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Raiders for "price reduction" of children's playground equipment
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2020-04-11 17:25:38
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Raiders for "price reduction" of children's playground equipment

With economic development and improved living conditions, everyone is increasingly pursuing spiritual enjoyment. Parents are more and more willing to spend money in the children's play industry. Once the child likes it, the parents try to worry. Play games in slides, swings , trampoline, horse, marine ball pool and other recreational facilities readily available, you can also do it manually, playing musical instruments, children do not play all day inside the epiglottis, come in the morning, at noon to eat nearby, evening Just go home. In the eyes of mothers, indoor children ’s playgrounds also have the following advantages: First, they are not afraid of rain. The traditional children ’s playgrounds are open-air, and the indoor playgrounds are air-conditioned. The upper limit, the outdoor children ’s playground collects money according to the project, ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan. If the children play more, two or three hundred yuan will be spent, and this comprehensive indoor children ’s playground only needs to be paid once. ticket money, everything can play; Third, some Zaojiao mechanism and indoor children's playground will engage in joint activities organized with the children to sing and dance, but also the development of intelligence in play in a supporting role to improve children's social skills. Amusement equipment is the skeleton of children's amusement park. If you want to open an indoor indoor amusement park for guests, you must choose the most appropriate amusement equipment. How much does the latest indoor children's play equipment offer? How to choose the most suitable indoor children's play equipment?

Raiders for "price reduction" of children's playground equipment

Raiders for "price reduction" of children's playground equipment

The price of the latest indoor children's play equipment depends on the type of equipment purchased and the size of the venue. To open an indoor children's amusement park, it is necessary to clearly define the market position, analyze the prosperity and consumption level of the lot, and so on. According to the survey results, determine the choice of amusement equipment that more attracts the attention of children and parents, and increase publicity.

According to different types of equipment, there are mainly two quotation methods. One is to quote by the square, such as 600-1500 per square meter of the naughty castle. The specific gap between them differs according to the equipment material and project. The other is a set price, for example, about 35,000 sets of track racing. The price varies according to the size of the venue. For example, the same configuration of naughty castle, the price of 100 ping and 200 ping is different. The following editors give you a few specific examples to show you.

         1. Naughty Castle . The naughty castles on the market are charged by the square and are divided into three levels: high-end, mid-range and popular. The popular naughty castle is about 550 yuan per square meter, the mid-range naughty castle is about 600-800 yuan per square meter, and the high-end naughty castle needs 850-1200 yuan per square meter. If it is an indoor children's amusement park of about 100 square meters, you can mainly do naughty castles, and choose mid-range, almost 70,000. Of course, if investors want to do more refined, it is also possible, the cost will be slightly higher. Everything is subject to market positioning and customer needs.

        2. Simulated driving school. The children's simulation driving school is a scene-type amusement education project, which is safe, novel and interesting. While playing, strengthen the education of children's behavior intervention, popularize the promotion of road safety in school areas, educate children on correct traffic behavior, and cultivate their awareness of safe traffic. It is one of the latest and most popular indoor children's play equipment, and the price is 650-900 per square. Usually about 50 square meters is more appropriate. If it is located in a prosperous area with more developed economy, the area needs to be increased. The simulated driving school around 50 pings is about 40,000, and 100 pings is about 80,000.

Raiders for "price reduction" of children's playground equipment

     3. Track racing. Track racing is also one of the latest indoor children's play equipment in 2017. It is very fast and full of technology. It can quickly complete ups and downs on the track, cross the cave, turn 360 degrees in place, change the track and overtake, accelerate and slow down, etc. The competitive stimulus that brings speed and passion fully satisfies the child's desire for competitive victory. There are 35,000 sets of track racing cars, and about 100 sets of indoor children's amusement parks are about the same. It is recommended to equip more sets for larger areas.

We wants to remind everyone that the choice of indoor children's play equipment is generally to conduct a market inspection , select the venue based on the inspection results, and then select the equipment according to the size of the venue and customer needs. When choosing equipment, you can't just look at the quotation, but also consider whether the equipment is qualified and the shape is novel. Choosing the most suitable indoor children's play equipment can attract more customers and make investors more profitable.

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