat rather than exercise".

According to the survey, more and more shopping malls have introduced sports brands. In addition to the common fitness center and yoga hall, various unexpected sports such as equestrian, real gun shooting, diving, skiing, go-karting, floating, Sports such as flying experience and hip-hop have all been opened in shopping centers around the world. Even bowling alleys and archery halls that have disappeared from the country 20 years ago are also making a comeback.

Let Mall vivid! Surfing, shooting, go-karting, and floating experiences are coming to the shopping mall!

In recent years, many shopping centers have changed from retail centers to entertainment and food centers, and now sports-themed shopping centers have emerged one after another ...

※ Kart ※

Does every time you watch the series "Speed and Passion" evoke your dream of speed?

Feiting Kart

This go-karting pavilion has only an indoor track and is located in an underground garage. They call themselves the largest indoor go-karting hall in Asia, with an area of 5,000 square meters. Also equipped with a full bar, KTV and billiards area. The track has many sharp turns and obstacles, making it ideal for those who want to experience a more exciting racing feel.

feiting kart

Disca Racing Pavilion

The Disca Motorsports Arena is the first and largest professional indoor racing venue in Asia. In addition to hosting professional or entertainment-level go-kart competitions, there are mini motorcycles and remote-controlled car model competitions.

The shopping mall has limited space and it is difficult to introduce thousands of square meters of karts. If there are surplus parking spaces in the parking lot, you can consider setting up the kart in the underground parking or roof parking. If the project area is limited but you want to introduce a racing car, consider a virtual racing center that combines virtual and real.

disca racing pavilion

※ Racing ※

RFC Simulation Racing Center

The real racing circuit covers a much larger area than the shopping mall, and only a simulation racing center covering an area of hundreds of square meters can be introduced into the shopping mall. The RFC simulation racing center has an area of more than 600 square meters. Simulation racing allows fans to drive real Ferrari, Audi and other famous brand sports cars to experience a full range of racing environments. It's like being in a racing car.

※ Surfing ※


Projects stationed in: (Gateway Theatre of Shopping)

The shopping mall has a large area and is a place for tourists to relax and shop. Many retail stores in the center provide tourists with fashion goods, food, and technical equipment. In fact, it shows the local people's lifestyle more. If you are passionate about sports, Gateway Theatre also has a surfing center and skate park.

surfing wave house

※ Sports complex ※

One Stop Dream Factory-Sports Park

The sports park is a collection of karts, 5D racing cars, simulated baseball, simulated football (basketball), simulated skiing, billiards, bowling, etc., creating a sports park for shopping centers, suitable for people of all ages to participate in it. It is a perfect place for education, entertainment and gathering.

one stop dream factory-sports park

※ Shooting ※

It is not uncommon for archery halls to enter shopping centers, but the marriage between shopping centers and shooting halls is still very rare.

Ming Gun Hui Real Gun Shooting Hall

As a place where you can play real gun shooting, there are many famous guns for you to choose! The main shooting and archery, the activity area also has darts, billiards, table games and other entertainment activities.

Tips: The management of firearms is very strict. Although some shooting halls with real guns and live ammunition have appeared everywhere, it is difficult for most shopping centers to introduce real shooting halls. Therefore, the laser simulation shooting hall opened into the shopping mall.


The virtual 3D picture is realistic, the character design, the capture of terrorists in the environment, and the rendering of the environment are extremely detailed. The shooting process is carried out in the real scene. Surrounding stereo with a large spatial range is extremely immersive and powerful. The mobile aiming shooting system uses laser capture technology. When the laser gun light is emitted with the shooter's action, the system measures Quickly and accurately capture the target, which greatly improves the reliability of the shooting, achieves a comprehensive measurement of the shooting parameters (speed, declination and elevation), and accurately calculates whether it hits the target, and the reaction speed is accurate, which makes the children who experience the scene feel A lot of fun.

※ Rock climbing ※

Rock Dance Space Climbing Hall

To meet the needs of different groups of people, the climbing hall is divided into indoor and outdoor climbing venues. There are rock climbing bouldering area, climbing height area and downhill area, suitable for beginners and climbing enthusiasts to experience and challenge.

rock climbing

※ Archery ※

Bowman Archery

The fully transparent archery hall, about 400 square meters, is divided into four areas, the member area and the ordinary area, and the dart area and the billiard area. The entrance is directly opposite the front desk. It is verified that the members of the group purchase and payment office are at this position. In the member area, the common area is on the right. After verification, there will be a special coach to help wear protective equipment, arm protection and fingers, carry pockets and other items, which can be stored in the cabinet and are free to use.

bowman archery

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