learn know how to play with children's business from case!
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learn know how to play with children's business from case!

Introduction: Children's business has developed rapidly in recent years, and it can be called the "passenger engine" and "golden stone" of shopping malls. Children ’s formats include children ’s retail, children ’s services, children ’s entertainment, and theme parks. Taking Tianhe Road commercial district as an example, a large number of children ’s brands are gathered. Business trends.


Tianhe Road is the first commercial district in South China, with a total length of about 2.8 kilometers and a total commercial retail area of nearly 1.2 million square meters. It gathers Tianhe City, Grandview Plaza, Tianhuan Plaza, Taikoo Hui, Wanlinghui, VT101, Shopping malls and department stores such as Fashion Tianhe and Guangbai Department Store, as well as six electronic product trading complexes such as Tianhe Computer City and Pacific Digital Plaza. After 20 years of development, various commercial projects in the Tianhe Road business district have undergone several rounds of adjustments to form the current business situation. In 2015, the total sales of goods reached 890 billion yuan, and the total retail sales of social consumer goods exceeded 54 billion yuan. The Tianhe Road Chamber of Commerce predicts that by 2020, the total sales of commodities in the Tianhe Road business district will be from 100 billion to one trillion, which is a world-class business portal.

Half of the parent-child business category is complete for children's shoes and apparel brands 

learn know how to play with children's business from case!

The five major shopping malls in Tianhe Road business district- Tianhe City , Taikoo Hui, Wanlinghui, VT101, and Zhengjia Plaza have gathered a large number of children's business brands, with a total of about 50. Overall, the category is complete. Early education training includes Lego activity center, Keledo, children ’s paradise, leisure hall, maternal and child products, pistachio maternal and child life hall, October mommy ... children ’s shoes and apparel brands dominate, a total of 25 Family.

Zhengjia Plaza occupies half of the country's most shopping malls with different business formats

From the perspective of individual shopping malls, the children ’s format of Zhengjia Plaza dominates the Tianhe Road business district. Early education training, children ’s play, children ’s shoes and clothing, toys, and maternity and baby products are all involved. As we all know, the shopping mall has attached great importance to the experience format in recent years . Grandview Plaza has introduced creative experience-based children's brands such as the R Us Children's Vocational Experience Hall and Harry Lodge DIY, which are pioneers in the Tianhe Road business district.

learn know how to play with children's business from case!

Most shopping malls only deal with some children's formats, and the categories are not very complete. For example, Guangzhou Taikoo Hui lacks maternity and baby products; Guangzhou Tianhe City only has children's shoes and apparel brands; the least imported children's brands are Wanlinghui and VT101, and Wanlinghui has only one Singapore early education brand, Pony Run, which is its 2015 upgrade Introduced during the adjustment is also the brand's first store in Guangzhou; VT101 is transformed from the Victory Mall Butterfly, positioning the fast fashion experience center, and the children's format is also introducing the children's clothing of the fast fashion brand Uniqlo.

Polarization of children's business distribution floor

Judging from the location layout of children's stores in major shopping malls, it shows a trend of polarization. Guangzhou Grandview Plaza and Tianhe City are mainly distributed on the 5th-6th floors of the high-level, there are few children's brands in the middle, low-level and one or two underground; all children's formats of Guangzhou Taikoo Hui are located on the negative 2nd floor, which may be related to the high-end positioning of the mall Relevant, the domestic and foreign luxury brand stores have been deployed on the ground.

Missing business formats for maternal and child collection stores and children's experience services

It can be seen from the above that the children's format of the Tianhe Road business district is mainly based on children's retail and children's play , but the children's experience format is missing. The format of child experience service refers to the format that provides professional or theme services for infants and children in life, such as children's photography, swimming for infants, haircuts, and children's theme restaurants. At present, shopping malls are playing an “experience card” to seek differentiated operations, and the same is true for children ’s formats. In the face of the difficulties of profitability and homogeneity, children ’s experience formats are even more indispensable. Currently, Tianhe Road commercial district is only involved in Zhengjia Plaza .

learn know how to play with children's business from case!

