Children's Economic Era: How to build an indoor children's playground brand?
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2020-04-09 13:53:06
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Children's Economic Era: How to build an indoor children's playground brand?

Guide: With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the development of large indoor children's playground has great potential. The large indoor children's playground is of great significance to improve the city's taste of shopping malls and gather popularity for shopping malls. A successful large-scale indoor amusement park is a successful "cultural brand" and a must-have facility in shopping malls. The multiple benefits it brings are obvious. Now that the children's playground market has gradually entered people's vision, more and more parents and friends all hope that their children can develop in all directions, and indoor children's playgrounds can meet the needs of parents.

So, how to build an indoor children's playground brand to meet the needs of the public?

(1) How to prepare in the early stage

Children's Economic Era: How to build an indoor children's playground brand?

1. Consider the target customer. Is your customer base a group of children aged 0-6, or primary school students who have already entered the kindergarten stage or are wearing red scarves to go to school? Children of different ages enjoy different entertainment methods.

2. Consider the size of the venue. Entrepreneurs should carefully evaluate the floor space of the children ’s playground according to the number of target customers and their own financial status, and consider it comprehensively.

3. Choose the venue. In advance, an assessment of the flow of people and business prospects around the children's park site should be made. You can consider choosing to be near large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, and large communities.

4. Select the device. Which kind of children's play equipment to choose should be compared and analyzed clearly, and the needs of the target customers should be considered. If the target customer group is older children, you can consider children to expand the park.

5. Choose a partner. There are two options for the children ’s playground partners, one is to buy directly from the manufacturer, and the other is to choose the franchisee to cooperate. For inexperienced entrepreneurs, choosing to join can reduce a lot of difficulties. Children's playground franchise brands on the market generally do not charge franchise fees and provide comprehensive support from early guidance to later services. When joining, we must choose the big brands and big manufacturers with strength, safety, reliability and service in place.

6. Create a unique children's paradise and highlight personalization, which is considered from a long-term perspective.

7. Establish member files to facilitate understanding of customer needs.

8. Analyze market competitiveness.

Mainly elaborated from the following three aspects:

Store image: Image is the first element to attract passenger flow. If you perform well in design, decoration, space layout, etc., you will have a 50% chance of winning over other competitors.

Featured services: Providing more user-friendly services is more conducive to retaining customers.

Promotion and operation: A strong management team needs to formulate excellent marketing strategies and programs to achieve the purpose of publicity and promotion.

(Two), meet customer needs

While satisfying the needs of children, we must also try to meet the needs of parents, so that parents can become a kind of enjoyment when walking their baby. At present, there are two epoch-making business models in children's playgrounds, which are cross-border operations-"Children's Paradise +" and different industry alliances.


Children's Economic Era: How to build an indoor children's playground brand?

(1) Cross-border operation-"Children's Paradise +"

With the continuous development and growth of various industries, this "cross-border" model of "crossing multiple links" has also become a trend in the development of various industries. Especially the cross-border of the Internet industry is the most noticeable. How dazzling is the cross-border of the Internet? Internet + Market has Taobao, Internet + Department has, Internet + Bank has Alipay, Internet + Matchmaker has Century Jiayuan, and Internet + Transport has Didi. The power of "Internet +" can be seen, and its essence is not a cross-border operation.

Nowadays, children's paradise has become a rigid demand, how to use this cross-border model to create greater value? "Diversion of children's needs to meet more needs of parents." It is a feasible idea. At present, the very hot farm amusement park is the practice of this idea, and the business model of "Children's Paradise + Ecological Farm" has also been recognized and sought after by the public.

In fact, the cross-border operation of children's playgrounds has a precedent, such as children's playgrounds + bookstores, children's playgrounds + video game city, children's playgrounds + cafes, children's playgrounds + catering. Of course, the best way is to do a detailed market questionnaire survey for local parents.

(2) Inter-industry alliance

When funds are insufficient to support cross-border operations, inter-industry alliances are also an option.

A cross-industry alliance is a horizontal cooperative relationship with mutual marketing and mutual benefit. Relying on each other's brand image and fame, to attract more ethnic-oriented customers, thereby creating a win-win market benefit. Different industry alliances are more used in promotion and marketing, such as children's playgrounds and children's catering, children's education and other forms of joint activities, customer resource sharing, and mutual promotion of WeChat public accounts. In the children's playground industry, the main bodies of different industry alliances are mostly different fields of children's formats, and their target customers are the same. There is both competition and cooperation between these main bodies.

(3) Guarantee the personal safety of children

Children's Economic Era: How to build an indoor children's playground brand?

Operating a children's playground is to manage the children's future and provide a healthy, safe and hygienic entertainment environment for children. This first issue should be placed first.

1. Product license. It must be tested and approved by the national special equipment, and all indicators must comply with the national standards. It is not possible to produce modified equipment without permission. We need to understand where these products come from, how to repair the problem, which brand and other relevant details are appropriate and clear, to prevent the corresponding problems during use. There is no place to solve them.

2. The amusement equipment needs a high safety factor without any hidden dangers. Children should minimize or avoid accidental injuries when playing games.

3. Health and safety. In general, children ’s playground equipment should be cleaned frequently, and infrequently. However, in the course of a day's operation, it is very likely that it will become dirty and cannot be cleaned in time. The children are indistinguishable from the dirty things, which is often the easiest time for parents to see.

4. Emergency equipment. If the children ’s playground is set up indoors, most of them need electricity-using equipment and safety equipment, so emergency passages, emergency lights, and emergency medicines should be installed at the service office or corresponding points, and can be applied immediately when something happens in case for need.

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