High-tech children's experience center children's theme park commercial real estate traffic entrance
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2020-04-08 14:02:12
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After 2009, real estate has skyrocketed, and after 2012, the trend has slowed into a trough. Traditional commercial real estate has been hit by online shopping. Leading companies have also cut the retail industry and removed stores to stop bleeding. The "her era", which is dominated by women, is saturated. The format of children's experience has sprouted and developed in this period. With the continuous expansion of the domestic children's consumer market, children's experience centers have developed rapidly like mushrooms. However, due to lack of sufficient market guidance and capital investment, and even the purpose of large real estate investors is impure, the overall quality of most children's experience centers is currently low, homogenization is serious, and market competition is extremely fierce. The first-tier market is saturated, and the venues backed by real estate developers barely maintain the professional experience hall, while the third and fourth-tier individual investors have largely withdrawn from the traditional model of children's career experience halls.


The latest survey report shows that the children of 0-14 years old in China have reached 260 million. The consumption of urban children in China accounts for more than 33% of total household expenditures, and the total consumption exceeds trillions. Faced with such a large blue ocean market, the traditional child experience format has been frustrated and repeatedly frustrated, especially in the development of the growth theme park represented by the traditional children's professional experience hall over the past few years. Faced with this dilemma, a children's experience center planning and R & D service provider was at the forefront of the industry, and took the lead in proposing the experience center reform plan, combining the advantages of children's professional experience centers, introducing new experience content, purifying the procurement link, reforming the operating model, and expanding consumption Crowd positioning, streamlining redundant operation departments, building new high-tech children's experience halls, including children, parents and young people in the territory

High-tech children's experience center children's theme park commercial real estate traffic entrance

Investors quickly turned to a new model of children's experience pavilion-high-tech children's experience pavilion, jointly created a number of outstanding modern children's experience pavilion :. The design and selection of the high-tech children's experience center emphasizes the existence of parents, and believes that whether to choose a parent-child project where parents and children can participate at the same time will be the key to affecting the performance of the park. The high-tech theme park provides a family-friendly platform for parents and children to interact intimately and share happiness, so that each family member can enjoy the fun of family celebration here, so that parents can bring their children to play. It has also become a new round of profit growth for commercial real estate. Experience mainly competes with e-commerce, shortens the maintenance period, drives viscous consumption and even the whole family. The children's format is a popular magnet, serving as the "population engine" of shopping centers, or even becoming a complex The "gold suction weapon".

High-tech children's experience center children's theme park commercial real estate traffic entrance

It is a large-scale children-themed adventure experience school integrating children's experience, science and technology, interaction, crossing barriers, amusement and training. Customized development of an experience venue that combines technology, interactivity, innovation, and education has made children's imagination and creativity fully demonstrated.

High-tech children's experience center children's theme park commercial real estate traffic entrance

On-site VR technology, tactile technology and 3D special effects combine illusion and reality. Spaceship driving, star exploration, Caribbean pirates, foggy forest, laser array, VR snow mountain suspension bridge, 9DVR theater, and light and shadow world have become the opening points of the opening. The booming grand opening and word-of-mouth reports have attracted a large number of tourists from the local even cities in the past month, and it has also brought the children's professional experience hall open for more than one year. Such good news is spreading in the industry, and it also injects confidence into the children's experience format that has been reflecting on reforms in the downturn for several years. Driven by the new experience hall model, the signs of the children's experience hall business are showing signs of rejuvenation, the number of halls built and the scale of investment are gradually rising, and the consumer market is performing strongly.

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