In addition, the mother and infant collection stores represented by Kid King, Bao Daxiang, etc. are missing in the Tianhe Road business district. The collection store form is an inevitable trend for future development , but it has just started in China, and it still has a long time to mature. The way to go. Just like the children's format in the Tianhe Road business district, there is still much room for development.

After the opening of the two-child policy, the “dividend” of children ’s business was released Children's "rare" causes children to become the core of family activities, and also become the bond of family activities. From the perspective of actual consumption effects, the proportion of children's consumption in family consumption has always been maintained at about 30%. Invisible family consumption should not be underestimated. How can shopping malls obtain greater dividends through the gold-absorbing stone of children's format?

Complex children's format upgrade

learn know how to play with children's business from case!

The business format for children in business centers ranges from the initial children's clothing, children's shoes, toy retail stores, to indoor amusement projects represented by naughty castle paradise, to today's career experience halls, development training, early education, training centers, and children's formats in various shopping malls The "match" is constantly upgraded.

The indoor children's playground located in the commercial complex has a large area and many projects to meet the sports and entertainment needs of children of different ages. At night and on weekends, the children ’s play area is always crowded, and the children are having a great time accompanied by adults.

Parents now want their children to have more opportunities to show themselves. During the holidays, many shopping malls cooperate with kindergartens and early education institutions to hold a variety of parent-child interactions and children talent shows. The whole family mobilization has become an important way to attract mall passengers and drive other household consumption.

The development of the commercial complex of the complex is not only a place for shopping, but also a place for leisure and entertainment. It has diversified development formats, and early education and training institutions have entered the commercial complex, Puxi Wanda Plaza, Quanzhou, Zhongjun World City, Xinhua Dudong Gulf Life Plaza has introduced early education and training institutions respectively. According to industry insiders, early education and training are different from amusement, parent-child, clothing and other categories, and have a strong attraction to children's customers. Its students are relatively fixed for a certain period of time. Children regularly go to the early education and training institutions set up in the complex. For shopping malls, it is a stable source of passenger flow and has a certain driving effect on catering and retail.

Complex children's format upgrade

The development of children's business formats can bring stable passenger flow to shopping malls and increase consumer stickiness. With the improvement of living standards,the consumption pattern of "one baby driving the whole family" is becoming more and more common. The one-stop business complex meets children's needs for play, education, retail, food, etc. Parents regularly bring their children to shopping malls. When children participate in entertainment or training projects, parents may go to shopping malls or supermarkets, noon or evening Will also dine in the mall. Ms. Wan, who lives in Fengze District, will take her children to the Wanda Jinjie early education institution every weekend. She told reporters that when the child is in the early education class, she will go around in Wanda. When you see the right one, she will buy all kinds and finish the class. Sometimes they also dine in the mall. The "1 + 2" and "1 + 4" siphon effects brought about by children's consumptioncan often bring more spending power to shopping and dining in the store, and bring continuous sticky consumption to the shopping center.

learn know how to play with children's business from case!

Children are the core of family consumption, children's format consumers are children, and it is the parents who pay the bills. When children come to the mall, parents must naturally accompany them. Children's active consumption often drives family consumption and increases consumer stickiness. In traditional department stores, consumers may not stay for long. In shopping malls with children ’s formats, parents will increase the time they spend playing with their children. The longer they stay in the mall, the more likely they are to produce consumer behavior . For shopping malls, to improve children's experience and improve the service quality and details of children's format, seizing the children is equivalent to seizing the family, and the popularity of the mall will naturally come up.

As the main group of children's consumption of physical business, with the continuous emergence and strength of consumer groups after 90s and 00s, they are not just simple shopping and consumption in shopping malls. They pay more attention to brand and cost performance, and focus on entertainment experience and family experience. In the future, shopping malls can only maintain the stickiness of shopping malls by breaking through the homogenous management ideas of traditional shopping malls, grasping the changes in consumption trends, combining play with sports and learning, and upgrading to parent-child interaction and education. vitality.

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